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  1. I have a Grandpa feeder. It took a few weeks for my chooks to get used to it, but it has been worth every penny and my newbies have adapted well to it too. It saves bringing the grubs/food in at night and holds a fair amount of pellets so no need to refill every day. Good investment in my book.
  2. I have a Barnvelder - they are so pretty and friendly and lay a very dark brown egg. Bit posh to push so don't get as many eggs as I do from my hybrids!
  3. Love this picture, very creative - well done!
  4. I have the smaller one of these and I can't recommend it enough. It did take a while for my chooks to get used to it. Initially they were freaked out by it, but with time they got the hang of it and now there is no turning back. Saves bringing the grub in every night and keep food dry and vermin free!!

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