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  1. Hi, I just wanted to say that exactly the same happened to my girl, Chook the other week. She wouldn't stand, looked very lethargic, especially for a very feisty top chicken. So we took her to the vets who said she had hurt her knee, as they are a weak joint in chickens. She spent about 5 days in the house, and seemed to love to poultry tonic (the same as what others have recommended but this was only a cheap one for about £4) and after a few days she really picked up. She's back outside now with the rest of the gang and back to her normal self. So have faith and keep positive, and hopefully Imelda will be we'll again soon x
  2. Thanks for replies. We gave her medicine this morning and after the initial worry about opening her beak she seemed to quite enjoying it. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks for your reply. After I wrote the post she got worse and just sat on the run floor and wouldn't walk around, even for the promise of food. I bought her into the house and we took her to the vets who have diagnosed a bad knee, and we have antibiotics to give her. Any advice on how to administer antibiotics through a syringe to a feisty chicken would be welcomed! Minieggs
  4. Hi everyone, A couple of weeks ago I noticed that Chook was limping. I took a look at her feet/ legs and couldn't see anything wrong with them, and after a bit of free range time in the garden she began running around like normal, so we left her to it. She was walking normally again until this morning, when she has suddenly developed the limp. She is standing only on one leg when still, and curling her toes up, and then hobbling around. Other than that she's eating properly, and although she is heavily moulting seems pretty happy. My question is: what do you think it might be? I've read about bumble foot but she doesn't appear to have any lumps. Should I just leave her and see if it improves again like last time? Thanks Minieggs
  5. Thanks for your reply. Yes the bleeding stopped and we kept her in overnight. Her hair has dried (it was wet and crazy yesterday) and so you can't see the remaining dried blood now, so we've put her back out today as I don't think she would appreciate a hair wash. She's been skipping around the garden like nothing is wrong so I think we're all sorted Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone, I've just been out to check on my chickens, and my polish bantam has got a lot of blood in her hair. I've picked her up and the bleeding seems to be coming from two feather shafts which have been broken / pulled out. We've bought her into the house as I've read about chickens being drawn to blood, but are not sure what to do now. Is there anything we can put on to clot the blood or should it just stop on its own? Do we need to take her to a vet? Thanks in advance, Julia
  7. This week I've noticed a neighbours cat round in our garden 5 times, each time stalking out the chickens when they were free ranging, and looking like its going to pounce at any minute. Each time I've gone out to scare the cat off and it's gone to the fence to wait for me to go, and only goes over the fence when I go up the garden. I'm quite worried that it may be able to catch one of my chickens, especially my Poland who has no idea what's going on around her I'm note really sure what to do, as I guess you can't stop a cat coming in your garden but i really don't want it there as it stresses me out! Arghhh!
  8. Aw lovely picture. The one on the left is particularly gorgeous
  9. Thanks everyone for your advice. Mrs B I have contacted newland poultry and am picking up some marriages pellets soon I've also had a look at the chickens for sale section of their website and am really excited to discover the Cotswold legbars, which we will get when we get the pellets:) thank you x
  10. Thank you all for your replies. Do you just feed the marriages pellets for one week and then normal pellets the rest of the time? And will the ground sanitising powder kill the worm/stop the others picking them up? Thanks
  11. Hi everyone, I noticed a long worm in my pekins poo, so think I need to get some worming stuff ASAP. How dangerous are these to chickens? And if one has them are the others likely to catch them too? I've been looking around for flubenvet but everywhere I speak to doesn't stock it...is there a reason for this (like short best before date or something) as I would have thought that any responsible poultry supplier ought to offer health supplies too? Can anyone recommend somewhere online where it is cheapest, and what exactly it is that I should be buying. Sorry for all the questions....confused chicken newbie Thanks x
  12. Hi everyone, I'm looking at getting some more hens to add to my collection. Currently I have 4 bantams; pekins, Poland and sussex, all white / light cream egg layers. I'd really like to have some colourful eggs, and was thinking of getting 3 more chickens. I'd be really grateful for any suggestions of which breeds to look at that would get on with my existing flock, and any recommended breeders around the west midlands? Thanks
  13. So true to form, we have got morehens disease, and are looking at upgrading our classic to an eglu cube...I'm really excited about them having more space and the possibility of getting a couple more hens, but am a little concerned about our Poland. She's a right daft chicken, and just stands there scared if you put her on top of a brick...will she manage the cube stairs? Or do any of you have any suggestions to making sure she knows how to get up there? Would you say the cubes are worth the money? And do they provide enough space for 6 bantams ( they are normally out most days but the other week there was a daytime visit from mr fox so now we will only be able to let them out when we're in the garden) . Any help would be greatly appreciated
  14. Today I put a load of straw in to the run after refreshing their bedding, and they loved scratching around in it and tossing it everywhere Your chicken area sounds lovely - i'm sure you have very happy chickens!
  15. Hi everyone, We have had our sussex bantam for a couple of months, and have always noticed that she seems to have runny poos, but seems in general good health, is very lively and always running around. Yesterday she did this enormous....not sure poo/wee, it basically looked like milk, was white and runny. My question is: is this something to worry about? Thanks in advance Minieggs

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