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  1. I would say look on ebay for a 2nd hand miele or other good make (which you'll probably be able to sell for as much as you pay for it). Or try local second hand shops which will often do the delivery and installation for you. I wouldn't pay the 'premium' for a new machine unless I was going to keep it a very long time (and cheap machines are too much of a lottery IME - prone to chewing up clothes)

  2. I've dropped eggs when collecting them many times and the hens always dive on it and peck at it before I can clear it up.

    Never had a problem with egg eating (touch wood!) - although I wouldn't tempt fate by leaving the egg there for them to finish off.

  3. As Omleteers know absolutely everything.....

    Having not bought a microwave oven for about 30 years, am not at all sure what I'm looking for. Any advice please? Especially brands to look for/avoid. And is there much difference between a £40 and a £140 appliance?

    (I don't want it to be complex - I just want to press 'on' - I'm assuming expensive models are trickier to operate?)


  4. Psychology courses vary quite a bit on their maths content -all require students to do a lot of statistical analysis, but some emphasise that, so that may well be reflected in the grade they require.

    Many Unis, especially the former Polys, also offer additional maths support/classes, so if maths isn't her forte, that might be worth checking on.

    As with all Uni courses, those are things that you can ask about at open days.

  5. well a 30in chest isn't a 12 in any sizing scheme I ever heard of. So it's fundamentally not as described.

    For 99p I'd just neg her after her 'don't think' response.

    (as in I wouldn't be fighting for my cash back, but you could also open the ebay dispute process)

  6. I think the hens were happily out free ranging when this happened - so are hopefully not traumatised!

    There is often a kestrel/sparrowhawk (am not sure I can tell the difference - must work on this) hanging around the garden - there are many many sparrows as both the neighours and I feed the birds rather generously.

    So that sounds like the most likely suspect - thanks

  7. Well he called today and got the strike taken from his account - so he's at least happy with that.

    They seemed OK, when he explained about the documents etc.

    Annoying that it came to that - and that the seller will doubtless get away with no more than having to pay his fees after all.

    Thanks for all your comments - much appreciated :clap:

  8. Some of my hens live in an ark - which is about 4ft6in tall.

    Today I went to the ark and found it covered in feathers along the top and down one side - which I pretty quickly worked out weren't hen feathers (/phew)

    They were, perhaps, sparrow feathers. Many hundreds - scattered all over the top and down the side of the ark

    The entrails of the poor deceased bird were draped along the ark door (sorry!) :vom:


    The question: What kills a bird in that way leaving a torrent of feathers in a pile? Definitely not a cat... was wondering bird of prey?

  9. I have been recommended both Sonicare and the OralB one by different dentists/hygienists so I guess it's about personal preference.


    I've used both and much prefer the Sonicare - mainly because my teeth feel cleaner after using it and, perhaps strangely, stay cleaner for longer (if that makes sense). I also have rather uneven/crowded teeth and think the 'sonic' effect probably helps clean the awkward bits better. The OralB noise/sensation reminded me of that horrible, slow, grindy dentists' drill - so it didn't get off to a great start. The whitening head is good too.


    I've only had one OralB, but it cost about £50 and packed up after just over a year, so I wasn't very impressed. I've had about 6 different models of Sonicare (I first bought one when they were ridiculously expensive and new) and all except one have lasted very well - the one that didn't Sonicare replaced free of charge with some freebies thrown in

  10. The feedback thing is certainly broken.


    I won an auction a couple of months ago where the seller never posted the item (I think they didn't want to sell it at the price).

    Looking at their feedback, they'd done the same thing twice before.


    I opened an item not received dispute and ebay refunded my money

    But then the 'sale' disappeared

    I queried this with ebay (I had left neg feedback) and was told that because I had had my money back, there was no sale.


    So perhaps something has changed regarding feedback? The seller's earlier neg feedbacks about no item or communication stayed in his profile. Mine didn't

  11. He's not just not marked it as paid, he's opened an unpaid item dispute.

    That's what SO is worried about - he really doesn't need his ebay account damaging (and certainly can't afford for ebay to take the money again!).

    The van was listed in the wrong category - hence SO getting it cheaply, I suspect

    That means the seller will pay more fees than if it was in the 'right' one. So I think you're right, the seller just doesn't want to pay the higher fees.

    SO has responded to the unpaid dispute with a friendly note asking the seller what's going on, but after 2 days had no response.

  12. Thanks :)

    It wasn't an expensive van, so there wasn't a receipt (there certainly would have been if I'd been there!). Men seem to not like paperwork ;)

    My SO did all the DVLA paperwork etc, so I assume things must have been appropriately signed (he has the new docs back from the DVLA)

    And I asked him about ebay feedback etc - he marked it paid and left feedback the day after he picked it up, about a month ago.


    Wit my legal hat on, I'm confident there's no legal case against him, but ebay so often seem a law unto themselves and some to some frankly weird decisions.


    I guess this is a warning to anyone paying cash to get a receipt!

  13. About a month ago my SO bought a van via ebay.

    He won the auction, went to pick up the van, handed over cash and was given the documents.

    Last night he got a 'unpaid dispute' notice from ebay that he hadn't paid for the van.

    Ebay wants evidence that he paid - and will accept copies of cheques or paypal receipts - methods that precisely no-one uses for vehicles!

    He has a witness that he paid cash, and it seems to me that a seller wouldn't have handed over keys/documentation without it - but common sense isn't ebay's forte!

    Anyone else experienced anything like this?

  14. Ah, I can't be doing with beeps either.

    No beeping (or the ability to permanently disable said beeping) was a non-negotiable criterion for buying a washer and dryer last year.

    That wasn't too hard (altho the dryer has ended up as being one of those that's been designated a fire risk! :lol: )


    Now I want an oven that doesn't beep. Actually, a separate oven and microwave. I can't find either that doesn't beep.

    My current combi oven beeps and being nagged by machinery is ultra-annoying!

  15. our family had/has a few - they were popular christening gifts back in the day.

    In 50+ years of owning them, I've never won.

    My mother won once - £25. Which, at the time, was the price of a Kenwood Chef, which is what she bought with it :lol:

  16. Utter rubbish

    One of my favourite foods is curry with oodles of mushrooms. I make a huge batch and reheat it many times, sometimes throwing in new ingredients, sometimes not. I always make a couple of days' worth of rice too.

    In fact I fairly regularly reheat all those except spinach (which I hate) and the lettuce thing cos I have no idea what that is :lol:

    (spinach appears in almost every ready meal these days it seems, so manufacturers seem to think it's safe!)

    As everyone else is saying, it's common sense. Rice can harbour bugs. If you just 'warm it through' on day 2, you're asking for trouble. Ditto everything else.


    The rubbish about mushrooms giving heart problems?! wow - as an avid reader of all kinds of health/nutrition stuff. that's an entirely new one on me - where's the science (or at least the name of these allegedly deadly compounds). That would make tinned mushroom soup and many other things lethal.

  17. IMHO, those who share their every thought (and meal and illness and whatever they're watching on YouTube) on FaceBook will never comprehend thoseof us who are more circumspect about what we put in the public domain. They just can't understand what's so private about your coffee that you wouldn't want to share details of it with all and sundry :lol:


    I get round this by using lists. I have, effectively 4 - one called something like 'tom, dick and harry' - ie my handful of closest friends, one called 'close friends' one called 'most people' and one called 'everyone' (that's everyone in my friends list). Every time I post anything, I make sure I check the 'who can see this' carefully.


    Other friends have gone down the route of watermarking all their pics, as you say, but generally, that's fallen off and hardly anyone seems to bother for very long.

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