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  1. Hi, We are looking to rehome three hens and an old eglu go if you’re still interested? Depending on where you are in Surrey we’re not too far, we have family in Dorking about 70 miles from us. Hope to hear from you soon, many thanks Karen 🐓
  2. ️️Thankyou for your help my daughter did ring today and the company confirmed the darker chicks are female So it seems we will be welcoming two new additions this weekend I've hatched chicks and ducklings and had pol hens but this will be a new venture!! Wish us luck
  3. Hi all, As ever I'm looking for some advice Following a fox attack in December and nearly giving up completely on keeping chickens we have rescued two lovely girls from the fresh start for hens charity They joined the end of February and are absolutely lovely! They are very tame, laying every day and best friends with Bluebell who we thought was coping well with being a lone chook, but is a new hen now she has friends for company She has even started laying again So the dilemma now is my daughter is in her first year teaching and her school have hatched chicks from the living egg compa
  4. Thankyou Olly, She seems fine at the mo I can't see any blood or bleeding, but will check her over before putting her back out. It's good to know she'll be warm enough and we had been considering a run extension just the other day as there is less time for free ranging. We were told to always keep 3 hens, do you think 2 is ok? We did have 2 for a while and quite liked a pair, but went to three again when we were down to only one Thanks again
  5. Thankyou Chrissie for your kind and wise words, i know you are absolutely right about telling my daughter and i completely agree with you. Its just the dread of knowing the sadness that's coming We do have a run on the go so I think Blubell would be safe as i trust the go to be fox proof. I just feel sorry for her on her own and was a bit worried about how cold it is at the mo. The hens had been free-ranging as they always do and we had got comfortable with them being out without keeping such a close eye on them, i think it probably happened as they had gone in for the night and before we ha
  6. hi all, I don't often use the forum, but need some sound and good advice today please. We've kept hens for a few years now and yesterday experienced foxes for the first time our oldest hen-Blackberry Crumble has been lost to the fox, we found her body left under her favourite tree and one of our newer girls-Mighty White is gone apart from loads of feathers now we have just one hen, Blubell. She seems to have escaped Mr fox; not before losing a lot of her tail and back feathers tho! Blubell is eating and drinking and moving around and appears to be OK, we are obviously hoping these are go
  7. Hi keyhole Kate, I have tried to send you a message it says sent but is showing as still in my outbox so am a bit confused Can you let me know if you have received it please? Many thanks
  8. Hi all, Another update on ginger rogers she's been in the garage since Sunday and has only had wheat and water but today there was another egg!! Thankfully smaller than they have previously been and I'm hoping that will be it. We took her to the vet tonight and she is now wearing a lovely green bandage and is going to spend the day there tomorrow so they can keep an eye on her as we'll all be at work am still hopeful she will recover but am keeping fingers crossed P.s hoped to post a pic of ginger with her bandage but don't know how!!
  9. Hi all, Today ginger has layer a very big egg we were gutted and feel for her the egg is bloody on the shell but I suppose this is to be expected? That aside she is her usual chirpy self she is eating and drinking which I'm taking as a good sign. We have applied some germoloids triple action cream which I am hoping will give her a bit of pain relief as well as maybe shrink the prolapse. Thanks for the honey syringe tip I surely must be able to find a syringe and give that a go. I am in luton, beds can anyone recommend a good chicken vet? My vet is good so am happy to go there but thought
  10. will do beantree!! thanks for all your help and encouragement am feeling quite positive ginger rogers is comfty in the garage we've made her a nice little house so fingers crossed will update tomorrow, bye for now
  11. hi right we've done as advised!! she keeps doing little poos is that normal? I need to read up on chicken anatomy!! it did all go back up and at some points my husband felt she was pulling it in but for the most part he felt she was pushing against him and kept doing little poos. after holding it in for several minutes I popped her into a crate she did a poo and some came out again so now looks very messy do we clean the poo off before we ease it in again? what a learning curve!!!
  12. thank you very much, I'm waiting for my husband to get home before I do anything as I am quite worried about doing anything by myself and am also worried it will be distressing for ginger while she seems oblivious and is enjoying the sunshine I think its ok to hang on?? I will def log on later with an update thanks again
  13. hi, thank you all for your speedy replies I will try to catch her and have a look she is a bit messy around that area which is unusual so should I give the area a soak first? if I separate them can they still fr together if we are here to keep an eye? will be tricky to find somewhere to keep ginger but I will go and see if I can find a carrier or something its just the eglus are so safe I worry about her will blackberry be ok without her and how long do you suggest for separation, until its not visible? sorry for so many questions I feel fairly knowledgeable about dogs having had them for
  14. hi all, today my 2 year old goldline-ginger rogers has something coming out of her bottom? or I believe the proper term may be vent? we keep 2 chickens as pets we have an egg most days, sometimes 2 and the chickens lead a happy life we feel; running freely round our garden or in their eglu and run. lately ginger hasn't been laying as frequently as she once did but we thought with the weather and not as many hours of daylight this may be why and we were not concerned. today she has laid an egg and now has something hanging out that I'm sure shouldn't be there? at the moment she is happily run
  15. hi, does anybody have any experiences of using the poultry fencing from omlet and how well it might keep out a naughty little dog? I've read its not predator proof but wondered is that because foxes could climb over? we were going to put up a picket fence but that would be a permanent fixture and I like the idea of moving the fenced off area around the garden as is don't really like the idea of the chooks always being in the same area as might become boring for them id be grateful for any advice and tips

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