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  1. Sorry about the formatting of 2nd post above -tried to correct, but couldn't ???
  2. For Info. Ivermectin used to be used in dogs, but NOT in Collies as they are allergic. Vet believes my hen is allergic - she's not an avian specialist so couldn't say if it just this specific hen or this specific breed - but I certainly won't be using it on ANY hen ever again. Lots of sites suggest using Ivermectin with no mention of possible side effects - but if you google Ivermectin and side-effects, its all there. We're hopeful that she'll work it out of her system and make a full recovery. Fingers (and everything else) crossed.
  3. Hi I have a hen who appeared to have scaly leg mites.(7 year old cream legbar) Treated with Ivermectin drops on skin. After 2 weekly doses, she is lethargic and has yellow runny droppings. Am taking to vet at 6pm. Can it be the Ivermectin ??? H
  4. Hi. We took Frankie to the vet on 9th March - vet is good but not an avian specialist (isn't one near here). She couldn't find anything wrong - apart from the noisy breathing (which hasn't worsened). They had all just been wormed with Flubenvet - but I now think she may have gapeworm. I have brought her into the utility room to re-worm. I recall that someone wrote that the dosage is higher for gapeworm but Flubenvet instructions don't say that ?. Can anyone point me to any useful info please ? TIA, H
  5. Hi Just sat down with cup of tea and switched TV on whilst I drank it. Caught end of a quiz show called "Tipping Point". Basically, finalist is asked a series of questions and has to pick 1 of 3 possible answers each time - long story short - if ultimately successful they win £10k. Finalist (Geography student, completed 2 years at Uni) was asked what she would spend money on if she won. She replied that she had traveled a LOT around Europe but not outside Europe, so she'd like to do that. There was a Geography question - which sea does the European river the Rhine flow into ? S
  6. Thanks again - very useful advice & info Stay Safe, H
  7. Hi I think there is a copycat Fb page - many spelling mistakes - many images copied so looks real. FAKE is "Omlet-World Famuos Pet'Prodacts" https://www.facebook.com/marlina.dzherro Copied the current competition Omlet is running Can anyone here pass this on to REAL omlet please ? (I have posted a message on the REAL Fb page) H
  8. I did this and WON - BUT I think its a scam - fake account ??? Spelling errors "Omlet-World Famuos Pet'Prodacts" Anyone from REAL Omlet comment ??? H
  9. Thanks all. Will be looking at seed catalogues and web sites soon. Stay Safe, H
  10. Hi I have a small unheated green house, a small raised bed and 10 (?) large 15" pots. I grow many varieties of chillies - these end up filling the greenhouse (but GH can be used to start seeds off). Several interesting varieties of tomatoes. New potatoes worked well in pots. What's WORTH growing at home - ie better than bought and/or not easily available. I tried sammphire and NONE germinated!!! Any suggestions ? TIA, H
  11. Hi Just found this recipe - might have to get some of the pork gelatine. https://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/prawn_and_salmon_terrine_69303 M&S do a crab & king prawn terrine which I like - it's expensive but OK for a treat - I was thinking of trying to replicate https://www.ocado.com/products/m-s-crab-king-prawn-terrine-515891011 or might do terrine with 2 layers, one salmon, one crab&prawn, wrapped in the smoked salmon
  12. Thanks - I was trying to have a Veg version (we eat seafood, obviously, but not much meat (I know there's not much in gelatin sheets)) - I rather assumed I could dissolve in a little water and mix in and chill? They specifically mention cheesecake - but no mention of how to use it.
  13. Hello, Oh wise ones ! I've made seafood mouses/terrines in the past that have been too 'soft' to slice easily - so decided to try adding some veg gelatin. Bough a pack of "Sainsbury's Vegetarian Gel Sachets 6x6.5g ...for setting jellies, soufflés & *cheesecake* " but the only instructions seem to be to add to loads of water and boil - which wouldn't be possible for the cheesecake they mention ! Any one know how I can use to set say, a crab&prawn terrine ? TIA, H
  14. "Avian influenza of the H5N8 strain has been confirmed at a premises near Frodsham in Cheshire on 2 November 2020." " This is unrelated to the low pathogenicity avian influenza (LPAI) H5N2 outbreak near Deal, Kent that was confirmed on 2 November. " https://www.gov.uk/guidance/avian-influenza-bird-flu Stay Safe, owners and hens, H
  15. Quite - Veg - if they're going to get chopped up and cooked, it doesn't matter what they look like when bought. Occasionally it does matter eg. if I'm doing staffed peppers I like ones with flattish sides that sit nicely in the baking dish. I also try to buy things to send messages to 'management'.

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