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  1. Exciting stuff. I remember, many years ago (before 9/11) I hired a 4 seater plane and flew myself around the shuttle landing strip in Cape Canaveral. I first landed at the Space Centre Executive airport and we had lunch (OH & I). Took off, called NASA Tower on the radio (as you do!) , asked to be allowed to do 'Space shuttle tour'. To my amazement, (who would let a pilot with a non-American accent anywhere near the facility???) they said yes - with instructions "join the circuit pattern in a certain way and overfly the landing strip but not below 500feet "- so I did - could see a Space Shuttle over near one of the hangers. Amazing! H
  2. Dear all, Used to buy this a treat alternative to corn - to lure hens back into runs - but nowhere seems to have it any in stock and one site (https://www.vetsend.co.uk/hentastic-foraging-feast/) says " "Hentastic Foraging Feast This product is no longer available. You can find a suitable alternative here." Anyone know anything ? (I came across the remains of a bag and mine went MAD for it!) H
  3. I hope no-one is offended by this post or thinks I'm trivialising a terrible situation - I know people ARE dying and my inconveniences are totally trivial but what ONE thing do you really miss at the moment ? For me, it playing Badminton. I used to play with an over 50s group, Mon, Wed, Fri 10-12 am. It was turn up an play - so v. flexible . About 40 (?) 'members' but only a subset of about 20 turned up each session. We had 4 courts and played doubles (usually mixed) - swapping partners and opponents. It was just the right level of competitiveness for me - quite serious but friendly. Unfortunately, it can't be played outdoors and I'm not fit enough to play singles (any more!) and so I can't see it coming back any time soon - probably not until a vaccine regime is well established. SO what one 'luxury' do you miss ? H
  4. Hi Original rules said it was OK to take surplus food to other people (with regard to social distancing) - so near neighbours collecting eggs was (I believe) completely within the spirit of the rules. I have given away over 300 eggs so far. Egg production has slowed a little - one ex-bat has stopped laying and one is laying VERY thin shelled eggs - sometimes break - so others are eating!!! ( I AM giving egg shell improver and Zolcal-D, so I don't think there is any more I can do - I don't need the eggs, so as long as they're happy and healthy, I'm happy). People phone first - then put their box on a chair at my front door - ring bell - step back 2 m etc. etc - so pretty sure it's as safe as reasonably possible. People seem overly grateful - have met people I have never met before - so some good has come out of a bad situation. Stay safe everyone, H
  5. Thanks - I thought that was probably the case. I'll try using it as a pizza base - might not be such an issue there. H
  6. Dear all I used to use this bread mix to make pizza bases, focaccia etc. https://www.sainsburys.co.uk/gol-ui/product/sainsburys-crusty-white-bread-mix-500g?productId=28374&storeId=10151&catalogId=10241&langId=44&categoryId=235753&krypto=pnj7WYSdCtGQTk%2BVYN4gdqfvYAYtUQ21lhTAcbLRsSdRcaM%2FkTA2zMiWfWXOkzn2H9OnyLQCVpYgAdzUp7tBWZ9xTICfF%2FgOoXJOBQ4ME4akRaA%2FNBiKnl2PaUO0rwDtOrElZqsfI3UpxT%2BZSeW2PkfQZD%2BYBkk%2FdnnlmJOCW7ZCIXfcivv3MbYvxCwX%2BV4fvmqWJvtWHFIi4wQTHU3dXRrLVixPxSv%2Bm6jUq4J9br0%3D&ddkey=https%3Agb%2Fgroceries%2Fbread-flour--mixes---yeast%2Fsainsburys-crusty-white-bread-mix-500g but can’t get at the moment. I managed to buy some plain flour https://carrsflour.co.uk/product/carrs-plain-flour-1kg/ and I have Fermipan Instant / Fast Action Yeast Will this flour work (more or less) or MUST it be proper bread flour ? Worth a try or not ? Any modifications to recipes or advice will be gratefully received. H
  7. ...and you've lived to tell the tale! Thanks - I thought,maybe there was something like the toxin in kidney bean skins that needed to be killed by cooking - but I couldn't identify any dubious ingredients.
  8. Ta - so a taste issue rather than a safety issue. I was planning to flavour a mayo/yogurt mix with the paste - so it would be quite dilute. I'll probably give it a try and see.
  9. Hi Was going to make a simple rice salad using leftovers, by simply stirring in some https://www.pataks.co.uk/products/spice-pastes/korma-paste but jar says it MUST be cooked. I've looked at the ingredients and don't understand WHY ? Are they just 'covering' themselves ? Any ideas ? H
  10. Given away about 130 eggs so far - many repeat 'customers' - One nice lady (who I'd never met before) said "they were lovely - much better than shop bought - she had thought that eggs were eggs - all the same" - so could be doing a bit of public outreach as well !!!
  11. Thanks all - I was following a Gorden Ramsey (yes, I know!) recipe - will use your method(s) next time. Stay safe, H
  12. Dear all, Since giving up work, I only use my car for short local journeys (I do less than 1000miles a year!). Consequently, the battery never gets a real charge, so I usually connect it to a mains charger every 4-6 weeks.Just overnight is enough but most chargers continue to trickle charge batteries, once they are fully charged to maintain them - so I leave it connected until the next time I need to drive it. Just thinking that now people are driving less (like me), it might be a good idea to do as I do to ensure car will start when you need it -just a suggestion. H
  13. Hi Last night tried a recipe for these - cut into 1cm thick chips - blanch for 5 mins in boiling water. Dry well, - roasting pan with oil. Oven as high as it would go (fan oven at 250C) - 25 mins (recipe said 15-20!). Cooked but not CRISP! Quite tasty as had left skin on. Anyone got a tried and trusted recipe ? or maybe isn't possible in oven ?? H
  14. Managed to give a few boxes away - most people have offered to pay ( I declined). 'Swapped' one box for a banana bread loaf! People seem to appreciate it. I only put notes through houses on my street but got call from lady on neighbouring street (friend had told her) - so agreed to give her box between 9-10. Come 12 o'clock, no sign. Somehow I knew she'd be 'trouble'. Phone call, she'd forgotten (OK can happen) - could she come straight round? Yes. Another phone call, can't find my house. Street has 21 houses - its a close and numbers simply go around. I have house number in 8 inch high letters on plaque on front of house (and smaller number on door) - doh !!!
  15. How ? They would phone - agree time - I'd put in plastic bag of eggs (no boxes left) on outside door mat. Close door - watch collection through window. So *I* think safe BUT collectors would be making unnecessary outing (not far and VERY unlikely to be 'caught') - might not comply with the LETTER of the new Law - but does help others in time of shortage, so *I* think morally OK. Just wondered others thoughts and if I'd missed anything. Thanks

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