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  1. Hi Do want a price for all of it or just one thing?
  2. Hi I have an eglu classic for sale, it is about 10 years old. I have given it a good scrub, but may still have some marks on. No run. Also have extreme temperature jacket for eglu classic, heavy duty cover full length and clear cover full length.
  3. Hi One of my chickens have gone missing and only plucked feathers were left. Could this have been a buzzard? I’ve had chickens taken by foxes before and there were no plucked feathers just a headless body!
  4. Hi I am looking for an eglu cube, hopefully with a 2 or 3 metre run. My eglu classic as got a bit small for my chickens and would love for them to have a bit more room.
  5. Hi The annoying thing is that he only takes mine next door has over 20 chickens and I only keep 3-4 and love them dearly. Will have a break from keeping chickens and will get some later on and they will be supervised when free-ranging. I do have a 4ft by 4ft welded wire mesh pen which is dig proof and is 7ft high but it only has bark in and no grass. I would not want to keep them in that all day. Thanks for all the responses.
  6. Hi I just lost my last two chickens to a fox, he left one with no head. Am very upset and want to get some more but was wondering what I could do to stop him getting any new birds I decide to get. They are fenced in at the bottom of my garden and we used to let them out all day unsupervised. The fence is only 3 foot but their eglu is surrounded by a 7ft fence with bark inside. I would not like to keep them inside this all day and it is difficult to supervise them as the garden is so long and they are at the bottom of it, well away from the house. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have considered Foxwatch but would not know where to put it.
  7. Hi I have had lots of chickens taken. About 5 so far taken during the day. Yesterday I only had 2 left and they were both killed, one was taken and one left with no head. This was done during the day, free-ranging unsupervised. Their wings were clipped and now I have no chickens left. I would like to get some more but want to fox proof the area.
  8. Hi I have an eglu and 3 chickens and would like to get some bantams, how many can I get without it getting too squashed in the eglu? Many thanks for any help Debbie
  9. Hi We have recently moved to a larger house with a big garden with a very big pond. We would love to have ducks to live on the pond but have no idea how to look after them, if they would stay or fly away, if the fox would get them or our cats. Would there house need to be on an island in the pond or on the edge. HELP!!!!!! Many thanks Debbie Jake and Daisy our moggies Kitkat, Tonto, Pandora, Amber our pedigree persians
  10. Help. One of my chickens is laying beautiful eggs but when you break them the white is all runny. What could this be? Also my other chicken has not layed for a while and I am now finding yolk and white in the nesting box but no shell. I am giving them grit in their food. Is she laying eggs with no shells or eating the shell? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am at a loss at what to do.

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