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  1. Did not end well Took her to vet yesterday who diagnosed one of the respiratory diseases (not worried about trying to work out which one). Agreed that we would try antibiotics plus getting fluids into her and calories via a crop feed but phoned earlier and no improvement at all so the view was taken that she should be PTS. Poor little Millie. She was a beautiful mille fleur pekin, really fluffy and just gorgeous and we'd only had her since September. Very sad. The other 4 (Speckledy, Nera, Brown Leghorn and Lemon Cuckoo Pekin) seem to be fine so fingers crossed they haven't caught it. Vet has advised giving them chicken tonic to keep them perky which we have so fingers crossed they are all ok. On the upside, I guess this does mean I can indulge my Morehenitis and look for a replacement but I am due to have baby no3 on Saturday and now might not be the best time to deal with introducing a new chicken...
  2. Oh I know husband is wrong, I could just do without him moaning! If he's not going to cull her (and that seems extreme) then vet it is and I will be realistic about asking the vet re the cost of treatment v cost of having her PTS. I disagree entirely that she should just be left to suffer a painful death in this heat. I did try and syringe a bit of water into her earlier but it was a bit hit and miss! Will look up mycoplasma too, thanks.
  3. Right, I have just spent some time staring at her and can now blatantly see that she has a swollen face between her right eye and that side of her beak. Her comb is the normal colour and everything else looks fine colour wise but she is definitely swollen on one side. The eye itself looks fine but there is a small area of feathers below her eye which look a bit crunchy as if something liquid has been on them so maybe there has been some leakage from somewhere. I shall email the pic I've just taken to the breeder we bought her from and ask for advice. She's not eaten the wet layer's mash (or the strawberry I've left for her (usually their favourites) and is def not well. I don't think we have a syringe to get water into her, there may be one kicking around in a Calpol packet somewhere though, I shall check! However my husband has differing views to me about taking a chicken to the vet and says we should just let nature take its course because he thinks that is equally as cruel as subjecting them to a vet's visit (which I actually don't think would bother her at all as she's already in a cat cage separated from the others) or medicines. I don't agree and will probably call our vets tmrw. I have no idea if they are chicken friendly but they are generally excellent (we have cats) so fingers crossed. PS I don't have Nutri-Drops but I have sprayed some colloidal silver solution into her mouth which one of the breeders we bought from swears by so will see if that helps.
  4. One of my pekins is looking decidedly under the weather. I think she was about a year old when we bought her in September. She has been broody twice in the last couple of months, last time just a few weeks ago but a few days in a broody cage has cured her both times. I think she has laid the odd egg since as we have two pekins and 3 hybrids and I think we've been getting slightly different looking bantam eggs. Last night I noticed that as it was getting dark she was roosting on top of the Eglu and not inside. This morning she just seems to be standing around with her eyes closed. She looks quite puffy (although she is a big fluffy mille fleur anyway so pretty much always looks fluffy) but I have just thrown down some corn next to her and she wasn't interested at all and have just put down an extra water bowl next to her and she's not interested in that either. I haven't seen her eat or drink anything at all today. Not sure about yesterday as was out all day. She's not being bullied by the others, they are just ignoring her and she's tucked herself away into a shady corner and is not moving. Any ideas what I should be looking out for? I do have some colloidal silver spray from the poultry farmer so could try spraying some of that into her to perk her up. All the signs point towards her definitely being poorly in some fashion but I'm not sure where to start as we've only been keeping hens for about 18 months and have never had a sick one!
  5. I have just noticed that the large sack of food my hubby bought last week is starter crumb and not layer's mash. Our girls are 9 months old so should def be on layers (like normal). Do I continue feeding the crumb to use it up or should I bin it? Egg production has dropped slightly (3 eggs a day down to 2, all hybrids) but that could just be the time of year. Don't want them to get fat though if starter crumb is high cal. Any views please?
  6. Oh yes, we have to keep our back door firmly shut when the chooks are out as they make a beeline for the kitchen and wolf down the cat food! Little "Ooops, word censored!"s are quite hard to shoo out again! We needed to construct some sort of chicken stair/door-gate in the summer!
  7. I just cleaned out our Eglu Go and in with the poo and bits of bedding there were loads and loads of little white flaky bits. Difficult to describe but looked a bit like tiny weeny bits of garlic skin or some were rolled like dried out empty tiny white worms. I had a poke through a few poos to look for eggs in case of worms but can't see anything. Anyone got any idea what these flaky bits might be and what we need to do to resolve them? Never noticed them before now. Chickens are all absolutely fine and other than the pure breed Pekins who have always been far too self-important to worry about little things like laying eggs, egg production is still v good despite the shorter days. I had a quick look at their legs to see if they were flaky and they don't seem to be. Does anyone have any ideas please?
  8. We introduced two bantams to our 3 hybrids in Sept. The bantams spent 4 weeks in a separate section of the Eglu run (we just wired chicken wire across a bit of it and used the end panel to get access) and FR'd together when there was a spot of pecking. We would also stick the little ones in with the big girls at night when they were all 'switched off'. After 4 weeks shoeved them all in together and all is fine. Just take it slowly and all should be fine.
  9. Have you tried changing to layers mash? Our girls went majorly off the lay in the summer when we bought them pellets after running out of the mash they were used to. They don't care what brand of mash but they won't tolerate pellets at all!
  10. Our friends in Bath got their pekins and silkies from Annie Hall's but I guess that might be the place which is closed for winter?
  11. In my experience foxes have a rather good memory. We lost all of our first chickens whilst we were living with my parents in a semi-rural local with farmland on two sides. We used to get let the chooks FR all day until 1 got taken at around 7am. We were then slightly more vigilant and only let them out during 'core' hours when there were people around the house and garden and we thought that was fine. One day (this was in June) we got home at 4pm after being out all day with the two remaining chooks in the run all day and we let them out. It was throwing it down with rain and pretty grotty weather so we were inside the house and not in the garden but when I realised at about 5.30pm that I hadn't seen them for a while I eventually discovered fox-related carnage in the field at the back Once Mr Fox figured out that there were free chicken dinners to be had, he kept coming back. The replacement 3 chickens were confined to the Eglu and run and one evening in Jul/Aug around 7pm I stood by the window 3 feet from the run watching Mr Fox run rings round the run, jump up and down on top of it and try to get it. Me shouting at him did not deter him and I had to physically go outside and flap at him to make him go away. I would be very very careful and either limit FR'ing to when you are home and can closely supervise or invest in some electric fencing.
  12. Similar issue here except two of ours have never really kicked off. We currently have a Brown Leghorn who is brilliant and lays a lovely white egg every day and a Nera and a Speckledy both of whom have been somewhat hit and miss since they came into lay. The Nera came into lay first at about 23w, the Leghorn about a week later at 21w and the Speckledy last at around 24w she and the Nera, both of whom are supposed to be excellent layers, only seem to be popping out an egg every 3 days. We previously had a Light Sussex, a Bluebell and a Goldline who came into lay bang on 20w and pretty much produced an egg a day each until Mr Fox ate them whilst FR'ing. The 3 new ones came from a different breeder, more of a hobbyist chicken keeper rather than a serious breeding farm like the first 3 and the new ones are mainly confined to the Eglu run (a Go with 1m of run extender) but other than swapping from the layers mash we've always used to pellets a few weeks ago (we couldn't get the mash) nothing else has changed. They seem healthy enough and make a ton of noise, I just wish they'd be more productive as we bought them for the eggs and when we get only 1-2 per day, we still have to buy eggs which is totally not the point. Any ideas? Have seen reference to chicken tonics in a magazine. Might sling some garlic in their water to see if that perks them up. They get veges/fruit every day so no concerns there either.
  13. Hi all We have 3 medium sized chickens (a Speckledy, a Brown Leghorn and a Nera) in an Eglu Go. In the usual fashion, I am becoming addicted to chicken keeping (who'd have thought it was so easy...) and want some more. But I don't think we could fit any more medium sixed chickens into the Go as the product info says 3 medium sized or 6 bantams. So I was wondering about getting a couple of bantams. Do you think that's too many chickens for one Eglu Go and if not, is it ok to mix medium sized ones and bantams? Obviously we'd make sure we kept them separate for a while (we had some introduction issues with our last brood before Mr Fox put an end to the problem..) Thanks!
  14. That's helpful, thank you. I hadn't thought about coating the cut edges with Plastikote so that's a really useful tip. On the cutting the hole and then moving the run point, I think my original post was confusing, sorry! If we buy the run extension then it only needs to be cut once we move back home. My parents' garden is huge so plenty of room for an extra 1m. Ours is decidely less huge (if not teeny) and the Eglu with its standard run only just fits in the flowerbed (we have a v small artifical lawn!) and then it is right up against the trunk of the tree so we have the door in one of the side panels. So for now, we won't need to cut it, I just wanted to make sure that we would be able to once we get home. Although foxes are less of an issue at home because we're not adjoining fox friendly farmland! Thanks again.

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