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  1. If you fancy a white hen that isn't as flighty as a White Star, I would recommend a Snowdrop (Rhode Island white hybrid). Mine is exactly as the previous poster has described her White Stars (great later with no fuss, etc). She's also extremely tame and has a great personality (curious, brave). I wish I had another Snowdrop in place of my Bluebell (soft egg layer, very skittish). My Rhode (black) Rock is an ok layer and a bit of a bully. Lx
  2. My dog sleeps in her crate in the living room. Lx
  3. Hi I think you're probably right - the fleece will feel dry to her (that's why I use it to line cloth nappies), so she'll be less likely to work to hold it in. If I were you, I'd lose the fleece. It won't be pleasant for her to lie on her own urine, but I think it will encourage her to wait. It might still take some time as her body develops, but what she's learning during the day will also help. Lx
  4. That's great! We had two days of nothing before Super Ally laid a normal egg. Lx
  5. My softie layer has been on shell max for 4 days and she laid a normal egg today - yay! She has also had limestone flour and was treated for lice, and seems to be eating more grit since I bought grit holders that attach to the run like the grub, so it's hard to tell what has done the trick. I'm very pleased and I hope it continues. Lx
  6. How strange - I logged in tonight to ask the same question as I was given the same advice today by my supplier (you're not in Scotland, are you?!). My Bluebell has been laying soft-shelled eggs for weeks. I've tried shell max and limestone flour. My supplier mentioned taking her off lay, but I don't like the sound of it. Lx
  7. How exciting! I'm around most of the time so I've seen my hens lay quite a few times. It's great. They do stand up to lay, and then they usually sit back down for a while. Lx
  8. Yep, that sounds like harvest mites. Do you have a dog? They live on dogs. I had mine at the vet three times last summer as the first two treatments didn't work. Lx
  9. Hi They could be harvest mites (also known as chiggers). My dog had them last year. Thu can bite humans, but they can't live on us. They are active at this time of year. Lx
  10. I'll second that, Good_egg. We visited Jocelyn a couple of months ago and she was lovely. Great set-up, very helpful lady. Lx
  11. I was also going to recommend Hens Made Easy. I've never used them, but I've spoken to the guy at Chooks4sale in South Lanarkshire, and he seemed very nice. I got my hens from Gibbs of Galston (Ayr), but that's probably out of your way. I saw some hens at Dobbies garden centre at Milngavie, but they were £30 each (way too expensive). Lx
  12. Sorry, I meant Snowdrop as in the breed! It's a Rhode Island white hybrid. I couldn't find much info on them online so had to trust the supplier who said they were great. So glad I did. Lx

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