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  1. You'll get into a routine with the cleaning, after a few weeks you'll not even think about it. I dismantle it all every week, each to their own though. You'll probably find they will be less flighty when they come into lay, ours certainly seem more relaxed and less skittish now. I'm sitting up waiting for them to get into the Eglu so I can shut the door! They are on a late night tonight!
  2. Hi, Firstly welcome to the forum! We have had our 5 hens about 2 months now and absolutely love them. The real fun starts when they start laying eggs and there is a queue for the nest and extra loud cooing, not to mention the lovely eggs. Several already with double yolks! We have also discovered a little bowl of porridge before bedtime is something they really love, and it gets them running from anywhere in the garden - an easy way to get them back in the run, makes me laugh every time. I have no plans today apart from a leisurely clean of their eglu and run, pottering about in the garden and sitting about watching their antics! Brilliant!
  3. Congratulations on your first egg!, our leghorn also laid a few soft ones before settling down to produce hard shelled eggs.
  4. Hello, We bought our hens from Hens Made Easy. The lady (sorry forgotten her name) was very helpful and advised us on the pro's and cons of each bird. I had read a fair bit before we went so we were not completely in the dark. We have had ours 5 or 6 weeks and they were only 12 weeks at the time we picked them up. Look at my other threads, I have posted pictures of them. Very nice birds which we have had absolutely no problems with. My only concern was that she sold us layers pellets for them, when they were/are still growers and I suspect that is what she fed them on as it was all she had to sell. By all means go to have a look.
  5. Lovely setup! Enjoy your new hens!
  6. Well we have had some developments lately.. During a free range, one ended up over the fence so I had to go round next door and retrieve it. Armed with some mealworms (but having never picked up a chicken before) I decided there was no time like the present. Thankfully it was DarthVader who had escaped, and she is the friendliest of the bunch. After 5 minutes of me chasing her round the neighbour's garden I think she just thought, oh well, might as well behave, I picked her up, tucked her under my arm and we walked home. It was lovely and even when I put her back in her run she didnt panic but looked round at me and then simply walked away to her friends. Then two days later (yesterday) she was very vocal. I thought this was her way of telling us she wanted out to FR. We then noticed she had disappeared into the Eglu. She came out and went back in again. Then we thought no (we were not expecting eggs for a few more weeks at least as the girls are still young - maybe 17 weeks), but there was a lovely little egg! And the clever girl did the same thing this morning! I was on my own working in the garden when I first discovered the egg and I whooped with joy and laughed out loud. Goodness knows what the neighbours think! First egg! by IanT530, on Flickr The first egg is laid! by IanT530, on Flickr
  7. Why not get a self closing mechanism for the gate so it can't be left open?
  8. Sorry for your loss Thanks for sharing Cleo's story!
  9. I set up a cat litter tray full of fine sand for them to bathe in. Like yours they kicked it everywhere, and filled the tray with bark chippings. So I refilled the tray and put it in a different corner where less likely to get filled with chippings, now I find they like to injest it rather than bathe - I've not seen one bathe in it yet, but they have done in another corner of the run. So I leave them to it!
  10. My hens are about 14 weeks old. They spend most of their day in a walk in run. I have bought some Flubenvet to treat them against the potential threat of worms. Am I ok to treat them at this age (with one scoop in 2kg of food) or do I need to wait til they are older/laying. Thanks for any advice. Regards Ian
  11. My young daughter used to call Scottish Country Dancing, "Sausage Country Dancing!"

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