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  1. I just put the chickens in a cardboard box when transporting them, am I being mean!?
  2. I agree with the others, sounds like fruit flies - those teeny tiny flies. I don't thinkg they are a big problem, if you take away the poo and clean out often that should help.
  3. I think it depends where you live, I haven't noticed anything were we live now (small village), but when I was living in Surrey we were digging over the run and 2 rats ran out. Also, our neighbours' run collapsed because of rats tunneling underneath. Having said that, as long as you take the food in at night then there's nothing to attract them. They are not interested in the chickens, it's the food they want.
  4. Good choice, £600 is an awful lot of money to outlay on an unknown quantity. I've had my 2 chooks for 2 years now and haven't wanted more, the reason I want more now is that ours don't lay as much now and I hate having to buy eggs! I'm probably going to upgrade, but it's a tought decision and I'm still not sure. I love the Eglu, it's so cool and different.
  5. The footprint is more or less the same, but don't forget the chooks can walk underneath the actual house so have more floor space
  6. Oh no! I was thinking that when you said but thought maybe the ones you were getting had a longer shelf life! We've tried ndez bedz (rubbish and stank, actually started to rot), aubiose (OK), hemcore was the one that didn't break down as quickly. Do you live in a built up area? If not then keeping on bark should be fine. I did find cleaning it out a pain in the neck though that was the reason for putting stones down. They still scratch about in the hemcore and we let them out at the weekends for a run about and a dust bath etc.
  7. My miss pepper pot was 1 week and gingernut ranger was 2 weeks.
  8. We've found the best places to get chicken food are those big places that sell horsey stuff! We used to keep our chickens on bark, but we found rats tunnelled underneath. Now we have laid patio stones underneath and then covered the floor with Hemcore (like aubiose, but with citronella to deter bugs and flies) - this stops the rats and also means that to clean the run all you need to do is sweep it out or s"Ooops, word censored!" out with a spade. Hope that helps!
  9. As a newbie your best bet is probably to buy a soap making kit on ebay. It is so easy to make soap. I'm going to make some heart-shaped bath bombs with rose buds in for my mum for Mother's day. Probably will take 10 mins to make but will look amazing. I saw some in a shop for £20 once and I think the kit only cost me £5.
  10. Thanks Taj. Where are the re-cons for sale or am i being dim?
  11. I'd love to 'upgrade' to the cube and the 2m run so that I can get a couple more chickens but can't really afford to pay the lot up front and then recoup some of the money once I've sold my mark 2. Is this something Omlet are planning on doing? Does anyone know? Failing that, does anyone know someone interested in buying a Mark 2 eglu and someone who has a cube for sale in the South East?!
  12. What's the delivery times on cubes at the mo? I'm thinking of upgrading to a cube and getting 3 more girls.

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