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  1. https://www.lendwithcare.org/

    Thanks - think I will go ahead. I have been super careful since a friend donated £10 by cheque to an African (?) charity - supposedly to help a girl get an education. He thought at worst it was a scam and the £10 would be 'stolen' - but it was MUCH worse. The cheque had his bank details and his signature. They somehow found his address and wrote to the bank and tried to empty his account. It all got very messy and took ages to sort out. H
  2. https://www.lendwithcare.org/

    Hi Came across this site that https://www.lendwithcare.org/ " Lendwithcare is a revolutionary way to help some of the world’s poorest people work their way out of poverty with dignity. Lendwithcare allows you to lend as little as £15 to fund a small business and once your money is repaid you can choose to recycle your loan to support another poor entrepreneur, or withdraw your money. " I was thinking of lending (well donating as would re-invest money when re-paid) BUT I'm always 'suspicious' of these things. Has anyone done anything like this ? Any advice ? H
  3. Facebook Experts

    Don't seem to be able to click on item in activity log - its not an active link ??? Search doesn't seem to include visitor posts only Sainsbury's posts. A nuisance, but not the most important problem in the world ! Thanks all.
  4. Facebook Experts

    Hi I'm trying to find the response to a query I posted on Sainsbury's Fb page. If I look at my activity, I can see my post on eg. 9 Nov 2017 - is there a way to jump to my post (in context, ie with replies)? As you can imagine, there are 'millions' of posts on their page, so its nearly impossible to scroll back through them to my post. (Searching doesn't seem to work on visitor posts) TIA, H
  5. New Layout & Forum Software

    There doesn't seem to be a preview option before you submit a post ???
  6. 'Strange' Neighbour

    We're having our side fence replaced using concrete gravel boards & post and wooden panels. Being concerned about hedgehogs, we arranged to have some 5" x 5" holes cut through in a few places to allow them easy passage. Our fence is the end fence for 3 neighbours - so I went round and told them what we were planning out of politeness. One wasn't in, so I left a note. Yesterday, this neighbour asked the workers to get me to talk about something. Turns out she didn't know what a hedgehog was (??) but is scared of them so intends to block the hole ! She doesn't mow her lawn as she seen frogs and is scared of them - similarly, squirrel, pigeons, mice! No point arguing (we'll simply push the blockage back a bit to allow access when she's not looking!). Has anyone else got strange neighbours ?
  7. More Avian Flu - UPDATED 18th Jan 2018

    See https://www.gov.uk/guidance/avian-influenza-bird-flu?mc_cid=2bfb84e190&mc_eid=d7ef5a91de#prevention-zone
  8. Don't be too hard on yourself - and don't make any hurried decisions. I find the settling period really stressful - they can be so 'cruel' to each other. If you have health issues, I'd be inclined to leave her on her own and try to give her extra attention and see how she gets on. It does so much depend on the individual hen - when I've been down to one, I've sometimes brought them into the Utility Room at night in Winter (when it was really cold for the whole night as was worried as no-one to snuggle with ) in a dog crate and put them back in the run during the day. Hope it goes well, H
  9. News Headlines

    I usually watch BBC Breakfast when I'm, well, eating my breakfast!! I have the recorder set to automatically record the Daily/Sunday Politics programme each day - we usually watch (most of) this as we eat lunch (sandwich, whatever). Just in case you think I live in front of the TV, we almost always eat dinner at the dinner table. H
  10. Hi Sorry if this is not correct place to post this - but I thought more people would see it here (please move if appropriate) From 12 January 2018, a new Avian Influenza Prevention Zone applies to everyone who keeps poultry or captive birds in specific, targeted areas of South Dorset. All keepers in this Prevention Zone must follow our detailed requirements on strict biosecurity, whether they have commercial flocks or just a few birds in a backyard flock. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/avian-influenza-bird-flu#prevention-zone Lets hope its contained - Good Luck to all. H
  11. Zolcal-D 500ml

    Thanks. After looking every other day for about 2 weeks, its back on Amazon. H
  12. Zolcal-D 500ml

    Hi Its a supplement that BHWT recommend - helps with egg shell production and new feather growth - so we have been giving it to our recent batch of 'oven-ready' ex-bats. Does seem to help as we did have some VERY thin shelled eggs. The site you give doesn't have 500ml pack in stock (smaller sizes are much less economic but I may have to get one to tide us over) Thanks, H
  13. Zolcal-D 500ml

    Hi Trying to buy Zolcal-D 500ml - everywhere seems to be out of stock, Amazon, BHWT, some other sites I looked at - is there a shortage ??? Happy New Year, H
  14. Hi On the Nettex web site (but not on the bottle as far as I can see ?) http://www.nettexpoultry.com/products/anti-pecking/anti-feather-pecking-spray it says - "How to use - Spray on to any affected areas including skin where feathers have been removed. Use on feathers should be avoided." How critical is it to avoid use on feathers ? I have only just read this and usually spray on and around any peck site(s) - I thought that it partly deterred further feather pecking as it tasted so bad on the actual feathers. H
  15. Got these 3, 3 weeks ago from BHWT - no names yet. Surprised how 'oven-ready' they are - can see so much skin. They are unlike previous ex-bat, which were quite docile. These are quite skittish (like my pure breeds) but they certainly have attitude and are eating for England!!!