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  1. Thanks Dogmother. Yes definitely wouldn’t risk it loose and chickens loose, was just worried wether it would stress either of them out sharing a garden, but hopefully I can arrange so not. Sounds like it should be possible. Then I just need to mix the whippet in and we will have a happy, crazy house
  2. Awww Chrissie. Looking forward to you getting new chickens....
  3. Oh fab! Thanks..... you guys know everything!
  4. Bit of a strange question...... Does anyone on here/has anyone got any experience of keeping chickens and also keeping a hawk. Trying to work out whether it would be possible, assuming they were separated etc, or if it’s not fair on either....
  5. So would you say save up for a wir with the cube, leave it open as much as possible but have it as a safety net? Not got the cash to go down my previous wooden wir setup... could just about get cube now and then wir by the end of summer.... or should I save up a bit longer and get both together? Shame the new cube only comes in 2 colours....
  6. Oh good point... forgot about defra! I'm ridiculously excited. Need to save up, but am definitely leaning towards cube (again)
  7. So. I haven't been on here for a couple of years.... I used to have 4 pure bred chickens in a bespoke wir with a cube inside. We let them out to FR through their own little chicken door and I loved the eggs. We lived in the country so run was fox proof (and everything proof). Then I got divorced, moved about a bit and they had to be rejoined (so sad).... Now I have my own place again and I miss my eggs... I'm thinking I like the new cube.... I'm wondering about having just the cube in my garden which is fenced/walled all round. Im debating fancy hybrids instead of pure breeds. Looking for help/thoughts on the above. Introducing the chooks to my whippet pup (I don't see as a problem as he is still young and my old girls would have sorted him). Keeping hens in a much more built up area and how popular/unpopular I will be Full FR without a run (I can always add if goes wrong). And feeders people use if full FR to avoid "friends" wanting food Hybrids vs pure On and number... and anything else basically.....
  8. Sounds fine, but be warned.... The chooks view that woodchip as theirs.... We moved ours out into a back flower bed - now referred to as chicken corner!!! The chickens love digging in it... First port if call when out in the garden! Lol. Just don't put it near any delicate plants....
  9. I bought hardwood from flyte so fancy.... But have just posted about the wonders of easibed so can't post here without asking if that would work for your setup?
  10. Slabs and easibed here! We had membrane and woodchip to start but it was always soggy, chooks ripped the membrane and the bark was really hard to clean out.... I love the slabs underneath. Worth the effort! Started with woodchip on top but because nowhere sells it that we could find, and bark is meant to be bad due to mould spores or similar, we gave up and went for easibed which the horse place round the bypass (towards ANH) sells.... Works out cheaper even though we replace more often. Us easy to replace due to slabs. Plus the easibed is a dream to clean as the poos clump and a rake picks them up dead easily.
  11. sorry, just found this... the company I used (Cotswold wood) have gone, but Mark, the guy who owned the company and who helped design this run and who delivered etc has moved to premier pet solutions who do all of the same stuff and I assume still deliver to scotland. there website is.... http://premierpetsolutions.com/ If you want something other than what is shown contact them. If you want the drawings for mine I can probably dig out, or he will still have - tell him it was Hannah in South Queensferry.... Only tip - get it taller - we had to keep the height low for planning regs (listed building) but bang our heads on the cross beams - little bit bigger = much better.....
  12. still debating.... Dot seems fairly committed whenever she goes broody, but us being on holiday was a good test as she spent the whole week in the nest box (other than my MIL turfing her off once a day).... We managed to dissuade her when we came home, but I think she would be a good mum.... Her mum is one of the breeders best broodies so might be in the genes! Will definitely keep you posted. As you say, it isn't often that you get the opportunity to do and not have to worry about what to do with boys, although I'm sure it will be hard enough handing them over to the breeder knwoing their fate! :-S Thanks for advice.....
  13. I'm getting more tempted... Mimi and others, did you hatch in seperate run alongside yours? If so did you FR together? From what age? I'm thinking if I did would have to set up a broody wing/eglu where they could be seen and make sure Dot went out lots.... I suppose I could fit something small in actual WIR.... Hmmmmmm
  14. ooooh - moving house Mrs_B - how exciting....... Will you be taking the big WIR with you or starting again? I think worm before you go, stalosan the ground they are moving on to and then repeat a few months later if you are worried/they show signs, if not wait til 6 months? I get you think they might pick up worms from the new place.....
  15. Hello..... Haven't posted for ages, but have (just about) been keeping up..... Now that spring has sprung (ish) we are back to regular broody spells from Dot and generally thinking a couple more might be nice.... That said introductions have previously been stressful and our previous crazy bully hen having been rehomed I'm a bit nervous. I think we will try and rig up a sperate set up within sight and free range together, but not immediately in our WIR..... But the big question is - do I rig up a nursery and let Dot hatch or do I rig up an intro pen? Our local breeder would deal with the boys for us, but I can't work out which is more stressful? Thanks

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