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  1. Rained all day......getting ready to build and ark
  2. Just had the most almighty hail storm.
  3. I've just found my local supplier of Bliss and got myself a bag of the citronella £7.25
  4. One of my girls has had her comb pecked by one of the others. It's got a bit missing now and has been bleeding. I've bathed it with some water and she seems Ok. Is there anything else I should do or will it now heal on it's own?
  5. One of my girls laid her first egg on Thursday, only the size of a cream egg Another on Friday the same size and then a much bigger one on Saturday. She didn't lay yesterday and then a cream egg size one today. We've had eggs today for tea and the bigger one was a double yolk
  6. They look beautiful. Well done with the piping I have got through 4 handmixers (Braun, Morphey Richards, Kenwood) since I started making cupcakes in November last year . It's the buttercream that kills them everytime. All of mine the motor kept going but the beaters wouldn't go round. Something to do with the gears I think. I have now invested in a Kenwood Prospero standmixer and up to now (touch wood) haven't had any problems with it.
  7. I think it will be a while before my eggs are big enough to st on the skelter
  8. They do it with Eucalyptus in it for the winter months I fancy trying it too.
  9. Just got this app today. Its very addictive. We are all fighting over who is going to have a go next If anyone wants to play my name is Sharon Bailey,
  10. One of mine has just started laying. Had one yesterday and another today. The are only the size of a cream egg

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