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  1. I have 6 and a half cats.....ok 7. Never bothered the chickens, prob more wary as odd one will chase them! No
  2. Thanks luvachicken! All good here. Am being vigilant re broody ladies as have at least five! Four cross brahma in big shed and one old slw Wyandotte under the willows next to netted fence.....where she thinks I can't see Her? Ha! Took dogs to. Alert me as so well hidden. I'd love babies but as on downsize mode I just have to let the ladies down much to their disgust. Feel so bad but......
  3. I've had one fly over 6ft trellis panels to lay in a wooden barrel flower pot (daily) one lay in old hanging basket on the ground, ones who laid in an Ali Baba terracotta pot which was laying on its side (last year a chook hatched babies in said pot!) Currently have 3 hens who lay at base of a New Zealand flax at top of my driveway. ...that's just some of the ones I remember!!
  4. Favorelles are lovely, have two and they are so nosy and lovely birds! Are right up in your face when outside incase you have any bread/goodies in hand. One did go broody this year briefly but on the whole they are lovely characters and yes docile as low in the pecking order under smaller breeds
  5. Lol.....see the link was to my morehens disease! .....a slippery slope and I slid down it faster than a toboggan in an Olympic run!
  6. Hello, how is everyone? Not been on here for yonks! Life gets busy.... Still have 'morehens' as in far to many but waayy less than I used to ! Got a bit carried away and would listen to no one lol. Sold about 12 recently (all lovely pure breed hand reared to just across the valley from me plus a coop) as so need to downsize to a sensible number in my little 1/4 acre garden as not fair on them and the 12 went to a huge lush grassy acre that I can barely see across the valley, so fab new home with visiting rights Am down to about 32 now which is still a lot, but keeping the rest as some old girls living out their retirement and some middle aged and a few youngsters. Took my wee leopard print thuringian in last week as saw her with sticky closed eyes hunched under a cherry tree, cat box, wee bit deneguard biotics and thought she'd had it. After 48 hours bit of corn and washed her wee face. Next day, bright eyed wanting out......been fine ever since so pleased as she's like a wee toy and so pretty. Sold my brinsea incys as decided no more hatching much as I loved it, I don't have the ground. Had total fun with them and will miss the wee faces behind the plastic but had to be sensible (for once lol!!)
  7. Hello, long time no scribble! Hope everyone's chooks are doing well and surviving what has been a pretty mild winter so far? All the chooks are well up here, from the big fowl to my five little banties (which I adore and not too muddy this winter for them.....yet!) Today I found the first broody of the year sat in coop on clutch of eggs.....well I'll have to disappoint her as far to early for this nonsense as too cold!
  8. Esp when so long since you've used it, that it wants you to sign in and you can't rem if you've written the password down.......doh
  9. I'd take pics but it's so much work downloading to photo bucket that it takes forever and never have the time. If it was direct from iPad no prob but photo bucket takes an age as downloads all your prior pics till you find the one you want!
  10. Used to get chickens wandering in a few years back if I left door open. Found 4 one time surveying the contents of fridge as I'd left the door open! Another five mins and the cheese and ham would have been removed. Never leave kitchen door open now as Lhasa decided killing chickens was fun and encouraged the little Bichon to join her. Dogs go out a diff door now, and cats keep a wide berth as chook army too big.....
  11. Luvachicken, that's what I'm worried about! Mud balls in fluffy little feet! I rem when I had the brahmas, the big huge boy got bumble and despite vet/treating it wasn't sorted and travelled up his joint so wasn't a good outcome. The brahma girl was ok until that nasty disease I had got hold of her. I swore then no more fluffy feet........but I forgot Perkins have fluffy feet! They are just coming up to 4 weeks old so still indoors in a rabbit hutch. Supposed to be a mix of porcelain and Millie fleur but so far look like neither. Will wait till they fully feather out to see what like? One little black/white spangled and one I call leopard print thuringian in with them. Don't know why I like the tiny little Thuringians but just do as they are so cute. Two chamois now among the big girls outside and they are so totty! No idea of sex but don't care, they are staying. Next to the big huge lavender orp boy they look like wee budgies..... Beautiful day and went out with hose this eve to do the gravel and lasted 15 mins as not a breath of wind. Came in full of welts scratching for Scotland, yup, blooming midgies who think I'm caviar on legs.....
  12. No, I sure ain't looking forward to winter! It's the time where I'd happily give my chickens away Nov - March! A fair weather highlander and totally hate the mucking out of coops/shed then as they go to bed so early! Once the brighter days finally return peace is restored. What was I thinking hatching four little Perkins with fluffy feet! Still indoors for a few weeks yet, then well see how they do in rain and a 'bit of mud' All chooks well again, tho my hybrids are getting to be old ladies now at 3 and a half so I expect a few casualties by spring. 2 big boys, lav orp plus a speckled Sussex. Have a feeling the two chamois Thuringians are boys but they are so totty and cute they'd not do anyone any damage. Two more Thuringians chicks with the four Perkins so see what's a boy/girl much later Hope everyone's chooks are well and despite the rain wind this am, flat calm tonight and the dreaded midgies were out!
  13. Been awol for a whiley? No reason but just busy with chooks and work! All chooks are fine . Wee two Thuringians are out with the big guns now, first intro wasn't good as one squared up to a maran who squashed it flat to gravel with one claw! Back to run an tried again a week after and all fine? Have one box of mixed Thuringians and mostly Perkins (a first for me) to intro in 3 weeks? Then winter!! Current Thuringians are sleeping outside! One on run, one in trees,
  14. Hello, hope everyone is doing well. Not been on here for ages as thought I'd be depressing everyone with my tales of woe re chook keeping! Anyway all is well now and healthy, and even a couple of baby chicks between two mums running around I wasn't supposed to, but they are happy and healthy so far Two baby Thuringians might have been hatched indoors I think......

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