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  1. Ah guilty. For me, I never got used to the new look. I hate it with a passion. I've tried so hard to get past it, but can't. I know that makes me a dionsaur and that all this 'form over function' is how most webmail etc is going. But as someone who grew up in the days of usenet, and where children grew out of needing pictures/graphics with their words, it just confuses and disappoints. (and I just got a popup notification that someone replied to this thread aaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhh!!!! my poor blood pressure) This is a shame as I so loved this place. Omleteers are a truly wise bunch who know about everything ❤️
  2. Popped in 2/3 weeks ago. Hated the new look. Found it impenetrable. Decided to come back when I had more time/was less grumpy It's still not at all user-friendly I belong to loads of forums, some which have barely been redesigned since the 1990s and some which are clearly aimed at 'young people' This seems to manage to incorporate the worst of both worlds It's a shame because it was a simple, clean and effective lay-out. And now it's not
  3. My cat Mickey is terrified of the hens. Especially when they're at the back door wanting treats - he does this pathetic 'please make the scary thing go away' plaintive look Some of the big old farm cats around have been seen eyeing up the hens (they mostly FR round the garden) but there has never been an attack
  4. A bit late but.... I read somewhere (suspect on this forum) that live maggots were the way to go for impacted/sour crop (as the maggots eat/clear the blockage) So I went to a fishing shop; got a big boxful. Chickens and every bird for miles around thought it was Xmas and within 24 hours (several feedings of maggots), problem all solved I've fed maggots twice since when I thought crops looked 'not quite right', but not at 'definite problem' stage and not had an incident since
  5. And a second one today: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lancashire-39836276 Don't like this at all. Are we in danger of having the restrictions reimposed?
  6. I have cheap ebay groundsheets over my omlet runs after the original omlet ones disintegrated. They stay on all the time to protect the run from rain/sun/bird droppings etc (but the girls do get to FR and sunbathe - if they didn't I'd uncover the ends of the run so they got some sun)
  7. I've mostly had good service too. My friend's recent incident reminds me of the AA leaving me at the side of the M1 for many hours many years ago. I (fortunately!) haven't needed to call them often, but the most recent experiences haven't been great
  8. Two recent experiences we've had with the AA have left us rather shaken up and wondering what to do... Experience 1. January:Disabled person (only able to walk a few paces) parked a little way from her home to allow a friend who was delivering furniture to park closely. In the morning, the friend dropped the lady, let's call her A, off at her normally-reliable car for her journey to work. But the car had a flat battery. It was minus 3 degrees. A, who has the most expensive grade of AA membership, uses the AA app to summon help. It says they'll be there in 40 minutes. Long story short, in spite of phone calls etc she was left in the frozen car for 3 hours until a neighbour noticed and came and jump started her car. So that's a person of limited mobility in a frozen car for 3 hours. (the AA later said they had prioritised her on her last call, but she then said she no longer needed them - which she did when the neighbour stepped in) Experience 2. This week. Same disabled lady. Car breaks down among huge loud bangs and huge clouds of smoke on a busy, 70mph, dual carriageway. She calls the AA. They tell her to get out of the car because it's in such a dangerous place. She does. This time it's (according to the car temperature guide) 3degrees - but with a bitterly cold wind at 7am. They send a local-ish garage to get her. It takes an hour and 20 minutes. (this is 10 minutes outside a big city). When the garage guy has got her car onto his truck it transpires there's no way she can climb into the very high cab of the vehicle. Eventually he lifts/manhandles her into the cab. She's too scared of the cold and traffic to stay there longer. She's supposed to have cover for an onward journey, but the garage guy dumps her and her car at her local mechanic's and she ends up calling and paying for a taxi to work (which after a row with the AA they have said they will reimburse) So: Are the AA always so rubbish at dealing with disabled people (I had it in my head they got some kind of priority)? Is this just unfortunate or have they really gone downhill? Is there a better rescue organisation?
  9. I cannot for the life of me see why I am near the middle of a high risk area. The centre of the circle is the village next to mine - why?! There are some large intensive poultry producers around, but this doesn't make sense at all (as those poor hens will never see the light of day). There is water not many miles away - but areas much nearer the water are not in the zone Any suggestions? Am not pleased
  10. There are private people And there are people with no concept whatsoever of privacy. I am the former - very much so I have friends who would do exactly that - if I left a phone lying around unlocked, they would have a nosey through it. They would nosey through someone's glove compartment in the car, their wardrobe at home etc. They would walk in while you were on the loo if the door wasn't locked. They see absolutely nothing wrong with their way of being (and would be completely fine if you did the same to them) They think I'm weird because I would very much mind all the above. I think they just don't get boundaries. We have agreed to differ. In other words, context is all with your friend. It could be something sinister or it could just be someone else's way of being
  11. Yes that's a second pheasant farm in Lancs http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lancashire-38781751 I'm losing faith that this is going to go away soon
  12. And another one - confirmed today in Preston https://www.gov.uk/government/news/avian-flu-confirmed-at-a-farm-in-preston-lancashire Rather makes me less pleased to see our local friendly pheasant in the garden
  13. What Ursula said... It could be any 'neighbour' and not who you're thinking of at all. Do you get on with your actual neighbour? Could you chat to them about it? Not the complaint, but just a chat about chickens where you could mention the Defra thing and that the chickens are looking forward to getting out etc? Perhaps Offer eggs? Don't even think about getting rid - there will always be random people who make strange complaints. A friend of mine is having bother with someone the opposite side of the road from her who says the chickens bring disease in (nothing to do with avian flu - just random disease).
  14. A different strain of flu from 'ours' with very different characteristics. I don't think I could face keeping the cat in too!

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