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  1. Are these one of the same? I have seen what looks like little red spiders on my windowsill and plants at the front of the house. Are these what I should be looking for on my girls?
  2. I've just tried this with mealworms. It's the funniest thing I've seen in ages
  3. Thanks for fixing it James. I was beginning to have withdrawral symptoms
  4. I'm in Stoke on Trent Sandyford which is between Tunstall and Kidsgrove.
  5. Poured down for the past 2 days here with no let up at all. Typical school holiday weather
  6. M&S is the best place for teen bras, they offer a great measuring and fitting service. Evening Primrose and Starflower Oil are both said to be good for achy boobs.
  7. It's Beechwood Vets in Kidsgrove. Would be nice to meet another local omleteer.
  8. My local vet is offering evening talks. I've missed the Basic Chicken Husbandry (would really of liked to go to this one) but they have a Chicken Diseases talk on 12th June which I have put my name down for. It's only £5 per person including light refreshments. 5th July they have a talk called Breeding Chickens. Not something I've thought about yet but might go along for than one aswell.
  9. MIne are soaked through. They have a lean to shelter and the eglu is up on a "table" so they can get under there but they seem to prefer not to and are drenched. There's more water in their glug now than what I put in it this morning. I did mention it to OH about letting them go in the garage but got a VERY firm NO.
  10. Just put the girls to bed and was getting their feed ready for morning. Started a new sack of what I thought was pellets. When I opened it it was mash. What do I have to do with it as I've never fed them this before? Or would I be better getting them a sack of pellets?
  11. Thanks. Can this go on the compost heap then?
  12. Last night was my daughter Annie's prom night. I was a very proud Mum
  13. Can I put the cooled ashes from a BBQ in the chickens dust bath?
  14. I've notice this morning that a baby crow has fallen from its nest in my back garden. He's fully feathered and seems to be calling to Mum. Do I just leave him or is there anything I can do for him? Just abit worried about him in the hot weather.
  15. Can't really help with this one as OH put my Eglu together but I'd get in touch with Omlet if I was you.
  16. Beautiful sunny day here in The Potteries
  17. Would of loved a Kitchen Aid but couldn't justify the expense. I went for a Kenwood Prospero and love it.

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