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  1. Someone has all ready made an opener for the cube using an electronic screwdriver watch it on YouTube !!
  2. When I get my girls in july I was wondering what feed to give them. Our niegbours behind the house have some Ex - Batts and they eat layers mash and detest pellets which they just throw everywhere!! Should I give my girls pellets or mash or even omlet feed?
  3. When I get my i have found a flat even space at the top of the garden (as everywhere else is hilly) where I can place it with some chicken netting. Everyone allways is faffing and fussing about sun light with chickens. This are is sligtly shady but light is still in sight of the chickens. Will a slight bit of shade interfere with thier laying or health and wellbeing?
  4. Just a quick one, are quails classed as poultry or birds and what do the council say about quail
  5. Was wondering if you need an incupator to hatch chicks and when you use it in the process of hatching!!
  6. Well my friend has neighbours that had a fox attack in a wooden cooP and then soon bought an eglu classic afterwards so we shall we if that works!!
  7. So Guys, Might be getting some omlet chickens at either September or Christmas but if it is at christmas I can't get down to the omlet store!! So because I am in Scotland and really want OMLET chickens can I possibly reserve some in October or September at the store and then pay a Courrier to get my girls to me in Scotland??? Matthew
  8. Hello Everyone I am Matthew! I am egar to get into the chciken keeping world soon and so far am loving the forum. I find it is the best chicken query awnsering forum on the internet!! Everyone answers back very quickly and with helpful honest and kind answers! Use the forum like evry day now and it is realy great
  9. Wow!! Super impressed of your patcientce and time that has gone into weighing and tallying every single egg layed by your chickens. It is such a different feeling by saying " I have went through so and so much eggs this year and by the way they were layed in our garden " from " Yeah, I bought like 60 trays of eggs this year from sainsbury's ". Hope you feel chuffed!!
  10. Right, so I am looking into buying two omlet chickens one of each type and a chosen eglu in green ( as quite frankly I just can't get enough of green ). My mind was deciding on an eglu go as I thought it looked modern and chic! But now I am slowing siding with the classic as I was soo disappointed when I found out the go only has colour on one side of the door and the other side is grey which is completely pointless !! I like the idea of an egg port and I like the grub and glug feeders!! Still debating ... But I can't wait for everyone else's comparisons of both eglus if you have both or just a personal experience of either one of them. Tell me which is best for a beginner ( not a novice as I do know my stuff so I am a beginner instead ) like me with a medium sized garden and suited for two hens to live a happy life in!! Thanks Matthew
  11. Thanks guys for your kind replies!! ( And you guys replied so quickly too ) I will search out the deeds from the loft and hopefully all will be well!! Thanks Matthew
  12. I am currenly looking into buing a green eglu classic and a gingernut ranger and a miss pepperpot. Everthing was great until someone has to say " What about the council and the housing deed ". Now I don't know what to. Some nearby neighbours who we know have some hens in a wooden coop and all seems to be fine. I asked a friend who lives behind those neighbours about what was happening and if they were allowed and they said that the council said they could have them as long as they keep the noise to a minimum. I don't know what their housing deed says or what our housing deed says but I know that the council must not mind as long as you own the house and they are allways living in a clean coop and are very quiet. Now my only problem is the deed! If it does say no poultry or livestock I will be gutted but I was wondering if there was a way about the deed or if you can keep hens if the neighbours are fine with it. Happy to hear everyone's anwsers and this my second post on the forum and so far the forum is great!!
  13. Well personally I don't own a kindle and this is my first post on the forum. so..! But I do know some people who do have them and they do look quite like paper and the are nice and light!! We offered to buy my gran one but she was upset that she would not get to go to the library and pick up some paperbacks. As soon as I told her that there was a kindle library she became much more interested!! But we still have not got round to buying it yet.

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