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  1. My Rosemary died this morning. She was fine yesterday, but this morning she wasn't coming out of the Eglu so I opened the egg door and picked her up. She sort of gasped and died in my arms. Clarisse, who was by her side for the last 3 years, sat beside her body forever. So sad. I'm so glad that I got Enid this summer. . . Is this normal for a chicken to seem totally fine one day and then just die the next? She was 3 years old. . .how old have your chickens lived? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4YrahuKGws the video isn't too exciting. . .just the girls having a good day.
  2. thanks all. . .i really love my Omlet family.
  3. Enid is my new girl and I LOVE HER!! In the last few days they have all gotten even closer.. .so the "pecking order" has worked itself out. I adopted Enid from a neighbor. . .and she is the sweetest baby.. .she loves being held.. .starting laying eggs the first day she showed up. Having to put down a 14 year old dog recently...the new effectionate Enid was the balm I needed. I am seriously thinking of getting a Cube for my girls. ..
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jvqewfi6eE Rosemary & Clarisse with the new girl.. .Enid.
  5. http://club.omlet.co.uk/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=213469 http://club.omlet.co.uk/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=213472 Here is Enid. . .my new hen. Intro's are going well so far. . .wish me luck. Does this girl deserve a Cube? lol
  6. http://club.omlet.co.uk/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=213083 This is Rosemary & Clarisse. 2 1/2 years old. Just got a 6 month old Buff Orpington (?). . .she is lovely and intros are going pretty well. (don't have any pics in the gallery yet) I know I don't NEED the cube with only 3 hens, but like the looks and the extra space. Especially with winter coming on . . . Even though it's a lot of money I would gladly spend it as I love to spoil my girls. . .just want to hear experiences with cube/eglu. . . thanks
  7. The Cube is now available in the US. . .and I am trying to decide if I should upgrade to the Cube. Thoughts???? I only have 3 chickens, so probably don't need the Cube, but they like to roost up off the ground and the Cube looks like it has that. However is it worth over $1000.00 to upgrade. I saw a YouTube video that showed the Cube leaking terribly. . .?? I will take any advice. . . John in the US
  8. http://club.omlet.co.uk/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=213086 here's a pic of Clarisse that I love. . .
  9. http://club.omlet.co.uk/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=213083 It's been forever since I've been on the Omlet site. . .thought I would just send a quick pic of Rosemary & Clarisse. . .they are 2 1/2 now and still doing great.
  10. Rosemary had a shell-less egg where she typically roosts. . .i saw that she had the shell material sort of hanging out. I cleaned her up. She hasn't been laying the last several days, but it's still cold so that's fine. Today she had another shell-less egg. What is going on? She seems totally fine besides. . .any tips? or is this just something that happens sometimes? Also they are both moulting for the first time (that I noticed) and they are both right at 2 years old. Any tips on anything special I should feed them, etc during this time??
  11. I'm sure we've all had the crazy questions when someone first finds out that we keep pet chickens. . .but I think I've heard the craziest. Of course I heard . . ."how can they lay eggs without a rooster" from several people. . .but the other day a woman at work asked. . ."do they , uh . .drink water"?????????????? Obviously the only chickens she is familiar with are fried. . .she doesn't even see them as an animal, it seems, let alone a pet. Anyone else have odd questions?
  12. yes i was referring the sprouted grains/seeds. . .not brussel sprouts.
  13. I started growing "sprouts" for salads, etc. . .I think I'm going to start a 2nd batch as the girls LOVE them. . .

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