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  1. I use chopped straw everywhere and haven't had an issue. Woodchips (soft/hard/bark) were awful, all types. Woodshavings in the nest box seems to be making poo picking far easier. I just need to cover my runs properly now- the winter straw sludge wasn't much fun.
  2. I have rangers (ex batts) and pekins together- they get along fine. In the other flock I have some random hens that I need to identify now they are POL and a coucou de rennes who also get on fine. I am going to try to combine the flocks in the summer- I have a feeling that won't be as easy.
  3. Sounds broody. I put hatching eggs under mine last year- have 5 20 week olds in the garden now as a result
  4. When buying conveyancers tend to point out if there is such a covenant- renting you would have to ask the agent/landlord to check. I always have checked, and our house is fine, even though others from the same development aren't.
  5. let us know how you get on with that I hope they are ok. I am about to put a huge order for kit in- slightly worried about ordering the wrong thing! I need supers, and frames to go in them, foundation for cut comb and spacers and a couple of porters for later in the season. Think I am going to just do it and see what turns up.
  6. when did you last see them? Seeing mine all of the time now- not so much today, but it has been cooler. Definately lots of life from both though.
  7. I had been worrying about my 2 nationals- not had them open since December... I hadn't seen any signs of life at all. Today, the sun was shining and warmer than it has been for ages, and I saw lots and lots of bees flying to and from both hives- I can't tell you the sense of relief! I knew they were low on food after hefting them, so I fed them too today. Fingers crossed the next couple of months are kind to them.
  8. I have one that must be coming up for that- she came to us in 2012, she had been out 2.5 years at that point, and was about 18 months then... She still lays though
  9. I thought if you do wash them then it needs to be warm water to stop the egg drawing in contaminants? That's what I have been told for washing hatching eggs prior to setting, so have always assumed that eating eggs need the same treatment if washing is necessary?
  10. I think it is normal. Is the weather stopping them free ranging? Is your ground frozen at any point in the day? Are they getting up later/going to bed early? All questions which might lead to an answer. Anyway, I didn't think they could eat too much- it just gets passed through. They might like the texture at the moment whilst everything else is soggy and soft
  11. I got mine loads cheaper than the prices quoted here... Regency poultry sell them for £2 for 24- 8.3p a box. I know mine were even cheaper from ebay somewhere though.
  12. Sort of. except when chooks scavenge in our gardens, there doesn't tend to be anything disease causing. I guess the worry here is that if the worms are fed something infected, they could then infect the chickens as they are added into the environment rather than naturally being there.
  13. BSE is one form of TSE- but that's not to say that cows couldn't catch another form. Theoretically birds could catch a TSE from another animal, there are lots of TSEs out there, it would just have to breach the species barrier. BSE is an example where this possibly happened- cows were fed brains etc from s"Ooops, word censored!"ie infected sheep (s"Ooops, word censored!"ie is another TSE) and it crosses the species barrier and took the form of BSE/Mad cow. It is from knowing this stuff that stops me feeding meat related products to my chickens, both egg and meat birds. So... to summarise... a bird TSE could happen that would affect chickens, and could be carried by another host. Birds are often passive carriers/hosts anyway- there was research that showed that a moose TSE in Canada was spread by crows. I don't know about many subjects, but I do know about this
  14. We now have a beautiful cavapoo puppy. This morning I took him on his lead to go and visit the chickens for the first time, and he got a bit curious and stuck his nose into the run. Green Chicken then came over and gave him a peck on the nose. He yelped and stepped back. So, he is now scared of his shadow, my drum kit and the chickens lets hope he doesn't get curious like that with the bees

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