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  1. Hi good egg Thanks that's really nice of you Yes am trying to be philosophical. The vet said it was nothing I'd done and that she was in immaculate condition. Just feel sad that's all, she was only just 1yr and we'd had her since she was a chick.
  2. The vet has just phoned - she has had to be put to sleep. The egg had ruptured her oviduct and was sitting in her abdomen which is why she hadn't been straining and had been behaving normally, until last night. Feel very sad - this is the first girl we've lost
  3. Hello everyone I would be sincerely grateful for anyone's advice/thoughts on this from anyone who's experienced it with one of their girls? Our hybrid 'Big Bird' is eggbound. She hasn't laid all week, but was behaving normally otherwise. Last night when I got in from work she has what appeared to be albumen flowing from her vent. Took her straight to our avian vet who removed the rest of it but said there was still an egg in there. He kept her in overnight and they gave her fluids and calcium in the hope she'd would have laid by this morning. She hasn't They now have to give her a brief anaesthetic and try to manipulate it out. Just got to wait to hear from them now. I've no experience of this - does anyone know what her long term prognosis will be? And have I done anything that could have caused this? I'll ask the Vet these questions later, but I feel pretty upset and not sure what to do if they have to ''discuss the next step'' whatever that may be. Sorry for the rambling on. thanks
  4. Oh sorry - am rubbish at this Well, last year we returned from a fortnight hol and I noticed a strange grey lump on one of the girls ears. Took pics and emailed them to the vets who confirmed it was a tick. It was large and bloated and by the time she arrived at the practice so they could show me how to deal with it, it had dropped off! I can only assume it had come from a wild bird as we live in a surburban area and did not have a dog at the time . Hope this helps ?
  5. Hi Yes they can. One of mine did last year / have a look at this :- http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=23498
  6. Hi LB, thanks for the reassurance - I hadn't thought of it either! I didn't think I'd ever read anything on here before about it. I was more inclined to think it could be from the fox but then it could be 'all of the above'. Rory is disgusting - anything revolting he wants to eat / carry. Am really hoping he grows out of it ??? Numerous people have said its a terrier thing, but not being experienced with dogs I can't say
  7. Hello there Here I am with another question Our 9mth terrier has been ill for last few weeks with vomiting/diarrhoea, poor little chap. We've just received faecal sample results back and he's got Clostridia and Camplyobacter which he's now being treated for. Unfortunately, he loves nothing more than to eat fox poo and cat poo and we are really trying to curtail this, even more so now and I put it down to this. Then, after speaking to our Avian vet yesterday, I mentioned about Rory and he asked me does he eat the chicken poo. Yes, when he can! What an idiot, it never even occurred to me he could have got it from that. We're in the middle of re-hauling the garden, so when it's done - he'll never get the chance to eat it again. My question is - has anyone else had this problem ie, their dog becoming infected from either eating the chicken poo or just from the traipsing in and out of the garden ie the pathogens on soles of your feet? Would be v grateful (as ever) for comments/thoughts x
  8. Thanks Redwing, much appreciated I'm taking it all into consideration. The garden is now a nearly blank canvas so I can study how the sun moves round.
  9. Hi both Thanks ever so much for this. Due to my lack of experience this hadn't even been a consideration so I'm very grateful indeed. We are completely rehauling the garden and not finished my designs yet, but the run won't be entirely freestanding. I may do a small area of it but that is all. The overall health of my little flock is more important. DM, I'm also interested in doing the shed roof with it so I'll feedback. Will also post pics when we've done the run. Thanks again for your invaluable advice
  10. Hello there everyone Not posted for ages, been so pre-occupied with new house/puppy. Anyway, we're currently planning a WIR - so exciting, and I'd really like to make use of sedum mats to line the roof. Apart from the obvious of making sure the run can support the weight, can anyone envisage any other problems with this? Would be most interested in fellow omleteers' opinions Many thanks
  11. Thanks so much all for your thoughts on this We are very new to it all like we were with chook keeping in May. I've applied the Advocate but I'm not keen on it and he's spent the last 30 minutes rolling! I will use the next two but research in the meantime. He had milbemax last time. I didn't like the forums I surfed, but then I'm used to this friendly one Rory is a yorkie Russell, 18wks, http://i1255.photobucket.com/albums/hh638/Roses126/Snapbucket/A752315F.jpg%5B/IMG%5D http://i1255.photobucket.com/albums/hh638/Roses126/Snapbucket/A22B5E64.jpg%5B/IMG%5D
  12. Hello there Not posted for a while re our girls or our new addition (puppy) but I read posts everyday as I love this forum. I wondered if I could have some opinions on what people think of Advocate please? Our vet has prescribed this to me as when I went for some worming stuff last night. She recommended it as I told them I've caught him trying to eat slugs a few times and he has also taken an extreme liking to rolling in either fox or badger poo (absolutely stinks ) when we let him off lead on our weekend rural walks. I've googled it and am now a bit worried as there seems to be quite a reaction against it on some dog forums (which incidentally I've found rather aggressive!) He is 18wks old now. Funny, we can't imagine our garden or house now without our girls and dog. They quickly get under your skin don't they. thanks
  13. I love your picture stories Cheeky Chooky
  14. Hi I've just found my post - I thought the moderators had removed it all together because I'd originally posted in the Chicken section! I've never explored this part of the forum before. So sorry for the late reply, I really do appreciate your replies. He is adorable and incredibly naughty I will post a pic later on. We have been taking him into the garden everyday (in our arms) and he has also been on one side of the gate and the chooks on the other. He gets very excited but is calmer for longer each time (if that makes sense!).
  15. Hope it's ok to post this query here ? I know a lot of omleteers have dogs . Last night we acquired a nearly 12wk yorkie Russell pup who had to be rehomed. Concerned he may pick up disease from them because his second vaccs which are on Tuesday . Currently he only allowed in courtyard to do his business but not in garden where the girls are. Will we be tramping germs back and forth? Also any advice on careful intros would be appreciated . Especially because of his breed !

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