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  1. Thanks for the lovely comments. I just make for family and friends but would love to make it into a small business.
  2. I've just returned from 2 weeks holiday. My daughter has stayed at home and looked after the girls.They were 18 weeks old when I got them in April and were all laying within a few weeks. They have been fine until a few days ago when one started to lay shell less eggs. Her face, comb and wattles are nice and red but she seems quieter than normal. Today she has sat on the nest for an hour and a half but laid nothing. For the past couple of days her knickers have been messy but I've looked at her vent and that appears to be normal. Has anyone any idea whats wrong with her and what to do to make her feel better?
  3. I taught myself by watching videos on Youtube and I follow a few cakey pages on Facebook.
  4. My latest cupcake bouquet.
  5. This is what I've been busy making this weekend......A birthday bouquet
  6. I've just jet washed the Eglu and it's now on the drive drying off in the sun. The run is abit water logged so I've poo picked and racked it over and given it a good covering of ground sanitizer. There's alot of flys down there and I was just wondering what everyone does to deter them?
  7. One of mine is the only one that puts herself to bed and she always gets in the nest box (Eglu go) I poop scoop every morning when I let them out.
  8. Very heavy rain overnight with thunder and lightening. Poured down all day .
  9. OMG I've never seen 3 yolks. One of mine has laid one weighing 105gms today.
  10. Ok. I've got the Flubenvet. It says to feed nothing else but the treated pellets for 7 days. Does that mean no playing in the garden for the girls whilst I treat them?
  11. Hubby made me a wooden frame out of a piece of decking and I've put that flat on the ground. I've filled it with sand, compost and the really dry stuff i find under the conifers. The go nuts in it and are really funny to watch.
  12. Just dusted the girls for Lice/Mites. Me and hubby should be OK for a few weeks as well!

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