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  1. Thanks for the replies Her comb is still red, she's bloody around her back end. They are all only 18 mths old Beantree, so haven't laid all that many eggs??
  2. My Bluebell Susan has not been laying for some weeks now despite seeming ok, though don't think she's been 100%. Anyway, thought I'd see how she gets on and hoped she would right herself after a few weeks rest from laying. Today I've found this really weird bloody red tube type thing in the nest box and Susan is perched in the coop obviously not feeling well. Think I'll find a chicken friendly vet next week as she clearly isn't right. Any ideas??
  3. They look like wild bird suet pellets but aren't made of suet sorry. They contain wheat, wheat starch, non-hydrogenated vegetable oil, mint, parsley, basil & oregano. These are treats and as long as they are fed as such I don't see the problem and they help encourage natural behaviour
  4. Funny as mine didn't think much of the suet treats either. Cheeronthechickens - the sticks were about £2.99 for 6 and the holder about £5.99. Thought I could use the holder for something else even if I don't buy the chicks sticks again x
  5. Anyone seen these? Found it in my local Jolley's store. The chickens seem to like them but wouldn't say they love them.
  6. Thanks Beantree. I had thought that also but you can buy shatterproof mirrors, though not sure I'd want to spend too much especially if they lose interest in it!
  7. My light Sussex, Beryl, can make a right racket in the morning and it seems to be when the others are laying in the coop. I'm guessing she doesn't like being left on her own so wondered if adding a small bathroom mirror to the run would help?? I've hung cabbages, put corn down in the aubiose but nothing pacifies her Has anyone been in a similar situation? Laura
  8. Luvachicken - I wish I had as much fore thought as you! They still have their netted off area, but my plan is to reduce it by about a foot every now and then in the hope that the girls won't notice their ever shrinking run! The lengths us chicken owners go to eh?! The grand plan is to have them back in their WIR permanently and reseed the lawn. Now they have a roof on the run with Aubiose on the floor, they love spending time in their WIR rooting around so am hopeful my evil plan will work!
  9. It's probably just my silly girls then! They were also very bad back in the summer. I got them in June and allowed them free range when we were home (we have a WIR), after a couple of months we got fed up with them pooing all over the patio so netted off a decent section of the garden in addition of their 10x7ft WIR. They were are total nightmare! Clearly completely put out that they weren't able to free range any longer. My advice to anyone in a similar situation i.e with neighbours close by, is not to let them free range at all unless they can allow them to do it all the time. I wish I had kept them in their WIR at all times right from the beginning - what you don't have you don't miss I am glad to say that they have now stopped protesting and luckily we didn't have any complaints from the neighbours!
  10. I tried leaving the pop hole open on Sunday evening so they could scratch around in their wir at their leisure on Monday morning. Bad idea. They woke up at 5.45 (it wasn't even light!) and were being noisy so I let them into their netted off area hoping that would shut them up - no chance! They were unbelievable noisy and nothing would pacify them, my boyfriend when not a happy bunny So back to shutting the pop hole at night! We also have neighbours close to us. I find that if they are let out before the sun is properly up they are very noisy but if I let them out after the sun has come up they're fine
  11. My run is about 10 x 7ft ANH, however two of the sides is 6ft fencing. I've bought one of these for the doorway as it's nice and tall at 30cm. They've kicked tonnes of the bedding out of the doorway today (the door is left open as they have access to a netted run all day) so thought I could have it for the doorway only and use something cheaper (or free!) for the rest of the sides.
  12. £2.50 for a good quality bale of straw is about right, will be more expensive if the harvest is poor. About £4 for a first grade bale of hay.
  13. Thought this would be quite good for keeping the bedding in http://www.wickes.co.uk/border-edging-30cmx1m/invt/158380/ I guess it would be tall enough?

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