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  1. hi emma how are the guinea pigs? we have two hens and are thinking about a couple of gps - just wondering, if you let your chickens wander around do they ever go up to the guinea pig run and hassle the gps? also, i have two young children and know they would love to have gps (although the gps will be my responsibility) does anyone have anything with an open top they put their gps in (inside or outside) so that young children can handle them but they aren't in any danger of running off when they are let go - i saw something once on a children's programme, think it was on the cbeebies channel, where they had the two pet rabbits in a large round transparent thing with sides that sloped inwards, presumably so they couldn't climb out. or do gps not tend to run off anyway - never had them before, so no idea how fast they are!

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