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  1. Lost my Columbine (Cheech) to a fox last week. She didn't quite make it to a full year with us but was a real character On the bright side, OH came with me today to pick up three new Legbar hybrids in her memory. Not sure how I managed to talk him into it. Now to see what colour eggs we get! RIP Cheech - miss you loads x
  2. Thanks both. I'll just watch and wait with mealworms and tonics in reserve. For them, not me!
  3. Are chickens supposed to moult at this time every year? None of mine show any signs of this yet - two are less than a year old and the other two (adopted) are at a guess 2-3 years old. I'm not overly concerned - more curious.
  4. I've been keeping chickens only since May of this year and I did find that I was looking at a and posting on the forum a lot more in the beginning than I do now. Mind you, I think that it's more because I've had a lot going on for the last few months so haven't had time to get online much. I still have my chicken-keeping mojo - love them to bits. In fact, since I last posted my flock has increased from 2 to 4 - I inherited a couple when my dad died in August (and another cat). OH couldn't really say no in those circumstances! So on top of everything else I've had a busy time introdu
  5. I clean the Eglu tray and roostbars at the weekend with diluted PoultryShield and a scrubbing brush, dry them off and then line the tray with newspaper covered with a hen house freshener (can't remember name - bought from Omlet) and a few squirts of Diatom. We use straw in the nest box (and the run whilst it's temporary) - these get Diatom too. Will investigate Stalosan. Every four weeks or so I've sprayed the Eglu inside and out with Johnsons cleaner and given it a good wipe down. Will do a deep clean/take apart soon when I get a clear day. Only started this in May! During the
  6. We're experiencing our first broody right now. Our Columbine (Cheech) has been nestbox bound since Friday, or would be if we didn't keep turfing her out. I though she was over it yesterday though as she spent the time from early evening til dusk actually up and about in the rain. But no, this morning she was back in broody mode. I shut both girls out of the Eglu this morning once I'd pushed Cheech out into the run as she has been trying to hatch the big stone in the nestbox. I didn't realise that our Bluebell was so close to lay-time though - poor thing had to lay her egg in the run an
  7. Well, the mash has gone down a treat. They head straight for it every morning and actually eat the stuff! I got aperfect egg from Chong for 8 straight days too - a record. Softie today though - she really doesn't like weekends They especially liked it when I hid a few mealworms in the mash last week - chicken lucky dip!
  8. It is a bit stinky! My garden is not very big and the instructions say it has to be 5m away from compost heaps etc so by process of elimination it ended up on the garage by the side door (on a hanging basket bracket!!) so we get a lovely waft when we have to go in there. Small price to pay though for something that actually works. OH got the job of bagging it for the rubbish
  9. Thanks for all the replies. Sorry it's taken a while to get back, but was busy at work then on Wednesday one of my cats got hit by a car so I've been a bit pre-occupied. Luckily she got away with only a broken jaw, but now we're waiting to see if the vet can pin it or whether she'll have to be referred to a specialist ortho-vet for plates. Not a good week. I've worked out how much a scoop of pellets weighs so I can judge how much to put in each day. The girls don't eat anywhere near 100g each day. They are kept in the run with the food for the first few hours each morning and I'm limiti
  10. LOVINg the red-top. It eats flies! Thanks so much for the advice - it's brilliant!
  11. Help! My two girls hardly touch their pellets, even if I keep them in the run. They seem far happier foraging around the garden for worms and bugs, but have developed an unhealthy addiction to wild bird seed. It's got so bad that when I take the bird seed box out to fill up the feeder, they appear from nowhere at my feet with THAT look on their faces. I doubt that wild bird mix has the right mix of nutrients for chickens, and I'm getting the odd softie egg from my Bluebell, although as she's still on her first month of laying I'm putting it down to practice makes perfect at this poin
  12. Ah thanks Egluntine, perfect - just what I was looking for! I obviously was using the wrong search parameters as I tried a general Google before looking on the forum. Operator error! YJ
  13. Hello, Sorry if this has been answered/discussed elsewhere but my quick search didn't come up with anything. What is a "normal" egg weight? As I don't buy traitor eggs from the shops anymore (YES!) I can't weigh them to see. I'm curious as to the average weight of a small/medium/large egg so I can see how my girls are doing. The Bluebell is laying c46g eggs daily now (except weekends - which she seems to have decided is her time off ). These are quite small but that's fine. Maybe they'll get bigger as she gets better at it! Thanks in advance. YJ
  14. My labrador-sized terrier/lurcher cross has his moments with small dogs, but lives quite happily with two cats. When we got our two chickens a month ago we weren't sure how he would react to two more small chaseable things so initially did not take our eyes off him. We let him sniff them through the run and then when he'd got used to them (and them to him) we allowed him in the garden when they were FRing, but under strict supervision. Apart from a couple of chasing incidents - which occurred when the Columbine got spooked and flighty - luckily the dog has been fine. He's most intereste
  15. Becca, Your columbines are lovely. Mine is a bit younger - hope she ends up looking as gorgeous as yours. YJ
  16. I am doing the first egg dance today - piccie in my post in the egg section GRIN!
  17. So proud! Chong produced her first egg today. And her second one! The big one is 51.9g and the little one 39.5g. We knew she was close as she had a practice run on Sunday - sat in the nest box for an hour making a racket. But we weren't expecting two together Was on the phone to OH earlier when he opened up the Eglu and yelled "there's two of them - there really are two eggs in here" - or words to that effect! Then he sent photos to prove it and I've been showing everyone at work that I'm finally a grandmother although it's a bit weird to be wondering how to eat your gr
  18. ....... to be this excited? Three weeks in and one of my girls has allowed me to pick her up. Twice! OH thinks I'm mad.
  19. I didn't open their door until 8.45 this morning as I had a lie-in. Boy did they give me a mouthful. We have created monsters!
  20. Red Top now set up. Although with the weather we're having I think the flies have probably already drowned! Thanks for all the advice everyone.
  21. LOL! I remember being milk monitor and getting to stick the straws in the bottles. And my mum's green shild stamp book too hehehe!
  22. I've ordered a red top, and am also waiting for the Bokashi bran to arrive so will soon have a couple of prongs for my attack. I'd never heard of a red top before - just goes to show how helpful forums can be
  23. A Columbine and a Blue Haze - I'm told that's the same as a Bluebell.
  24. Ours have put themselves to bed from day one so we must be lucky. Re. early start - I'm normally up by 5 for work so I open the door for them as it's light. They both come charging out straight away. Once the mornings get darker I imagine OH will let them out when he gets up a couple of hours later.

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