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  1. I've just been reading my chicken mag on the question and answer page and someone asked if you can feed your chickens s"Ooops, word censored!" food eg veg! Well apparently according to DEFRA you can't even backyard chickens?! If you buy it specifically for the chicken and it doesn't go through your domestic kitchen they can have it but if it has been in your kitchen they can't as it could of come into contact with meat?! Is it me or is this crazy? I've been giving my chicks bits of greens that are starting to loose colour and now I realise I'm breaking the law?!
  2. Thanks for your reply. today my white star is like a different bird! Completely back to her self no eggs since those 3 close together but I really don't mind that as long as she's ok!
  3. Last night I found a very soft egg in the chicken run which I was very excited about as it must mean my white star layed her first egg I found another soft shell egg this morning it was a little harder than last nights then again this afternoon another soft egg has been layed?! My other chicken is a speckeldy and is laying hard eggs so I know they arnt hers? Is this normal to lay so many eggs in such a small space of time? Also when they hav been it the garden they both seemed fine but I got them in early as I was popping out and since being back my white star has spent a lot of time in her coop sleeping? And also in her run sleeping?! Could this be due to laying so many eggs?
  4. well to start this is my first topic not too exciting but wanted to share my other firsts!!! this morning we woke to our first egg yey i was so excited i quickly picked it up to bring in the house then suddenly thought it would be much more excting for my daughter to find it so i went back and put it back in the eglu and called my little girl she went out with her little box and was so excited when she had an egg to put in it we think it was peppa's as jemima is a white star and the egg was a pinky brown colour! well anyway my little girl ate her little egg up saying it was delicious!! then another first today for us we clipped jemimas wing as a precaution (a bit nerve wracking), because when we first got them she escaped the box and flew and landed on the fence :-s . so once that was done we aloud them out free around the garden for the first time it was great they were so calm and seemed to love it and we did too, ive definitly fallen in love with our chickens they have amazing characters its great. im one very happy chicken owner!
  5. hi i'm a new eglu go owner and think this a great idea, i would be more than happy to show off my eglu go we live in biddulph, stoke on trent

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