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  1. Where did you get your panels from jesschicken? And are they any good? Star looking a bit better and ate some sweetcorn this afternoon with encouragement so looking better, I think she's still in shock and probably lonely all on her own.
  2. Remaining chicken (star) is showing some signs of improvment. She's come out of the coop this afternoon and had something to drink so I'm hopeful she will recover. I've been checking out avairy panels to see if I could afford to make a walk in run. At least I can keep the one chook safe inside the metal run for now until I decide what to do.
  3. Thanks for all the replies. I guess a fox is top suspect. I'm not sure how to increase the security apart from building a walk in run and I can't afford that at the moment. Electric fencing is not possible as there are lots of overhanging trees and buildings on the border so a fox could easily jump over. I do have a secure small run which I'm leaving the remaining chicken in at the moment but can't keep more than a couple of chickens in it. Must get up and go and check on remaining chicken
  4. I got home from work yesterday to find one of my chickens dead with a bite mark mark on their neck but no other sign of injury. The other chicken was hunched in a corner with puncture wounds on her neck but no other obvious injury but loads of her feathers spread around. She is looking peaky and not eating despite her injuries superficially not looking too bad so I'm not sure she will make it. I'm not sure what attacked them. I guess a fox is top of the list. The fox would have had to climb over a number of fences to get to the chickens but once in the chicks are free ranging so easy prey. I am surprised however that both of the chickens were not killed and there has been no attempt to take the body away or eat any of it. I wondered if it was the neighbours cat. The cat has taken to stalking the chickens and did get a mouthful of tail feathers from one of them at the weekend but they are feisty birds and have always sent the cat packing in the past. I don't want to discuss with the neighbours without some proof but if it is the cat then I will need to speak to them as am planning on getting more chickens and don't want them to be cat entertainment. So what do people think? Could it be the cat? Or is a fox still the most likely? Thanks
  5. Big storm here also about 3.30pm. It woke everyone up and it took some time to get the kids settled, thank goodness it's the last day of school as everyone is a bit delicate this morning
  6. We have a weber, it's at least 10 years old and lives outside all year round come rain, shine, gales or snow. It's still going strong with no real signs of damage/wear. My in-laws have an ancient weber at least 20 years old and again it's great despite 20+ years outside. They are an expensive outlay but worth it if you keep hold of it for years. Ours is the charcoal variety (not sure the gas ones were around when we bought ours), as long as you are organised and light it early enough before you use it it's not a problem. Using the lid on allows it to be used as an oven and we quite often roast joints in it during the summer. I was a godsend when we had a major power cut when hosting a dinner party, hubby was out under the umbrella cooking all the meat on the barbie!
  7. Good luck Clairabella, let us know how you got on.
  8. Thanks Lavender-blue, now what is that whirring noise overhead, must turn a few more lights on to help me see.......
  9. Well the first thing that springs to my mind when there are lights on all night in an apparently empty building is that someone is growing an illicit plant that notoriously needs a lot of light to mature! That because we have had a number of raids and arrests in my area for drug cultivation and it seems that the drug squad were suspicious of the high energy requirements of an apparently normal house which led to the investigations and raids. I'm not growing anything illegal but my kids still seem to think that the lights need to be left on all the time so who knows if the drug squad have my house under survellience!
  10. I get nervous before presentations and meetings which can sometimes spill over to generalised anxiety. The best thing I have found is meditation breathing exercises but these need practice and so are something to learn and practice before the next time so you can pick them up when needed. I actually found repeatly practicing the presentation makes me worse and trying to predict questions that could be asked ties me in knots, so once I've written the presentation, practiced it a couple of times and jotted down a few prospective questions and answers I leave it alone. Before the big event I try to keep up all the usual self help measures I.e. Plenty of sleep, minimal alcohol, take some exercise and don't drink too much caffeine. Not sure if it will help you but it's my survival techniques.
  11. I have an Easter tree, well a few twiggy branches from the garden with paper mâché Easter eggs hung on it. I've not got it installed yet, hubby moans the whole time it is out as he dislikes decorations/trinkets but I think it cheers up the living room. We do not have presents under the tree that would be a step too far!
  12. I went to Birmingham medical school so have a biased insiders view. It is a great medical school and I got a very good rounded medical degree. The advantage of a medical school in a big city is that there are lots of opportunities for placements, diverse expertise and a broad spectrum patient base available close to the medical school. Placements therefore tend varied and in or close to Birmingham. It is a number of years since I was a student and a lot has changed with the medical degree but I think the medical school is still rated very highly. However I do agree with the previous comment that medical degrees are highly regulated and I suspect the teaching at all of them is of a good standard. Getting a place a at medical school is a major challenge. One of my colleagues who is involved in the admissions procedure says how difficult it is to separate the applications when all of them have fantastic predicted grades, extensive extracurricular hobbies and relevant work experience. Having a hook to drag the selectors in is important, something to make her stand out from the other applicants. My advice is if she really wants to do medicine go for it. There are multiple opportunities to step out and do research or a separate biomedical degree along the way (I stepped out and did a pathology BSc in my fifth year before my final year of MB ChB) and if she feels research is where her calling is then there are lots of opportunities to do this in the long term. The basic medical degree is really a passport to other options (clinical medicine with all the varied specialities, pathology/laboratory work, academic medicine etc). If she does a biomedical degree first with the aim of doing medicine she still has the hurdle of getting a place at medical school at the end of the degree (there are a number of medical schools which take a high proportion of graduate entry students such as Warwick but competition for these places remain very high). One upside of graduate entry is that the individuals are more mature and my experience of them on the wards is that they cope better with the demands of the medical training. I hope that is of some help. Visit as many open days as possible and try to talk to current students who are likely to give you a true assessment of the course and teaching. Good luck to her. Medicine is a great career, stressful, frustrating and demanding at times but rewarding, challenging and great fun as well.
  13. Thanks chickendoodle I've spoken to my parents today, they were back at the church helping out again (only coffee rota today thank goodness). Yesterday Dad had noticed there was a problem with one of the CCTV cameras and so had decided to go and have a look so no no one asked him yesterday he took it on himself to go up the ladder. He does go on the church roof and up ladders frequently to sort out problems with the CCTV so although he wasn't asked as such yesterday it's a common 'task' as such that he does. Apparently the church elders have met this morning and are completing forms for the HSE and did report the last accident, but don't think any of the action plans from the last accident have been acted upon. My parents don't want me to contact the parish administrator or make a fuss, which is typical of them and they feel it was all my dad's fault. So I have asked my mum to get the parish administrator to send me the 2 accident reports, HSE reports and risk assessment. Once I've got these I'll see if I think it needs further action. I don't live close to my parents so it all has to be done on the phone, I don't want to spoil their relationship with the church as it is their main social next work but I do want them to be safe.
  14. Thanks willow. I've had a look at the documents and found some advice on health and safety from the ecclesiastical insurance office to churches. Tomorrow I will contact the parish officer and ask for a copy of the accident report from this and the previous accident, the churches H&S policy and the risk assessment related to working at height maintaining the CCTV camera and see what they come up with. Looking at the HSE website I don't think I can report a concern as I am not the Employer, I might be wrong in this as I skim read the RIDDOR guidance. I will look at this more closely tomorrow.
  15. I thought I would reserect this thread. My lovely father the subject of the original post has been up the ladder at church again sorting out the CCTV camera once more and you guessed it he fell off. This time I had a call from my mother this morning as he was in transfer to the regional plastic surgery centre. He managed to amputate the little finger on his right hand (ugh!). Father and finger went in the ambulance to Norfolk and Norwich hospital whist they decided whether to re-attach it. In the end they decided it wasn't possible and just tidied up his hand, sutured a cut on his leg and did various x-rays which were all ok. Once I'd got over the shock and worked out that dad was going to be ok and told him off roundly on the phone for being up the ladder again. I'm back to how to deal with the church. I made my displeasure known last time but apart from a few conversations with various church members I didn't take things further. Now I feel more action needs to be taken. I do wonder if my father has the early stages of dementia which may be affecting his judgement but the church management surely have a duty of care to their parishioners and they should protect them from harm. This is now 2 accidents when he has been working at height with no safety precautions, this wouldn't be allowed in a business so shouldn't be allowed in a public building such as a church. Any more advice out there?

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