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  1. Thanks, everyone! I wasn't 100% sure you could even trim spurs - so this is something I shall look at! Thankfully both groups are in their own separate areas so are getting used to each other through a partition and going fine so far, I definitely find gradual is best - fingers crossed! Will intro properly at some point, no rush 😀 Thank you! OUCH! I can only imagine how much that must have hurt! 😬
  2. I've got the extension cable out with two fans on the hens - my orpingtons were heavily panting, and it is helping!
  3. Just wanted to add how sorry I am this has happened to you! So very sad
  4. Question about protecting hens against spurs! I have two flocks, the older flock including the Hamburgh has pretty big spurs (she is a hen). I tried an intro and the Hamburgh used her spurs against another hen. This is new territory to me I have done tons of intros in the past, but my hens haven't had spurs before! They're all separated again now, but of course I don't want injury to hens in the future - so question is, is there anything anyone recommends to protect against spurs please? Covers etc? Thank you (I haven't posted in years, good to be back!)
  5. Purple spray has been amazing for me in the past - especially as I had an issue with bullying some years ago. As for when it comes off - eventually? I seem to remember a bit rubbed off but there was some feint staining to one of my chicken's feathers until she moulted.
  6. So sorry to hear that, can't have been nice to see! Sadly one of my hens had a heart attack and died suddenly some years ago - unfortunately it happens and isn't anyone's fault.
  7. I had a year of problems with feather pecking which drove me crazy and was really upsetting (think I posted about it a lot here!) In the end bumpa bits were what worked for me (and I tried 'everything') - though it wasn't an immediate affect - took a couple of weeks for the bully to stop.
  8. I live in Cheltenham - I normally travel to Newland Poultry in Malvern as they have always been exceptional (both as a bird supplier, boarding and advice). I went to this pet shop because I knew they sold live meal worms and I wanted some for my girls as they are moulting so thought they'd like some live ones rather than the dried sort - then I ended up getting distracted and spotted the chickens they had for sale. I asked the staff but they couldn't be 100% sure on the sex - they were almost certain they were pullets but couldn't guarantee (although they are about 4 months old now).
  9. Thank you for your advice. The last photo was from when they arrived at the pet shop, so very sad to know they don't look happy. The white one in the photo was sold separately, which now thinking about it seems odd. I'd like to rehome them but I will take your advice on board. This is the first time I was considering getting chickens from a different place to what I normally do - normally a poultry farm - so a pet shop was a different experience.
  10. No problem at all - I really appreciate the advice on this site (always come back one point or another!) I am one of those people who feels sorry for animals and I dwell a lot - so I will take your advice seriously, thank you. I have a few more photos that I didn't think were much good - but I shall add anyway B x
  11. Thanks, Dogmother. That's quite sad to know actually - I think they've been at the pet shop for about a month now and they don't have a huge amount of space (though not terrible at all compared to some chickens I've seen). I don't think they're selling as they are unsexed so people don't want to make the commitment - I can't have males right now as my neighbours have said no otherwise I would really consider picking them up tomorrow.
  12. I managed to source a photo of the chickens when they were 3 months - they are about 4 months old now if that helps? Now I am on a laptop, photos below (I tried to zoom in a bit): Breeder thinks they are both hens, but the person she got the Frizzle from wasn't 100% sure, so she can't guarantee it either. Ah, they are so lovely though! B x
  13. Interesting. I assumed the pekin was a pullet (so did the shop) so I didn't try and get a decent photo! Thank you
  14. Hello - been a while since I've posted but I was in a pet shop earlier who were selling two chickens - they didn't know the sex and I was sure the black pekin was a pullet and the other I want sure but I'd love to know. Not that I'll but them or anything (ahem!) I haven't got the best photos as they were shy! Edit: Photos in a few posts down. TIA. B x
  15. Whoo hoo that's great news to hear Such a relief to get them through a bad patch of illness! x

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