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  1. update... tiny egg just laid (congratulations Peaches!) but still looks under weather x
  2. Hi, a little help and advice please. We got our light sussex, Peaches, five weeks ago at point of lay. This morning she appeared under the weather. Within a couple of hours she was stood very still, tail down, wings drooping nearly to floor. She is opening and closing her mouth. First thought respiratory issue. Have made appointment with vet for this afternoon. But then suddenly movement. She keeps visiting the coop and coming out with tail up and looking perkier, then back to standing still and tail back down. This behaviour reminds me of a chicken i had who only laid softies, she would get very poorly looking before and then once she'd laid it she was back to normal. Do you think she's about to lay her first egg and its making her look so depressed and poorly? Or do you think its coincidental? Any experience you have or advice, much appreciated x
  3. Cheers guys. It is lucky its mild and wouldn't be a problem to sleep under the stars (or plastic roof of the wir!) but didn't like the thought of my newbies either being set upon or facing exile! Today has been first day they've been shut in wir together, last four days they've had more space. There was a lot of poo on top of coop so guessing that's where they've spent most of the day, in a safe zone. But as yet, no blood (keeping fingers crossed) so I'm thinking so far so good. Xx
  4. Hi everyone, not been on here in a while, sorry, but still hoping for advice... We recently lost 2 chickens leaving us with one wyandotte. At the weekend we bought two point of lay (light sussex and rir) to keep her company. Intros have gone reasonably well. Four days together, lots of space to move around and only a few scuffles... that is until bedtime. What a nightmare! Hettie, our wyandotte gets inthe coop first and that's it, won't let the others in. Have tried removing her, letting the others settle and then letting her in. Nope! Even after dark she causes mayhem. Last 3 nights hettie has had to spend night on a perch, shut out of coop, inside the covered run. Any advice would be really appreciated, I haven't got another coop, no room or funds for one either. Will they sort it out or am I interfering too much. Thanks xx
  5. Maybe she is moulting then, does look silly doesn't it ?!! But someone must be eating the feathers cos they're nowhere to be seen!! Xx
  6. Thanks luvachicken. Wondered about moult but being her first winter didn't expect it this year amd in such an isolated area of her body. If it is pecking I reckon its happening at night. Lily, my sussex and another one sit on the perch to sleep but the other two like to nestle down directly on the bedding behind the perch. May be that their beaks are at perfect butt pecking height! Xx
  7. Hi. My light sussex has begun to lose feathers on her bottom - below the vent, through to between her legs. She is about 6 months old, came into lay last month and appears very well otherwise. Have tried looking for lice but I know they are hard to see and she's not the most obliging of hens but have dusted her liberally several times with DE powder just in case. But wondering if it might be feather pecking/eating by another hen. Although she preens during the day I never see her or others pulling out feathers. And in the morning there are no feathers left in the coop. Have sprayed her with anti-peck spray, she now looks a mess, her lovely white feathers are brown from the spray and her red rump shines like a baboon. Just wondering about your thoughts on what it might be and what I could do. Also FYI she is housed with 3 other girls, similar age, they have a walk in run for when I'm not around and free range in a cordoned off area of the garden for several hours most days. Thanks in advance. Xx
  8. Just watched Troll Hunter. Asked for it in our local Blockbuster shop and the guy said "its weird" "Weird good?" I asked. "Different" he replied in a non-commital way. Well... I enjoyed it, very cleverly done! Likeable characters, humour and some tension. My favourite part was the troll fart in the cave! Would recommend to anyone who doesn't mind 'weird' and 'different'! Xx
  9. My girls began to lay exactly one month ago today and today we go our 50th egg! Good girls! Xx
  10. Hi superkitty. So frustrating to want to discuss plots, what might happen next and of course if there's a good looking chap in it too and no one else watches! Burn notice is about an ex spy, his girlfriend and friend. There's a story always running through cos he's trying to find out who got him 'burned' but each week is a different story as they help people in need (bit like A-team from the '80s, but good!). Set in sunny miami just like dexter. Lots of wit, explosions and likeable characters. Not sure i've made it sound any good but I love it! There's so much good stuff on those alternative channels. White collar is another one coming back to alibi in october. So much to watch... So little time!!! Xx
  11. Hi. Not sure what type of environment you live in and what kind of fox you have. But judging by stories on here about fox attacks it is possible that your chickens could be at risk during the day, especially if the weather turns and food becomes harder to find. Urban foxes don't seem to care about humans and appear to thrive in human environments. I'm sure someone with more foxy knowledge will be along soon. Xx
  12. Good luck with everything! A couple of years ago our school ceiling collapsed over the Christmas holidays after really bad snow and ice damaged pipes. We had to move two classes to an unused area of school for a couple of months which was bad enough so its amazing what you have had to deal with. And as for not enough storage... Do schools ever have enough???
  13. I looooovvvvvveeee Dexter!!! No one I know watches it so can never talk about it apart from with the OH but that doesn't count! Also love Burn Notice, but again no one else watches it and its brilliant! Xx
  14. On occasionally but only to dry the washing, honest! In fact I was so warm I ended up opening the window at the same time!

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