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  1. Heehee heth1986 - I had a blue (cockerel), a lavender and 3 black Araucanas in this hatch - so they definitely do exist
  2. Out of interest, can anyone let me know whether the second cockerel is likely to start crowing straight away once the first cockerel is removed..? Or do I get grace period...?
  3. I've only ever kept bantams and mine have never flown off even though I don't clip their wings - apart from the one time when a dog got into the garden and chased Honey and she very sensibly flew onto my neighbour's roof. She hopped back down quite happily once she calmed down though... I've only ever had normal-sized roosting bars for mine, with no problems
  4. Eek Redwing, that's exactly what I was worrying about... I had a feeling that "she" looked a bit boyish around the back end but I was hoping that, as little grey (as the definite cockerel is currently known) had been crowing for a couple of weeks, this one would be displaying some more cockerelly signs by now... This one's got a much less prominent comb than my known cockerel though, so with that and the lack of doodling, I was holding out hope Ah well...
  5. Brilliant - that's 3 votes for "girl" so far I'm hoping to keep her (?) as she's so pretty, so I'm glad others think she's a girl too...
  6. Oh eek - I'm not sure what's happened to the picture, it was a whole chicken when i posted it, not just a tail..?
  7. Hello.... We've hatched some bantam Araucana chicks which are now approx. 13 weeks old. We've got one definite cockerel - he's been cock-a-doodling for a couple of weeks and keeps trying it on with the hen who hatched them, thankfully she's completely unrelated to them... We've got 2 who I'm pretty sure are hens but I've got one who I'm not so certain about. There's been no clearing of throat or other attempts at crowing or any of the "other" boy behaviour, so I'm hoping she's a hen - can you look at the picture and let me know if it's a girl or whether we've got another boy, who's a bit slow to catch up? Thanks
  8. Hi, I've had Pekins before, they're great with kids but they do go broody and I had one girl in particular who was noisy... I currently have a Pekin Silkie cross who is very friendly and very pretty but very broody - so much so that we've let her hatch some eggs! My little Sabelpoot is the friendliest hen I've ever had and so pretty but she lays more or less when she feels like it and her eggs are tiny. She makes up for it in sheer friendliness though, she's a proper pet And she comes in through the cat flap
  9. I have a hen who comes in through the cat flap to steal cat food... Since she's worked out how to get in through the cat flap, I've only bought fish-based wet cat food, as I can't cope with the idea of my girls eating chicken/duck/turkey based cat food...
  10. My first thought was red mite too... Fingers crossed for her, I hope she takes a turn for the better and that your egglets are OK
  11. I thought that might be the case Beantree... and it's exactly what she's done since my earlier post - she's hopped out with her 5 littl'uns and poor old egglet has been left. Ah well, 5 out of 6 isn't bad
  12. Hello, I'm after some advice - we put 6 eggs under my broody girl Orla and 5 of them hatched 2 days ago. I float tested the one remaining egg this morning ( as per brilliant instructions on Backyard Chickens) and I think the remaining egg is viable. Should I help it along or just leave it under Orla for a couple more days? Thanks
  13. I'm glad I'm not the only one who hasn't heard of them..! The only thing I found when I googled "Chinese bantam" was Silkies so I wondered whether they might be a cross- breed (Sablepoot x Silkie)
  14. Hello, I'm wondering if anyone can help... I'm looking for poultry farms near me (Taunton) which sell good quality hatching eggs and I've come across a website listing, among other things, "Rare breed bantams - CHINESE SABLE-POOTED (various colours including porcelain, lemon, silver speckled, magpied, cream barred, red and cream barred)" Can anyone let me know what Chinese sable-pooted bantams are? I've got a lemon millefleur Sablepoot as part of my little flock already and she's lovely but I know Sablepoots are Dutch not Chinese... I wondered whether anyone can help, as I'm a bit confused... And if anyone has any recommendations re. where to get bantam hatching eggs from near(ish) Taunton, do let me know
  15. My best hens for the children to handle are my little Sablepoot (definitely my tamest girl, she will come for a cuddle whenever you like), my bantam Orpington and my Pekin-Silkie cross (who is utterly daft but adorable). My Pekins, I have to admit, are fine but not as tame as these three! And my Sumatra cross and my bantam Sussex are impossible to catch, even when bribed with mealworms...

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