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  1. We are having the worst outbreak of winter vomiting virus I can remember. 1/3 of the kids at my girls school were off yesterday with it. The vomiting seems to come on very suddenly with little or no warning. The school carol concert became a bit of a farce after 13 children and 2 adults vomited during the concert, including the little girl playing Mary as she walked down the aisle in the church. One day to go before the kids break up for school, I'm the only one in the house to have had the dreaded bug can the others avoid catching it for Christmas? How is everyone else fairing around the country? We might have to paint a black cross on the door if we come down with the plague!
  2. Well they seem to have cracked it and spent every night roosting. The coop is secure from Mr. Fox (I hope), its a plastic coop with a fixed floor and lock on the nesting box. Still waiting for an egg.........
  3. Well the last 2 nights without any encouragement they have lined up nicely on their roosting bar and not squashed into the nest box. I think I will wait and see if it lasts before making a cover for the nest box opening. Perhaps they are still working out what to do.
  4. My worst Christmas was 3 years ago when my DH who was cooking Christmas dinner for 16 (I was entertaining I.e. getting everyone tipsy) went out to the compost heap with the veg peelings and fell over on the way back in. He fractured his spine. Thankfully he did not damage his spinal cord but it was an anxious time waiting for scans and opinions from the neurosurgeons. I abandoned all the relatives to fend for themselves for a week whist I shuttled backwards and forwards from the hospital. I had to go to my brothers weeding on the 28th December and so left him in hospital, took the kids to the wedding and then returned to pick up the pieces. He is fine with no long term damage but its a Christmas which will live on in the family folklore. The best Christmas's have definitely been since we have had children they are still young 7&11 and so very excited around Christmas I love all their Christmas activities at school and their joy on Christmas Day.
  5. That sounds like a great idea. I'll have to cut a bit of wood to fit the hole tomorrow. I was worried about the chicken that was being sat on by the other one, but it didn't seem to bother her!
  6. Hi I'm new to keeping chickens and got 3 warrens for my daughters birthday 3 weeks ago. The hens have settled well and seem happy in their coop and run. They came from a local farm but had not been well looked after and have had some problems already (worms, scaly legs etc). They seem to be responding to TLC but are yet to lay an egg. One thing that bothers me is that they want to sleep in the nest box. The coop I have has a small nest box attached to the side, it is only really big enough for one hen but at night they all try and pile in. Two of them usually end up sleeping in there one on top of the other! I try to encourage them back into the main coop and on to the roosting bar but they make a bee-line back to the nest box as soon as I shut the door. Their previous coop was overcrowded and I wonder if they have just got used to being squashed together and feel happier like this. Should I continue to try and get them to sleep on the roosting bar or give up and let them squash into the nesting box?
  7. I thought I was easy to buy for until I read this thread and now realise perhaps I'm not Under the tree not for me: Chocolates, I struggle enough with my weight and self restraint Underwear (again!) Anything for the kitchen, I like to make my own choices Smellies (again!) I must however be easier than my mother-in-law, the woman with everything. Very selective (fussy) and when you ask her what she would like she always says surprise me. The last 2 Christmas presents I have bought her she has taken back. Shall I surprise her this year with an ironing board cover (one of my friends husbands bought this for her last year, she didn't speak to him for days)
  8. Arkus have been very responsive but my problems are not solved yet. I looked at the eglu and cube but as this is our first foray into keeping chickens and I am not sure if we were going to get on with them I was reluctant to spend so much on our first coop. Let's see if I can get the arkus sorted if not it will be going back and I suspect I'll have to spend out more money on an eglu/cube, that or re-home the chickens ( hubby is already having a fit at the amount of money we have shelled out)
  9. I've just got an Arkus chicken house. I have some issues with it, has anyone dealt with Arkus before and if so how did you get on?

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