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  1. I only have one laying consistently and another producing the occasional soft shelled egg. All three are crouching so hopefully when the weather warms up we will get a few more eggs. I had to resort to buying some yesterday
  2. I got a collection of handmade cards from my 2 girls, they seem to make cards at everything they go to (brownies, after school club and school itself) so I ended up with six cards from the 2 of them. All very sweet. The day was only mildly mared by hubby having the man flu and moaning. He is also in his mum's bad books for not sending her a card, I did buy a card and got a first class stamp for it but it has remained on the worktop all week. I would have posted it for him but drew the line at writing it for him. Problem is MIL will also be angry at me for not getting him sorted out, the perpetual problem of being not good enough for their DS.
  3. Having a numeracy failure in my last post so one more to add = 1936
  4. I have a similar problem, I bought a big bag of grit for my new chickens last November which I've only used a very small amount of and the container in the coop never seems to be touched. I have had a few soft shelled eggs but I think this is just the girls gearing up to laying otherwise they seem healthy and happy.
  5. Very sweet, my ed also lost her first tooth down the sink washing it to make it clean for the tooth fairy. We had to write a note to the tooth fairy saying where to find it, it must have worked because she left some money.
  6. Another egg today, it was a good size bigger than the large fr eggs from the supermarket on the skelter, weighed in at 76g. I think it is only 1 hen laying, another has started crouching so hopefully start soon. The third one I think is younger, was still making chick noises when we got her and she is bottom hen so might not lay for a while yet. Any news margalot?
  7. Giffgaff have a variety of plans all cheaper than the big providers they call them goody bags which you buy each month, I have mine on an automatic renewal so like a contract but with no fixed term. Also calls to other giffgaff customers are free so all the calls to my husband, on giffgaff too, are free. I was with O2 for more than 10 years, until last year when i switched to giffgaff as O2 couldn't match the price, I moved my number with me it was no problem and every provider should give you the PAC code when you leave them which you need to port your number to a new provider, if any of them tell you different then it's a con to try and keep you with them.
  8. Have you looked at giffgaff? I pay £10 a month for 250 mins, unlimited texts and 1 gig of data, far cheaper than any of the big providers. You have to supply the handset but still my husband bought a new iPhone direct from apple and then the £10 per month still worked out about £100 cheaper than the contract price from the most competitive provider. With providing your own handset means you can go for whatever you want,make, model, new, secondhand, reconditioned etc... Giffgaff runs off the O2 network so network coverage is good, you don't get the technical support as you do with the big providers but there is an excellent help forum. Hubby and I both run iPhones off giffgaff and love them.
  9. We finally had some eggs at the weekend. Having got 3 warrens of indeterminate age at the end of November I have been waiting increasingly impatiently for some eggs and getting worried that they might be older hens and past laying. Then as we were away at the weekend our neighbour texted to say the hens had laid 3 eggs, typical not sure if all from the same hen or one from each. No eggs today as we are now back, perhaps the hens just don't like us!
  10. Just caught up with this, I had a similar injury a couple of years ago tore my calf muscle whilst dinghy sailing with hubby, he didn't believe I could be in so much pain as all I had done was push the boat off from the beach. I finished the sailing and then couldn't walk up the beach because leg was so painful. Took a load of painkillers and then had to fly to the states for work the following day. Got home 3 days later in a right state, ended up at the hospital seeing the orthopaedic consultant and had a scan the same day. I ended up on crutches for 5 weeks and walked with a limp for another 3 months. It's all better now but I'm sure my recovery was slow because I did too much originally. Try to get yourself so physio ASAP, the physios did gentle massage initially to help get the swelling down and then a gradual increase in strengthening exercises. The orthopaedic consultant was very brusk, he said its an injury for athletes then added who are past their prime!
  11. Heavy snow here, bin men have just arrived I didn't think they would make it but I suppose they have a very heavy lorry which helps getting through the snow. OH school closed but the kids is open, they were mightily unimpressed when he walked them to school! It's the first time my new chickens have seen snow, they were not happy. Lots of clucking and worrying, they refused to come out the coop but I desperately need to clean it so I put them under the bushes where they are sheltered with their food and water whilst I did a quick clean out. I will probably have to go and lift them back into the coop as their path back to the run/coop is covered in about 8 inches of snow and they are very confused by it all. One of them was pecking away at the snow as if it was food, there's a lot of it for her to eat!
  12. We had a vented A rated white knight one for a bout 10 years it was brilliant, took ages to dry the clothes something to do with how efficiently it heated etc but not a problem as we dried things overnight in it. The bearings finally wore out but it had lots of use as we used washable nappies for 2 kids and dried them on a daily basis in the wet months of the year (11.5 months out of 12!). When we came to replace it we couldn't find a similar vented one so went for a condenser also we had moved house and didn't have an easy way to vent the machine in the new house. I was concerned that the condenser type would not be as good but it is excellent. We did go for an expensive A rated Siemens one. I would recommend that you go for one with the condenser drawer at the top so you don't have to scrabble about at floor level trying to get the draw out. I enjoy emptying the water from the condenser draw some how it seems satisfying to see how much water as been collected.
  13. I'm sorry to hear you have come down with the dreaded bug Angie. My husband is a techi junkie so if I'm feeling fed up with lack of attention I text him or email him from the other side of the room or different place in the house and he gets the message in more ways than one. So far I'm the only on in the house not to fall ill, but I won't count my chickens yet........
  14. Oh dear, sorry to hear everyone so poorly, we do seem to be coming out of it now just in time to go back to work!
  15. DH having recovered from man flu, drank too much yesterday fell asleep for the whole afternoon and then got a migraine was sick and went to bed at 9.30pm. Now where is the pick axe to start digging up the patio
  16. Not too wierd so far (second lot of presents from other half of family tomorrow so still scope) I did get a book of knitted meerkats, I think that might make it to the school tombola, now if it had been a book of knitted chickens................
  17. Well eldest dd arrived home from brief trip out announced she felt sick and promptly vomited on the living room carpet! I have also been dealing with hubby with man flu as posted on a previous thread and I have been close to murdering him in the last couple of days. I could see Christmas descending in to chaos, but that was it one vomit a couple of hours rest and she was up demanding to be fed, ate her body weight in snacks and roast dinner and seems fine, so I guess not noro virus just some random occurrence thank goodness.
  18. He's made a partial recovery today with lots of comments about how he is trying very hard. Umm I'll put the knives back in the block for now Eldest dd walked into the living room announced she felt sick and promptly vomited on the living room carpet!!! Sigh.........
  19. I agree with you also Charley. my last dd was born on 25 November 2005 and unfortunately had some problems which took us back to hospital the week before Christmas, she was a very unsettled baby, cried for hours and difficult to feed. I was exhausted, still 12 of the extended family descended for Christmas/new year. A lot of them helped out but still it was bloody hard work and I could have done without it. No one offered to have us, or more importantly have everyone else so we could just try and sort ourselves out.
  20. Oh Angie, you and me united! I lost my rag earlier with OH, he has refused to take any painkillers/medicine until I almost took the French route and inserted them as a suppository then he grudgingly took 400mg ibprofen. Also had the in-laws on the phone, MIL has toothache, I wonder if I can find time to get to the shops for earplugs for a quiet if muffled Christmas.
  21. Well I have had a turbulent time with my weight over the last couple of years. I was put on some medication a couple of years ago which caused me to gain 2.5 stones in weight and seeing as I was already in the overweight bracket this was terrible. In the last 3 months my medication has been reduced and I've lost half a stone but am still carrying 2 extra stone. So the aim for next year would be to shed the remaining 2 stone, so I'm going to be restrained over Christmas to hopefully not add to the task.
  22. My husband has got man flu. If I murder him before Christmas can I pled diminished responsibility as I'm being driven mad by his moaning. It's not as if none of the other family members have never had a bad cold (I don't believe it's real flu, as not got a fever etc), but he feels he has to remind us every moment he opens his mouth about how bad he feels. Ok, moan over, back to the kitchen to do some more cooking for the extended family who have arrived for Christmas (hubby's gone back to bed) oh happy days
  23. Hang in there Fred you should be better by Sunday.
  24. Decided to keep the little one off school today, she had flu a couple of weeks back and has not really got over it yet and so as it is the last day of school she is not going to miss anything and it will reduce the chances of her catching noro in her weakened state. Big girl has gone to school even though I offered her to stay at home too, something I never usually do but she wanted to go and see her friends (those at have survived infection free). The headmaster has cancelled carols in the playground this afternoon, to avoid a re-run of Tuesdays disastrous carol concert. So fingers crossed we will escape any more infections. I work at a hospital, my husband is a teacher and my girls go to different local school so I do feel like we catch all the bugs that are circulating in the region. Perhaps I will dig out the antibacterial hand gel again, I don't tend to use it away from work because it makes my skin sore but perhaps it will be worth using over Christmas to try and keep us well.

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