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  1. Hi all Chucky mama good point re: arthritis.He does have arthritis and some demented moments!! Since posting on MOnday we haven't had any accidents! Well he doesn't haves a mattress to pee on any more and the sofa chusions are still in the garden airing! I have been getting him out last thing at night as late as we can that seems to help...
  2. The thought of dementia has crossed my mind - i'm probably in denial though Other times he seems fine last night was pee free but i did set my alarm for 4am to let him out though !!
  3. Thanks for the advice Guys I will get the diffusers and make a vet appt. He is getting on he's 12 Also when we went camping about a month ago he peed in the tent on ours sleeping bags !!! can you belive we were outdoors and he went IN to pee !!
  4. Hello I wasn't sure where to turn but thought someone out there may bew able to help. I have one very spoilt dog, who has had free range of the house to sleep where he sees fit. We have had a couple of incidents of when he is upset (fireworks) of going up and peeing on the beds! He has started to do this more and more and resluted in mattress going to the tip yesterday and baby gate bieng installed. Husband just called as he is working from home today and he has peed on the sofa. This would have involved him going to another room to pee on sofa and then going back to his bed. I don't think its because hes desparate for the toilet i think it is a behaviourly thing. its as though hes protesting about not being allowed upstairs!. Any suggestions greatly appreciated? baby gates down stairs are not an option as it is completly open plan. and i think nappies will stress him more !!
  5. Red Mites

    Hi snowy I wish I'd read your post before emptying the poo tray into the compost bin hI dogmother thanks for advice spraying first I jet washed then left to dry then sprayed. When I put house. Back together. I went and bought lice shampoo (couldn't face the dog flea option) asked chemist so I could get the correct stuff. I was so embarrassed I thought they would thinking was bonkers if I mentioned spider mite so I said the children had headlice. He asked how many people in household etc and I bought 4 bottles of stuff. I don't even have children!!!! Washed my hair once (and showered with it) and its miracously stopped itching I'm sure it was all in my mind but I'm never going to get head lice that's for sure!!
  6. Red Mites

    mmm dog flea shampoo that sounds attractive
  7. Red Mites

    AAAHHH!!!! You mean they are also crawling over me!!!! Do I need to spray myself Checked Elglus this morning and they are back. Sprayed everywhere again now have run out of spray (off to Farm shop tonight) This is horrid, was going to go away for weekend now I think I'll be home jet washing
  8. Red Mites

    AAAHHH! After keeping hens for 5 years - i've been infested with Spide mites, its horrendous !! both eglus have got it. I spent yesterday taking them apart jet washing them, left them to dry in sunlight, cleared all aubiouse out of WIR. Sprayed mite killer stuff all over the place in WIR and eglus. Put diatrom everywhere and dusted the girls with lice powder. I am still itching today - i know still probably in my mind but its creeping me out !! Is there anything else I should be doing? No sign of any this morning? do you have to keep taking the eglu apart to check?
  9. Confession time: Christmas dec STILL up!

    I still have my Tree up with decorations and lights, HB thinks its great as he loves christmas - maybe I'll take them down on the weekend
  10. I went with petpens4u - I would not reccommend them at all, i'm still in despute with them to get some money refunded
  11. I wish i'd gone with the Cotswold company
  12. I have six ex-batts in a large WIR with 2 eglu classics and mine do the same they all squash in one and just use the other for egg laying - which means less cleaning
  13. http://www.joules.com/Girls/Bath-Body/Brillant-Bath-Fizzes/Set-Of-4-Bath-Bombs/Multi i got this
  14. There are 80 free slabs on the Woking freecycle site at the moment - but a bit of a drive from Essex
  15. Has anyone appeared in a magazine?

    I was in a radiography magazine when I was a student because of an article I'd written - looking all gawky in my uniform, not exactly a great claim to fame. I think my appearence on John Cravens newsround was much more exciting! (still in gawky uniform though)