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  1. 8 weeks ago. I'm going to give them all some herban to see if that will help
  2. Thanks for your reply She looks ok her comb is still nice and red and when I let them out to free range she still runs about. She ate some mealworms tonight it's mainly no eggs, not wanting wheat and strange poo. I did think maybe she was getting on the old side
  3. My 3 year old Rhode Island Red is looking poorly she hasn't laid for over week and the last 2 nights she hasn't wanted any wheat which she loves. She is still eating her pellets but I have noticed her bum looked dirty yesterday and I have found some strange poo`s which are small, runny and white/pale green . I tried to find a previous post with photos of poo but it won't show them . Any advice would be great
  4. I have used them for awhile now as I can get stuff for all my animals. I have racing pigeons,chickens,canaries,zebra finches,diamond doves and Chinese painted quail
  5. I have a Welsummer and she is a real beauty but very nervous and doesn't lay many eggs
  6. I bought this about a year ago and the girl's perch on the bottom part but have never used the ladders or other perches so a bit of a waste of money when you can buy the bottom part separately
  7. Mine do this after they have laid their egg
  8. Remember we will all be waiting for some photos please
  9. I put everything in my garden waste bin which council empties . I phoned council first and they said that was ok .
  10. Hi everybody At the moment I am getting a aviary built and I am thinking of getting some quail so I am looking for anybody selling quail in the Fife area ? Is there any cons to keeping quail in an aviary with canaries ?
  11. I have also noticed pellets going down fast . So far I have seen a family of blackbirds,starlings and sparrows all helping themselves
  12. What lovely girl's Is that a automatic door opener on your cube and if so where did you get it ? At the moment I am getting up at 6 to let my girl's out and I am on holiday OH says I am crazy
  13. I once asked OH to let the girl's out of their coop as I had to go to work when it was still dark and he was going an hour later. I came home at 3 in the afternoon to find coop still closed he had forgot lucky they were ok but OH got a phone call to tell him to take his time coming home . I have never asked him to let them out again !!!
  14. I put a thin flexible chopping board over the gap - it stops the shaving falling out the gap and also helps to scoop out old shavings
  15. I have to admit i like to read everybodys posts but don't post alot myself I love my girls and suffer from Morehens disease if only i had more space but i can understand why people give up as i have had some heartbreaking moments with my girls. I had to have 3 pts over the last year and have had to deal with bullying,feathering plucking,lice,limping and a cut on 1 girls back that took forever to heal but couldn't imagine being without them
  16. Hi Over this past week i have noticed my Light Sussex is losing alot of her feathers. She has just stopped being broody and still is not back into laying so i think she is now going into a moult. She is over a year old and my first girl to do this but from what i have read about the moult she is doing it in reverse Her bottom is now quite bald and she has lost most of her tail feathers also some of her wing feathers. I have checked and there is no mites or lice and otherwise she seems ok with her comb getting back to the normal red as it was very pale when she was broody. Do you think she is moulting? Any advice would be helpful Thank you
  17. 1 of my Light Sussex almost lives in their dust bath she is so funny she eventually gets out and shakes and there is a huge dust cloud then out she walks black. Even when out FR she likes to find a new dust bath especially a damp 1 so she then gets all muddy
  18. Think yourself lucky When my OH has things delivered he makes it for the week i am working night shift so i will always be here to take them in he just tells everyone to knock loudly and wait
  19. Hi Looking for some advice about my new girls. I have 2 new girls - a Welsummer and a Cream Legbar - that will be 17 weeks this weekend. I have them seperated from the older girls - 2 Rhode Island Reds and 3 Light Sussex - which are about a year old. I have had new girls for nearly 3 weeks and this weekend i hope to put them all together I have them on growers pellets so should i start mixing in layers pellets as this is what older girls are on or is it to early? I have also read that they should be on crushed oyster shell yet but this also is there for older girls. I have had them all out FR a couple of times for hour or so at a time some chasing and a few feathers pulled out but no blood or really prolonged attacks. Any advice would be welcome
  20. Hi At what age should i start giving oyster shell to my new girls? They are 16 weeks so should i just put some in and they can take it when they want?

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