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  1. Leicester_H

    Strictly 2019

    Am I the only person in the UK who is NOT the slightest bit interested in Strictly ??? All the hype around so-called celebrities - its the same (to me) every year ! To me, it's like many shows - first time out, vaguely interesting (even Big Brother was novel the first time around) , but year after year, it just gets repetitive. And I tend to avoid any programme with celebrity in the name (I Know, Strictly doesn't but...) Is it just me ???
  2. Leicester_H

    Calling Facebook Experts

    Hi On a number of sites (suddenly) I do not see all the links that I used to see. For example, the Sainsbury's site, I now see this (pic 1) Down left had side, the only options are Home, About,Photos and video AND RHS doesn't show Visitor posts But if I search for "facebook sainsburys visitor posts" - I can see what I expect to see (pic 2) - so site has not changed (?) This applies to several sites - so I assume I've set something somehow - any ideas - it's driving me mad??? H
  3. Leicester_H

    Sainsbury's Premium Scotch Eggs - Free Range or Not?

    I'm not convinced. I'm SURE label used to say FR egg.... - why would they remove it ? There again, why sell a premium product with a cheaper, cruel egg. Why is everything so complicated ???!!!
  4. Leicester_H

    Sainsbury's Premium Scotch Eggs - Free Range or Not?

    On Fb they now say that they ARE Free Range (although server told me they weren't) !!
  5. Sainsbury's Deli Counter (not pre-wrapped on shelf) sells Premium (? I think is the term) Scotch eggs. I’m sure they used to be described as Free Range Egg in British, outdoor bred pork etc. etc. - premium product, premium price - but tasty ! Today I noticed the Free Range term wasn’t there – server said they weren’t FR eggs - VERY disappointed. I have asked via Facebook if they are FR or not and they can't tell me ! I'm sure they used to be described as FR (as I ALWAYS check) - so if they have moved away from FR that is a very bad step. Rant over!
  6. Leicester_H

    Slightly subdued - Could it be Flubenvet?

    Hi Thanks - No evidence of worms - I usually worm them every 3-4 months as a precaution.
  7. Hi I have 2 bully (don't ask!!!) hens in dog crates in the Utility room at present - they run around the garden with the others under supervision each afternoon. I have just started worming them all with Flubenvet (they've had it before) and these 2 seem quieter than usual and 1 is possibly a *little* hunched - others seem fine. I seem to recall that worming can 'take it out of them' (but can't find the thread) - is this correct ? Thanks in advance, H
  8. Hi We made some roll-up blinds from thick UV resistant plastic. Baton top & bottom. Top baton fixed to run - lower baton attacked with bungees. can roll up blinds (secure in place with velcrose (spelling?) strap in warm weather. Hope this pic expalins - if not please ask.
  9. Leicester_H

    Drinking LOADS of water

    Hi I currently have an ex-bat in a dog crate in the Utility room as (she was pecking holes in the others). Recently, she has been drinking loads of water and (I think) excreting lots of wet droppings making the aubiose very wet. She is otherwise fine, laying occasionally, eating, alert, running round the garden with the others in the afternoon etc. etc. Apart from having to replace the Aubiose more often, its not a problem, but just wondered if anyone had any ideas ? Thanks, H
  10. Leicester_H

    Editing posts

    Your first statement is correct but your second isn't, is it? it was edited 23 hours AGO but not 23 hours AFTER original post !!! (as per your 1st statement).
  11. Leicester_H

    Editing posts

    Edit gone after 4-5 mins !! tried several times (as you can see) - so is repeatable behavior.
  12. Leicester_H

    Editing posts

    Seems 4 mins is about the limit !!! Surely, it must be a setting somewhere that can be altered ? +4 mins edit
  13. Leicester_H

    Editing posts

    Edit button vanished after about 5 mins Added after 2 mins
  14. Leicester_H

    Editing posts

    I was told " The edit button is only there for about 10 minutes. This has been mentioned in the “complain about the new forum post”, but so far has not been solved. " - so i've posted this message and will keep checking to see when it disappears ! Added after 3 mins
  15. http://www.bhwt.org.uk/avian-flu-prevention-zones-lifted/ .