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  1. Many thanks for suggestion. Had a 'Quiche-a-thon ' tonight and put in freezer. Hopefully no soggy bottoms!
  2. OH having 50th birthday party in three weeks. Caterers who are family friend are ill and not going to be able to do it. So I started today making ahead for freezer with two large lasagna. I am thinking of making a lamb tagine to freeze and chicken enchiladas again to freeze. Thought I could do jacket spuds and sausages , bread rolls and cheese board on the day. What else is easy to make ahead? The people will come through out the afternoon so not feeding everybody at once. I have a hostess trolley and warming plates so can keep things going. Not done a vegetarian dish? Any good ideas for easy buffet food very welcome. Thanks
  3. Yes I'm still around. I tend to use iPod so don't always log in but enjoy reading news. I enjoy all the different forums from cooking to diets to crafts and gossip. It's better than any magazine... Great to catch up.
  4. I am sorry that you feel forced into a Christian school. There should be a state primary school available. However it sounds that location might be the problem. But it is not the school who is at fault here, the same if the local school was a Muslim faith school. It is a choice of school that reflects the beliefs and experiences you want your child to be educated in .
  5. I don't usually post but felt strongly about this area. As a C of E school their mission will be to encourouge, nurture a relationship with God and Jesus Christ. They should be engaging the child to explore and reflect on how they engage with God in their everyday life. This is very different to a state school which aims to educate about the different faiths in the world. In state schools children will leàrn facts, figures and ideas about different faiths. In a C of E or Catholic school children will learn about different faiths but will be given many opportunities to engage and respond to the Christian faith. This is a fundamental difference in the ethos of the school. It is why parents choose to send their children to a faith school. A school where Christ is at the centre of everything the school does. Hence this homework is an excellent starting point and the discussions from it will allow your son to reflect on what ideas he has of God. sorry if that all sounds like a lecture but as a parent who has to struggle to send her children to a faith school it is a passion of mine I feel worth defending.
  6. Best thing I did. I felt so much better and four years later still good.
  7. ED has 1 A 2B 5C. So proud as she is not very academic and has to really work hard to grasp knowledge. School predicted 3Cs and 5D/E if she worked hard. So I think she deserves a treat!!
  8. Yes we made it on Thursday afternoon. Had a great time. The children dragged me away from the fowl and feathers. We enjoyed the heavy horses and ponies. The kids had a go at hook a duck and the red arrows simulator. Then they made pizzas in the Derbyshire school meals tent. Next year I will have a little wander on my own so I get more chicken time! The vegetables and flowers were amazing!
  9. Not dead here too! I use my iPod now to keep up to date with the forum . But tend not to type coz it's too fiddly. Egluntyne is brill in all matters and guided me on joining a forum and security. Well done everybody for making the forum a great online community for old and new members.
  10. My OH lost three stone on the Harcombe diet. There is a thread somewhere on it. He loves meat but hates fish. Basically he cut out carbs mostly. He had meat with roast veg or salad for dinner. He was useless at portion control so this diet was great because he could eat as much as be liked as long as he didn't combine the carbs with meat or cheese. That was over a year ago and he has more or less stuck to it. If he has a naughty month like at Christmas he just goes back to the diet and he loses it again. It fits in with the family well because I can cook proper dinners and then just not give him the potatoes or pasta bit but double up the veggies and salad.
  11. I think reports are an important summary of the child's progress. The problem I have is the content that is expected. My school reports from my childhood contained an exam mark, an effort grade and a few very honest sentences per subject. They were to the point and told my parents all they needed to know about my behaviour. Now we have a computer programme that spits out the curriculum covered in the year and a bland "always positive" comment. I always move my eyes to the last sentence which is the closest comment to anything personal about my child. I think if teachers were allowed to handwrite a few honest sentences per child we would get a more personal report. Quality not quantity!
  12. Quite addicted now. The whole family playing!
  13. Oh dear used it first time to peel apples and the blade split! Not too impressed I have to say! However it is sharp and I can see it would work well.
  14. Oh yes got to have one of those. Love a kitchen gadget! I am assuming everybody still has all their fingers and can type peeling progress.
  15. Just caught up with this thread have to say Charles and I had a good chuckle to ourselves. Well done!

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