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  1. Thanks.yeah i did consider dispatching but i worked with it for a bit cleared the fluid his breathing normal now chirping aswell still lathargic tho so u mite be right could just be exhasted ive pooed it bak in the brooder with the rest ill keep an eye on it and asses the situation in the morning
  2. hi i have a sick day old chick at first she appeared to be lethargic couple of hours after i put her in the brooder so i assumed she might need water as she was one of the first out so i thought mabey it was dehydrated but when i tried to give it some water it wouldnt take it so i used a small pipette and it drank down a couple of drops but now the chick is gasping as if struggling to breath i think maybe some water may have gotten in air ways its still alive not chirping or moving much other than the gasping is there anything i can do to try clear airways many thanks
  3. i just thought watered down ready brek would be easier to feed than chick crums i just gave some water but woke to find it dead
  4. Evening all I have hatched a few hatches without any problems but this time round I was hatching 2 different strains of the same breed with 1 incubator, now I know its not standard practice but I did read somewhere of someone doing just the same so I decided to try it,so to be able to tell which chicks were which I set them 2 days apart,the first hatched normal but the second were 2 days late the last chick to hatch is still very lethargic,not trying to move around or even lift his head.breathing labored at times as well with occasional gasping. Now I think because I was removing chicks from the first set I may have effectively shrink wrapped the second lot in there membrane so they could not move properly leading to too spending too long in the egg. Now because they were 2 days late does this mean they will have consumed there yolk sack and maybe the chick is dehydrated and hungry..if this is the case should I try give it something like ready brek and water...please advise many thanks
  5. so 1week on and the barred rocks are starting to get there wing feathers in but the campine x black rock started growing feathers after 3 days and now has all wing feathers and the start of a tail feathers is it normal to grow feathers after 3 days i thought 1 week was normal?
  6. so out of the of the 6 that were fertile 4 hatched today 2 died after piping.3 barred rocks and 1 campine x black rock i will get some pics when they fluff up
  7. all eggs fertile and growing nicely
  8. yeah i thought so too cos i cant see anything atoll gutted i was looking forward to hatching some mandarin,they werent cheap either £77 for 6 eggs,does ur friend have any eggs she could spare as im sure i wont get refund or replacments from the person i got these from
  9. day 7 and still nothing contacted the seller and he said its still abit early to tell??? he said i will start to see a small circle then the blood vessles will appear but still nothing gona leave till day 10 and see then
  10. yeah im going to leave another few days hopefully something will happen
  11. hi everyone,should i be worried if i cant see anything im on day 5 i would have thought i could see something by day 5 is it still too early for duck eggs or do i have infertile eggs
  12. its ok i think i candled them last nite and i could see blood vessles that i couldnt see the day b4 soo i rhink were good
  13. ive just come home to find the electricity was off its back on now but the incy temp was reading 19 degs wasnt out for more than 2 hours how will this affect my hatch were only on day 3
  14. ok thanks ill leave at 40 this time,i did read about dry incubation a while ago but i also read it wasnt god for the eggs i will try it dry next time thanks again
  15. thanks thats helped alot when u say no water how excactly do u mean what should the humidity be i normaly set it to 40% for the first 18 days

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