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  1. Yes I agree, you would need to ring Omlet to sort it all as if you just ordered the 1 metre run extension you wouldn't get the 3 pieces to enclose the two sides and the back under the actual cube. If you see what I mean? x
  2. Thanks for replying. Interesting. x
  3. Don't apologise, I haven't got a cockerel, I was just curious. x
  4. If there is a cockerel in with a flock of hens, does he really 'keep the peace' and stop the hens arguing? Are intros trouble free when a cockerel is present? Please excuse my ignorance... x
  5. I used to love it too and bought it all the time. I have no idea why it was discontinued. Presume it has been. I agree, it lifts the red tones in hair a treat. x
  6. When I introduced my 2 ducks to 2 elderly hens a while back (they had been living completely separately) I let them all out to free range and watched with baited breath. I expected the hens to be spiteful towards the ducks, as they would be to new hens. Maybe I was very lucky but there were no problems at all and they all ate from the same lot of thrown corn. If you get the picture? They went back to their own eglus and pens afterwards. I recently found myself down to one hen and one duck and I wanted them to be together so that they could be company for one another. They are roughly the same size. The hen, Lupin, is in a cube with 3m run whilst Daisy duck is in a walk in pen with an eglu classic. Each morning I now carry Daisy over and pop her in the cube run with Lupin. I was worried about this, expecting Lupin to be territorial, but again all has been fine. If anything, Daisy is the boss which I didn't expect at all. They free range when I can physically be out in the garden with them. When it starts to get dark and they are both in the cube run, Lupin goes up the cube ladder to bed and I open the cube run door and call Daisy out. She then waddles over to her pen to spend the night. She learnt the drill after just one evening! It is working really well and they are so cute together in the cube run. When my garden renovations are completed they will have both of their homes joined up so they will have lots of room but they do seem okay at the moment in the cube run. It shouldn't be for much longer.
  7. Thankyou everyone for your comments. I already have 'Not Just A Load Of Old Lentils' (which is incredibly tatty ) and will definitely look into the other books mentioned. I will keep you posted. I feel incredibly excited and inspired about the whole thing and have realised that many of our main meals are actually vegan already. DH and YD will continue to eat any eggs we get so that is good. We live just outside of Brighton where there are some brilliant shops to visit for supplies. Heather Mills' vegan cafe is quite nearby too, which we will visit. It is closed for the winter at the moment. Just off to do more research... xxxx
  8. DS and I are considering becoming vegans (for a variety of reasons). We are currently researching dietary requirements, recipes, sourcing suitable foods, costs etc,. Are any of you lovely omleteers vegan? If so, do you have any tips or information you could share? Are dietary supplements needed? Thankyou. xx
  9. Mine is from many auburnhaired people in our family x
  10. Purple here too! . Lots of matching tubtrugs, funshades and plants also x
  11. I have been getting my Garvo from Middle Farm for a few years now and they usually have lots of sacks there, of lots of different types of feed. If you have a long journey to get to Lewes, I would ring ahead just to check they do have the Garvo that you want, phone number is 01323 815033. They are open Mon to Sat closing for lunch from 1.00 until 2.15 and are open Sundays from 1.00 until 5.00. There is a cafe and several shops to visit though if you arrive when the animal feed shop is closed. x
  12. I have used it a lot and it was fine. The only reason I stopped buying it is because I have to go to a particular place to get Garvo pellets, so I now get my corn from there too. They don't stock Fancy Feeds corn there, if they did I would still be using it. x
  13. Thanks. I have passed your advice on to DD. xx
  14. Our goody bags are here too (hidden in utility room out of reach)! Also some free samples which the dogs have tried and loved. I have ordered a large bag of food to gradually move my two on to as it appears to be a great product. (If omleteers recommend it, it is good enough for me!) I must say I am very impressed by the customer service shown by this company xx
  15. Yes DH reckons that is what we will have to do. Thanks for replying. xxx

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