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  1. Couldn't get anyone better than Boris to unveil it, a dedicated treader.
  2. You'll know which one, when someone tries to eat you, or scrub you
  3. Second nest of Blackbirds flew the nest this morning, (why do they wait for wet or windy weather) Went out the front just as one of the fledglings, who was sitting on the path asking to be fed was dropped on by a Carrion Crow. I rescued it and I don't think it's injured. Put it back in the bush near it's nest and heard one of the parents calling, so hopefully one of them will come back to it.
  4. Look up, Puddled Clay Ponds.
  5. Pah. he's just doing what cats do, learning all the strange ways of the hairless numpty he owns. (Well perhaps not completely hairless, but near enough) When he has assimilated all the behavioral knowledge of this upright pushover, he will use it against you for the rest of his life. he is the Earth equivalent of the Borg
  6. The Police are too busy with this sort of nonsense. Perhaps wearing a pink pom-pom would have got their attention. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2288329/Community-slams-police-hanging-knitted-pom-poms-trees-help-reduce-fear-crime.html?ITO=1490&ns
  7. Redwing, a Mod on here is only just up the A5 from MK, PM her.
  8. Calcium carbonate, in the form of ground limestone, spread on the patches, or mix it with water some will dissolve, then water it in. Get it from horticultural suppliers or from garden centres, or even flea bay. Cheap and fairly effective especially if used directly on the urine, if there are any small grains not dissolved it won't hurt the chooks if they pick it up. In fact it has the same calcium content as oyster shell.
  9. Most are out of stock still, some have the 2.5%. Try Hyperdrug, or Petmeds. Expect to pay, prices have been increased by 50% by some suppliers.
  10. As cringe worthy as Gywneth Paltrows Oscar speech. The length of that, would just about last until the divorce proceedings began
  11. Clove oil, mix 10 drops with water you may have to dissolve them in a teaspoon of alcohol. Vodka will do, add to a small amount of water and mix. Put the fish into a small container of water, add half the mixture. It will be anesthetised very quickly, then add the remaining mixture.
  12. The foil is just the 'foil' between the skin and the blade. http://www.braun.com/uk/male-grooming/series-shavers.html Rotary :- http://www.philips.co.uk/c/mens-shaving/18672/cat/?origin=|mckv|syampKu5Z&pcrid=15483584814|plid| I would say for a youngster buy a decent quality, but don't go over the top. Throw it away and get another when it gets worn. We used to call the bum fluff stage, the cat and butter shave. Spread some butter on the chin, and let the cat lick it off.

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