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  1. Exactly. getting a few new bits from omlet anyway so will add some biodry to that as at least I know it’s ok having used it with our previous chickens. thanks for trying to help
  2. Doesn’t say anywhere on it what the active ingredient is?? Google just says it’s a “natural antibacterial” I might change it
  3. Hi hope someone can advise. Previously used biodry in my run but the shop didn’t have any. So I’ve ended up with stablezone antibacterial bedding powder, which is primarily designed for horse bedding. Does anyone know if this would be ok for chickens? Tried googling but couldn’t find anything.
  4. Hi in ipswich suffolk looking for a 2nd hand cube or go. willing to travel within reasonable distance thanks
  5. Ok, so I'll just have to have them in a cage in a shaded spot in the garden then. Not sure I'm keen on that idea, but if its the only way.
  6. This is driving me slightly insane now. Tikka has been broody since valentines day and shows no signs of snapping out of it. She has now been joined by Korma, leaving me only Pie laying. I don't have enough room in the run for a broody cage (don't have a WIR) and have tried giving tikka a cold bath a couple of times with no joy. I turf them out the nestbox each morning but after eating and drinking they are straight back, or if I block it off they hunker down together elsewhere. What can I do?? And will tikka ever lay again???
  7. Probably right just to leave her to it, just feel a bit lost with it being my first broody and now the effect its having on the others. ?.plus eggs would be nice lol. First noticed it valentines day (how appropriate) am I right in thinking it should last about 3 weeks?
  8. Thinking of going for the cold water dunk now....they've all stopped laying!!!!
  9. Bum, i thought that might be the case....will have to have a think as we are now over a week on and what I'm doing isn't having enough of an impact it seems. Not sure I want her on her own in a cage in the garden though, seems a bit vunerable. If anyone has any suggestions I'd be very grateful or I think we'll just have to ride it out until she comes out of it herself.
  10. Hayleybug can you fit the crate in the eglu run or do you have a wir?
  11. Yes, she started laying just after xmas, last one of the 3 to start and she is most definitely broody!
  12. I have my first-ever broody and am not sure if I am handling it correctly. I turf her out the nest box each morning and usually shut the coop door for a couole of hours to make sure she eats and drinks. But as soon as I open it she is back in like a shot. Luckily I am iff work at the moment so am able to turf her out at least a few times a day, but I'm not sure if there is anything else I'm supposed to be doing to break her broodiness, its been about a week now and she shows no signs of giving up. I only have one layer at the moment so I try to get that egg away asap so she is sitting on nothing.
  13. Thanks, am hoping its not doom and gloom, but as you say maybe a trip to the vet is in order.
  14. Worming all up to date I'm afraid so its not that.
  15. We still have a pale (and yes as you mention Grandmashazzie) somewhat shrunken comb. I am now pretty sure she has stopped laying as number of eggs has reduced. Otherwise she seems healthy and alert and is still eating and drinking well, moult also seems to have slowed/stopped. She also seems to have dropped to the bottom of the pecking order though is still getting plenty of access to food and drink and treats. Is it just a case of the comb becoming pale while she is no longer laying, when should I expect her to start again?

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