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  1. Hi I got my 4 girls on Thursday and they seem to be settling in Ok. They are housed in an eglu go and have a fenced off area of the garden. At bedtime on Thursday night we had to round them up and put them to bed. Last night 2 of them had got on top of the water butt and one on top of the eglu. I just picked these up and put them to bed. The last one (partridge leghorne) gave us the run about for a while but I managed to catch her and put her away. Tonight I was doing some jobs in the garden so was watching them aswell. They seemed as if they were starting to look for somewhere to roost so I decided it was time for bed. Managed to catch 3 without too much trouble but the leghorn was a nightmare. By the time I'd caught her we were both stressed out. Am I trying to put them to bed early? Will they eventually go to bed of their own accord? Thanks xx
  2. Thanks Nanny. Not sure what I did wrong x
  3. I got one of these the other day. Looks great in the kitchen. All I need now is for my girls to start laying x
  4. Just thought I'd introduce myself. I became the proud mum of 4 girls yesterday. A Sussex White, 2 Blue Rangers and a Partridge Leghorn. All seem to be settling in well. Looking forward to chatting with you all and learning lots. x x

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