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  1. I really fancy having a go at making a Hermann (Friendship Cake). Has anyone made them? Are they easy to do and how do I get started?
  2. I had chicken pox when I was 18 and felt dreadful. I had spots EVERYWHERE I had to have 3 weeks off work and it left me feeling very low and run down.
  3. My old cat Sam once bought me a seagull home. The amazing thing was that he had carried it over a 6ft gate and then got it through the cat flap.
  4. I have 3 cats which are all kept indoors.I don't think it would be "cruel" to keep her in whilst you are away, If you put her in to a cattery she would be kept inside. However you might come home to some damage, to doors and carpets! Maybe you could restrict her indoor access to maybe the kitchen to try and avoid this. Also you would have to provide her with a litter tray which your neighbours would have to clean out daily. Some people who don't keep cats wouldn't relish the idea of this. Do you maybe have a garage or shed that she could go into instead of keeping her in?
  5. Thanks for your opinions. I've ordered some of the 60gm 1% pack. Should I just use that now or is it worth still using the Vermin X just to use it up? x
  6. I went to a chicken health talk at my vets last week and told the vet that I used Vermin X to worm the chickens every month. She basically said that I was wasting my time using this and to use the Flubenvet. I'm due to worm the girls in the next week and was wondering what everyone thought about the 2 products.
  7. I have 4 in an Eglu go and this happens alot with 3 of them The other lays much later in the afternoon so gets the nest to herself. I just leave them to get on with it and they seem to sort it out for themselves.
  8. My compost bin has been going since April. I've noticed today that there is 100's of tiney black flies in there. What are they and are they OK?
  9. When I got mine the breeder said not to give them grass cuttings
  10. I think they can yes, but as it's only one eye I think I'd get her checked at the vets. It could be a grass seed which is or has scratched her eye.
  11. My kids bought me and OH one for our wedding anniversary last year. It has a memory stick which I just transfer the photos to and then put it in the frame. I love it and it's on all the time. Buy the best you can afford. I think the one I've got is a Sandstream or something like that and the picture quality is really good.
  12. I went to the talk last night and found it really intresting. I think it might have been aimed more at the vets that were there though as there was alot of talk about perscription meds and pictures of postmortums. The lady doing the talk was one of the countries leading avian vets so really knew her stuff. She'd bought a few birds with her so we got to have a cuddle as well. I held the most beautiful Cream Legbar cockeral who was just a complete stunner. I really feel as if I learnt something and will definatley be going to the next one next month which is "Breeding Chickens". OH seems to think that this one isn't needed as "WE WILL NOT BE BREEDING" but at £5 it would be rude not to go.
  13. Sending love and hugs to you and your family x
  14. Mine poop in the nest. When I let them out in the morning I poop pick the tray and nest area so that its clean for when they lay later.
  15. I hear copper tape around the tops of pots keeps them away.

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