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  1. Quite - shows it can happen! I need a new pair of Wellies - hadn't heard of these - thanks for posting. H
  2. Hi I sometimes buy this but not enough to warrant a subscription - but there's an offer of 5 Issues for 5 pounds. https://www.buysubscriptions.com/print/bbc-good-food-magazine-subscription?promo=JS20FB&style=Brand&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&fbclid=IwAR0URBeFC5NP-QoRUP1vRh5VXNoSYqG7mJe4ZBYs0pZeSFXiezbXKh9SG0c# You have to pay by Direct Debit (but there is the DD guarantee) and they specifically say under FAQ "Subscription trials A trial subscription is a short offer (5 issues for £5 for example) which then will automatically renew at the subscription rate advertised with the offer you redeemed. If you do not wish to continue after your trial ends, please inform us after you have received your first issue and we can cancel the automatic direct debit renewal. You will continue to receive the remaining issues from the trial and then it will expire. Please remember to cancel the Direct Debit with your bank to ensure no further payments are taken." so seems safe enough. Thought some Omleteers might be interested ? Happy New Year, H
  3. Hi I'd cut out this cartoon from the free weekly Waitrose 'Newspaper' and put it on a board in the kitchen. https://www.annedwardsart.co.uk/products/chef-sue-chicken-crossing-a-road-print?_pos=2&_sid=a51456ecc&_ss=r OH contacted artist to ask about getting better quality copy - ended up buying me five of the original drawings (not prints or copies) - all featuring chickens (artist used to keep chickens and understands their personalities etc.) Also got https://www.annedwardsart.co.uk/products/chef-sue-chicken-salad-print?_pos=1&_sid=a51456ecc&_ss=r Am very pleased with them - just need to get them framed. Happy New Year everyone, H
  4. Hi Having just got 6 'new' ex-bats, decided needed to tell them apart, so bought some leg rings. From previous experience, decided on INSIDE diameter 18mm - and chose some advertised as "Suitable for larger breed Chickens / Ducks etc with an inside diameter of 18mm". When they arrived, they looked small, so I measured them - inside diameter only 14 (maybe 15) mm - so I emailed seller to see if I could swap them. They replied " We only stock 18mm and no other sizes so these will be correct. As spirals ( unlike fixed clic rings) they have to be unwound and stretched first before use. " Obviously, I could stretch them - but should I have too ? Not the biggest problem in the world I know but ....... opinions. H
  5. No - Mary is in original (uneddited - didn't cheat!) post. As they're ex-bats, I just hope they have enough feather to cope with the winter weather. They will be in 12' x 6' WIR (plastic blinds down most sides to keep rain and some wind out) with 2 eglus.
  6. Great - thanks all - keep 'em coming.
  7. Hi Getting 6 'new' ex-bats on 14th Dec - as near Christmas, thinking of having a Christmas / Winter(possibly) theme to their names. So far, possibilities include Holly, Ivy, Goldie, Frankie, Myrtle (see what I did there!), Snowy, Frosty, Stevie/Steffie (St. Stephen),Rudi, Mary, Maggie (Magi), Twinkle/Twinkie, Tinsel, Cracker, Angel Please add some more - Thanks, H
  8. soapdragon - you sure they're padrons ? - can you post photo ? (not sure why its formatting like this !!!) Padrons are usually quite large (~5-8 cm). Mostly mild - usually 1 in 10 is hot. I picked some last night as part of a tapas meal. H
  9. Google 'travel eye mask' - I have one I got given on a flight once (good old days!) - I loop it over bed post and use it if I wake up in light mornings. Cheap and cheerful but works fine. H
  10. Hi I use a Delia recipe (I think this is it https://www.deliaonline.com/recipes/type-of-dish/preserves/preserved-dried-tomatoes ). I use general veg oil - as taste of olive oil gets lost with concentrated tom flavour. I sterilise glass jars with lots of boiling water and/or in the microwave - same as I would for pickles. I use multiple small jars, rather than one large jar - just in case - store in fridge once opened. Toms keep for months - if not a year or more - only once had a problem with mould (think it was because a tom was protruding above the surface of the oil) H
  11. Thanks for reply. I considered Omlet WIR but thought it inflexible. When I bought 1st WIR, there seemed to be quite a few options - but now there doesn't. My current run has 1/2" x 1/2" mesh - the advertised one is 1" x 1" - I was going to ask them to upgrade to 1/2" x 1/2" mesh - what size did you use ? H
  12. Hi There used to be a section about runs - but I can't find it - please feel free to move this post. I'm looking to get a 2nd WIR (yay!) - approx. 6' by 9', wooden frame - I need length to be an exact length (8'6"), 6' width can be approx - so I need someone that can do a bespoke run (just need 2 side panels and 1 roof panel to be a bit smaller than the standard 3', so should be do-able). Don't need roof as will make one to match existing WIR roof. I found this site, which looks like a possibility https://www.4wire.co.uk/animal-enclosures/fox-proof-runs/strong-animal-run-6ft-x-9ft-16g-fox-proof-cat-dog-rabbit-chicken but I can't find many more ??? Does anyone have any recommendations please TIA, H
  13. Am I the only person in the UK who is NOT the slightest bit interested in Strictly ??? All the hype around so-called celebrities - its the same (to me) every year ! To me, it's like many shows - first time out, vaguely interesting (even Big Brother was novel the first time around) , but year after year, it just gets repetitive. And I tend to avoid any programme with celebrity in the name (I Know, Strictly doesn't but...) Is it just me ???
  14. Hi On a number of sites (suddenly) I do not see all the links that I used to see. For example, the Sainsbury's site, I now see this (pic 1) Down left had side, the only options are Home, About,Photos and video AND RHS doesn't show Visitor posts But if I search for "facebook sainsburys visitor posts" - I can see what I expect to see (pic 2) - so site has not changed (?) This applies to several sites - so I assume I've set something somehow - any ideas - it's driving me mad??? H
  15. I'm not convinced. I'm SURE label used to say FR egg.... - why would they remove it ? There again, why sell a premium product with a cheaper, cruel egg. Why is everything so complicated ???!!!

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