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  1. Poorly girl

    8 weeks ago. I'm going to give them all some herban to see if that will help
  2. Poorly girl

    Thanks for your reply She looks ok her comb is still nice and red and when I let them out to free range she still runs about. She ate some mealworms tonight it's mainly no eggs, not wanting wheat and strange poo. I did think maybe she was getting on the old side
  3. Poorly girl

    My 3 year old Rhode Island Red is looking poorly she hasn't laid for over week and the last 2 nights she hasn't wanted any wheat which she loves. She is still eating her pellets but I have noticed her bum looked dirty yesterday and I have found some strange poo`s which are small, runny and white/pale green . I tried to find a previous post with photos of poo but it won't show them . Any advice would be great
  4. I love this shop

    I have used them for awhile now as I can get stuff for all my animals. I have racing pigeons,chickens,canaries,zebra finches,diamond doves and Chinese painted quail
  5. Hi I just put on a rubber glove and poo pick
  6. Wellsummer

    I have a Welsummer and she is a real beauty but very nervous and doesn't lay many eggs
  7. Chicken activity centre

    I bought this about a year ago and the girl's perch on the bottom part but have never used the ladders or other perches so a bit of a waste of money when you can buy the bottom part separately
  8. Whats she doing????

    Mine do this after they have laid their egg
  9. Lovely where did you get it ?
  10. Chicken Video

  11. How many chickens should I get?!

    Remember we will all be waiting for some photos please
  12. What to do with chicken poo!

    I put everything in my garden waste bin which council empties . I phoned council first and they said that was ok .
  13. Hi everybody At the moment I am getting a aviary built and I am thinking of getting some quail so I am looking for anybody selling quail in the Fife area ? Is there any cons to keeping quail in an aviary with canaries ?
  14. Feeding the Wild Birds

    I have also noticed pellets going down fast . So far I have seen a family of blackbirds,starlings and sparrows all helping themselves