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  1. OK thanks for your replies. I normally don't close their coup so they can roam in and out as they please. They seem to be taking themselves off to sleep quite early recently (well before dusk so about 730pm at the moment). So as I don't shut them away at night, they get up and wonder out into the run and then tell us all about it! They used to mainly make noise when they were laying but now its whenever they hear a noise to tell/ask to be let out. They stop making a noise when I let them out of the run (which is what I did this morning at 6am as I was concious of the noise). I am loathe to r
  2. Hi, We have recently (6 months) started to keep chickens (3Nos. x Rhode island Reds I think) in our garden. They have a wooden coop which could house 5Nos. chickens that they sleep in, and that is located within a 20sq.m head height run which has been referred to as a palace by other chicken owners. The idea/intent was to have chickens that I could leave in the coup/run all day every day, apart from occasionally in the mornings/evenings when I am at at home or my son wants to play with them. They seem to be happy and are laying an egg a day each, and have been for about 5 months now
  3. OK, thanks for your advice. I will wait and see where and when they lay and take it from there. Thanks again, really useful. Paul
  4. Hi We have finished building our Run and took ownership of our three new girls on Sunday morning (3 x Reds). They are POL so we are not expecting them to lay just yet and are just enjoying watching them get used to their new home. Quick question - so I need to put in the laying box a fake egg or is that a waste of time? And can it not just be a hard boiled egg with a cross on it? Your advice would be most welcome. Cheers Paul

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