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  1. My gorgeous girl Mabel died yesterday morning after several months of just not being quite right. I tried all I could to get her through it and am so upset that I didn't manage it. I only got my chooks in April so it's been a whirlwind love affair, but she'll never be forgotten
  2. Thanks Plum. The other two seem absolutely fine, and are laying as normal. Mabel seems fine in herself though, so I'm not worrying too much Am picking up Flubenvet tomorrow and will see how that goes
  3. Hello chicken peeps, Wonder if anyone has any advice for Mabel.... She had been laying on average every other day, but I've had no eggs from her for a week now. Her comb has lightened considerably but she seems absolutely fine otherwise, eating and drinking and chasing round after grapes tonight I've googled A LOT over the last few days but can't find anything conclusive so am at a loss. Is she just having a break? Scarlett laid 11 eggs, a day off, 5 eggs, a day off and currently 15 eggs in a row so I know she's not to be compared to (and is a different breed) and Hyacinth followed a similar pattern to Mabel, also had a break for 5 days, but seems to be back to every other day laying. Any ideas, suggestions or otherwise? Much appreciated!!
  4. Hurrah! I am back inside after snuggling my Hyacinth She is unbelievably soft and cuddly, though she was half asleep so will probably resent me in the morning Thanks all for your help, I really appreciate it!
  5. Yeah I'm already eyeing up LOL! Thanks peeps
  6. Haven't yet been able to hold them as couldn't keep an eye out to see what time they went to bed! I have however cooed over them in their bed and stroked them all plenty which I thought wasn't a bad start. Tonight I'm going to see when they go to bed then give them 15 minutes - but is it okay to pick them up if they're asleep? I don't want to terrify them if they wake up 5 foot in the air!! Thanks peeps
  7. Hi Plum, yes it's fantastic! I have a chart too, I'm working out how much each egg costs factoring in all the things I bought - once they get to a reasonable price my husband will be a lot happier
  8. Hurrah, Hyacinth laid her first egg today - 3 eggs for me! Even nicer, she also lays
  9. I popped out but I think I was too early, and then being over excited I'd forgotten to close the door so they got up and ran off! Oh well, tomorrow is another day
  10. Thank you both, that's really helpful I'll see if the hail stays away and pop out there tonight
  11. Okay, I've had my chickens for 2.5 weeks and I love them! They live in their and run (extension being picked up next week to give them a bit more space) but as I'm terrified about letting them out (there's no safe place to do that really as the garden isn't secure) I haven't been able to get that close to them - apart from having my fingers pecked! Is this a problem? Should I be letting them out and snuggling them? Or, as a colleague says, just grabbing them whether they like it or not!
  12. Miss Scarlett has now laid 11 in a row which I am amazed and hugely pleased with, even more so given that 4 have been double yolkers! Mabel laid 5 then a day off and then 3 , another day off and there's another today. Hyacinth has laid nothing so far, which doesn't worry me yet, I'm just excited every day in the hope of an egg, and to see what colour it will be! 2.5 weeks in to chicken keeping I'm thrilled!!
  13. Glad to hear they're all back to normal I'm waiting for my third chook to start laying - 2 eggs is great, but 3 will be spectacular
  14. Thanks peeps I am so proud of my girls! I've been on chicken watch this morning - 4 hours worth - and have been rewarded with another and another - I'm so excited and am planning on trying them for lunch
  15. Thanks so much - I had looked but I don't think I was enabled! Let's see how this looks.....

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