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  1. Quite - Veg - if they're going to get chopped up and cooked, it doesn't matter what they look like when bought. Occasionally it does matter eg. if I'm doing staffed peppers I like ones with flattish sides that sit nicely in the baking dish. I also try to buy things to send messages to 'management'.
  2. We used to have 2 green grocers near us - limited range but very good produce at reasonable prices - but they've both closed down. No convenient farm shops for weekly buying. Wonky veg came in paper bag (which was good) but quality was not 'brilliant'. Don't understand why it was so expensive - 50% more than Sainsbury's (which is NOT the cheapest supermarket). Will have a look at other schemes. H
  3. Hi Saw an advert for a local company supplying 'Wonky Fruit & Veg' - I'm sure you all understand what this is - thought it a good idea to reduce wasted fruit and so subscribed. Disappointed - today's bag cost £5.49 - costing up equivalent products on Sainsbury's web site (nearest supermarket so where I usually shop) came to £3.70. So, whilst I support the idea, I'm going to cancel as I don't see why fruit deemed 'substandard' for supermarkets should cost nearly 50% more - I know there's delivery (but I go weekly shopping anyway so no extra cost for me) AND they choose what goes in the bag (I have no choice). What do others think ? H
  4. Hi - although they're on a slabbed floor, my pure breed hens claws grow very long and have had annual clipping at the vets. This is no longer possible (as considered non-essential). I know to clip carefully and avoid the quick. However, I need to buy some clippers and the styptic pencil (??) just in case. Any recommendations ? TIA, H
  5. Thanks. I don't really need to sync data with anything - so a top end pedometer that also does heart rate might be my best bet. They said Windows 7 support has ended but I got an update last week and this ! As a private pilot I have some flight SIM software with lots of add-ons. If I upgrade OS it may stop working. I did MSc in IT and worked in Uni computer centre - so reasonably aware of threats and mitigation (fingers crossed, touch wood etc !!!). Looking at the Fitbit website, the latest devices wouldn't work anyway (" Syncs with Mac OS X 12.2 and up, iPhone 5S and later, iPad 5 gen. and later, Android 7.0 and later. ") Didn't know about could use smartphone without SIM - will look into that. Thanks - just thought I'd ask before I decide - you lot always have an answer !
  6. Hi Want to get a Fitness tracker - looked at Fitbit - which look great - but they all require Windows 10 or a smart phone - I don't have either! I have a tablet running windows 8.1 and Bluetooth (which I've never had much luck with) and a powerful desktop running windows 7 (yes - I know - but it works fine ) and no bluetooth. I am happy to transfer data via a cable. Any suggestions ? TIA, H
  7. Thanks - I'm pretty sure she stopped laying eggs. She's the one who had a prolapse - so we're bringing her in at night - so can clean her every evening, if necessary.
  8. Hi Bossie (ex-bat) had grown all her fluffy feathers back, but I noticed a few days ago some were missing - an area approx 2 inches diameter below her vent. The area is covered in a thin layer of white 'stuff' - I washed it all off but its come back a day later. Originally thought it was droppings (as her vent has always leaked a little) - but it's too uniform (I think). She otherwise seems absolutely fine. Any ideas and what to do. Thanks, H
  9. How's it going, Mojono1 ? Have they settled in OK ? I have 6 ex-bats and 2 pure breeds (in a separate run). All hens have their own characters but ex-bats certainly do - my lot are MAD! H
  10. I'm not a vegetarian, but don't eat much meat (only higher welfare). I do like seafood. Fancy making meat, seafood ??? and vegetarian sausages. Pork, honey & mustard sounds good. Wanted to get a book for some tips and some flavour combination ideas - hence post.
  11. Thanks - that's useful to know. What kind of device do you use to make the sausages ? There seem to be simple (cheaper) ones like this eg. link or more expensive ones eg. Link2
  12. Thank you - I did wonder about that one - was put off it because couldn't preview any of the contents. Your source is cheaper than Amazon. Ta
  13. I've returned to the idea of making sausages (now I've found some vegetarian casings - although won't only be making vegetarian ones). Would like to buy a book of recipes, hints and tips - there is no stand out option on Amazon. Does anyone have a recommendation please ? Thanks, H
  14. Thanks both. She is now in the WIR with the others and seems happier. No pecking order issues as she was with them everyday, even though it was a short while. As her name suggests, she is top/near the top of the pecking order. Since I'm in Leicester, we're back in lockdown, so both home most of the time - so can keep checking on her. Will bring her in over night as we can't supervise then - and they'll be sleeping anyway. Fingers crossed the prolapse doesn't happen again - been 2 weeks, so ........... Nice to have the support of this forum. Thanks again, H
  15. Hi I posted 2 weeks ago about my ex-bat (Bossie) who I found with a prolapsed vent (some blood). I brought her inside, cleaned her up and she seemed to be recover.She laid a shell-less egg a while ago, but nothing since. Her vent leaks a bit - it always has. She is in a dog crate in the utility room but goes out each day to free range with the others (but it's only for about an hour). I fear that if the prolapse happens again, the other 5 will peck at it and I/she may not be as lucky next time. However, I think she may be getting depressed on her own??? She is drinking (quite a bit) but she doesn't seem to have eaten for 2 weeks (so how she has the energy to walk all around the garden I do not know). I can't tell if she's ill (I think not as she 'runs' around the garden) or just getting old / worn out ex-bat. Do older hens sleep standing up for quite a lot of the day ? I'm watching her on a web cam (so she doesn't know) - she seems to have her eyes shut a lot of the time but then perks up, preens etc. So do I risk putting her in back with the others and keep checking on her ? Any suggestions ? H

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