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  1. Hi I have 4 silkies in a cube they never got used to the steps as the angle was too high off the ground and the gaps between a bit big - I just replaced them with a wooden ramp. I love the cube its so easy to keep clean. My four all sleep on top of each other in the nest box!!...omlet say it can hold upto 10 silkies.
  2. My 28 week old silkie just started laying on Thursday - an egg everyday
  3. Great excitement, a small egg appeared in the nest box yesterday which I assume came from one of my young silkies they are 6.5 months old now. And then this morning another tiny egg along with a larger one which I know came from my older hen. My question...would a youngster lay two eggs in a row when they have just started to lay (I would have assumed it would be a bit sporadic beign new to it and all) or could it be a coincidence that another youngster starts to lay the very next day...can't wait for tomorrow.
  4. Kittyl has a blind chick she has got her a silkie companion who was being bullied She maybe a good source of comfort / knowledge. I agree it seems a shame to have her PTS if she is otherwise healthy but then I'm not the one looking after her! All the best in whatever you decide.
  5. Day 3 of worming the Silkies - very grumpy chickens who are hardly eating their food. No FRing or treats! I realise this is the recommended plan but has anyone done it differently i.e. put wormer in food they will actually eat? I realise it's my own fault for letting them FR all day and far too many treats (they eat better than I do!)
  6. Last evening - Chickie making an almightly noise in the garden, up I jump. They are in a secure part of the garden but I wondered if Mr Fox or a strange cat had entered the big outer garden - nope, couldn't see anything so back I go to my glass wine. She carries on, noisy little devil, out I go again, into the outer garden this time dodging the potato plants who are taking over planet - only to find the gun had come of the hose and water everywhere! So I turn off the water and Chickie goes quiet...how good is she, I might have soley been responsible for a drought in the Thames Valley had it been running all night. Who said Silkies are daft????
  7. Hi All Just a quick question - at what age should my silkies stop having growers and start on layers? Thanks
  8. Bless - her own real life feather duster - just lovely, I'm sure they will become best of friends.
  9. 1692 + 5 = 1697 My silkies - Chickie, Do, Fluffy, Frank and Eric
  10. Hi I have Silkies and I also have a Silkie with a little bit of Poland! - she is daft as a brush and gorgeous, when one of my Silkies was unwell (but on the mend) she would keep her company, encourage her to FR, escort her bed so a great companion...Hope Giblet progresses well.
  11. Hi I keep silkies and have had this happen twice as they are very difficult to sex, mine started crowing (albeit sounding like he was strangled!) at about 18 weeks and then really began to look like a boy - so as suggested its a bit of waiting game...
  12. Hi All Just some advice (as usual!) please. I have an eglu cube (5 slikies in residence although it can hold 10), one recently was poorly she had a virus which the vet said may have affected her brain (she tilts her head quite a lot) but she is much improved now and doing all the chicken things she should...but when she tilts her head this slightly affects her balance and she was refusing to enter the cube at bedtime as she had to walk across the plastic slats (perches) so I had to catch her and place her in (did this for about 3 weeks) and she then wouldn't come out in the morning. I've since taken the slats out and she comes and goes quite happily along with the rest. I placed the nice smelling hemp bedding in the bottom of the cube probably about 4 inches deep (I can't remember the exact name) but its the one my breeder recommended super absorbent, discourages flies etc...each morning I pull out the poo trays and remove the droppings so they kept nice and clean and dry. My question - I know chickens prefer to perch i.e on the plastic slats but they all seem happy to sleep on the bedding which I clean every day, with the design of the cube they also appear to have plenty of ventilation along the bottom - is this ok for them if they all seem content and clean? As I couldn't think of another way of helping her back to bed. Thanks in advance for your comments / advice.
  13. Hi All I've had my 19 week old Silkies for 4 weeks now and they've integrated ok with the 2 older ones. A week ago though one of the babies was poorly took her to the vets, she had a very high temperature and her head was mostly on a tilt. Vet said it was probably a virus (neurological) anyway after 3 lots of antibiotics and vitamins he is very happy with her progress and says she can go back into the flock in a couple days, she is eating and drinking well so I'm really please too. My question is the best way to integrate her back, bearing in mind I have kept her in her own pen for a week and in the conversatory at night. I have the room to put her and her newbie friends together in a pen where the older birds can see them for a couple days? Just concerned having been poorly if I add her back into the group in the big garden the older birds may pick on her. Thanks Blue
  14. Thanks Redwing really appreciate your help...Mareks is awful I purposely got vaccinated young ones to add to my 2 originals as I had previously lost a couple and understand the vaccine is not always a 100%. If I start losing these to it I'm not sure what I'll do. I will check her over and get some vitamins... Thanks for your help.
  15. 2.5 weeks ago I got 4 new silkies (between 16-18 weeks old now) to join my other 2 who are 3 years. I have had them partitioned in the garden until the weekend when they fully FR’d with the 2 bigger girls some chasing and the odd peck here and there but nothing too nasty… However now one of the babies seems to be holding her head on a tilt and is a little unsteady on her feet on the slats in the eglu cube (I think she may have been beaten up in the coop on Monday night?) I had had the babies in a partitioned bit of the coop but remove the partition at the weekend…Anyway first signs of a problem - she wouldn’t come out of the coop yesterday morning (I put the partition back in yesterday evening) I had to lift her in last night but she seemed scared and once in there was lots of flapping and staggering – was quiet after a few minutes though… This morning again she wouldn’t come out and head tilting and balance seemed worse – I lifted her out put in a cat basket (ready for vets, if I could get an appointment). Put food and water in the basket which she ate and drank a little – her head and standing didn’t seem too bad once out of the coop, so I let her go in the garden with all the others…she ate some more. Had a quick look on the web and thought it sounded like crook neck, which young silkies are susceptible too? I thought this was possible if she had been pecked, they have been innoculated from Mareks. Can you offer any advice – I think the web mentioned water on the brain from maybe receiving some pecking and it also mentioned giving some vitamins? Your advice / anything I should do differently i.e. vets, vitamins, separate accommodation for both groups? Would be greatly received. Didn’t sleep well was up at 4am!!! Also I think one of the youngsters may be a boy, yesterday and today made a couple of noises which sounded like a chicken being strangled…(if he is a boy would he pick on her too and the other youngsters) just conscious they are in the partitioned bit together. Sorry for so many questions but I love them to bits already...

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