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  1. I spoke at my dads funeral my mum couldn't and his brothers wouldn't. I thought about what I remembered and any time my dad travelled it was a disaster so I made that the main subject I asked people who knew him to provide tales to pad my memories out I got the congregation laughing at it which would have pleased my dad!!! So ask others to help is my advice!!!
  2. Thanks nearly 2 years now where has the time gone!!
  3. Not really was taking over responsibility for my parents rental property as my dad was at that point very sick and Spanish tax rules are harsh so needed to get bank account etc sorted and pronto before dad died hence the reason the letting agent put me in touch with bods that know how to manipulate the system. Spain is very corrupt so if you know the right people it can be done easily still a lot of black money to be made!!! Hope your son has a fab summer
  4. I had to open a bank account in a hurry so the dodgy lawyer was the only option he looked like a continental Arthur Daley with checked jacket as well He was very nice and knew his stuff though
  5. I did it in an hour but I had access to a dodgy lawyer and a corrupt official it cost 100 Euros!!! Try asking in letting agents for a contact. You need to fill in the form get photos taken go to the local office and hand it over if you can get access to an amiable official they will put your application on the top of the list and do it immediately depending on how busy the office is they can turn it around in about 30 minutes but you do need to have a contact. Mine was on mainland so not much use in Ibiza!!!
  6. Grown up together so should be okay so long as enough space and a complex environment. BUT Chinese hamsters are thugs so they need lots of regular handling in the evenings as they are also very nocturnal. Good luck
  7. I used to live on hadow road which is at the top of crotch crescent it frequently appears on rude name street tour of the uk!!!
  8. I have never done it but part of my old drains are being turned into a geocache There was an ad on free cycle from someone looking for old clay pipes. I had just had my drains replaced two days earlier and had a pile heading for the tip so I responded and half of it was taken away to be turned into a geocache to be left in an old sewage works somewhere hence the need for clay pipes Some people will take anything
  9. I have them in my mums wet room, great easy to clean but dry expensive got them from jewsons
  10. Complain on social media they will have facebook etc pages people read and share them usually works!!!
  11. Louise


    Was at a funeral today, my father was buried on Friday 13th 2013 so not the best for me
  12. Thanks for confusing me peeps! I rushed out to the shops convinced I had forgot then thought about it a bit Bought my mum some flowers anyway
  13. Went to one years ago for my BF froms schools hen night I hated it! Felt we were herded from room to room just didn't get the concept at all . They have probably improved a lot as my friend is now on second husband so must have been 20 plus years ago
  14. I went in last Tues for the bra run and OH was there Thurs/Fri doing a seminar thingy at The Examination Schools. We both came to the conclusion that Oxford is dying on its feet. Relies FAR too much on the tourists and full of brands; all the individual shops have gone. If I were you, DM, I'd not bother!!!! Surely the Covered Market still has independant shops Mind I haven't been to Oxford for 13 years despite living there for over 10
  15. My BIL is Jockanese (as he calls himself!!) but sadly I sometimes can't understand a word he says....he must think that I am a complete idiot (rather than only half a one!) Whatever he says sounds wonderful tho! My sister thinks its hilarious and 'translates'...he's a Lowlander, from Leith, so it must be me rather than him! He's a lovely chap! He sometimes refers to my nephew (aged 5) as a 'clarty wee imp' and lunch as his 'piece' ; we all love him to bits! Edited to add.....back to original thread; YES, young Oliver Reed.....wow! Also Oliver Tobias, when younger. Clearly born too late Translation dirty small child and sandwiches!
  16. Hey Claire have you tried good old fashioned neutrogena? Works a treat for me! Don't use anything with petroleum jelly in as this just suffocates the skin so nothing made by Vaseline!!! Neutrogena is glycerin based so your skin can absorb it!!!
  17. Might be coming down your way soon as I have a last request for my dad so have to go to Cheltenham so might be able to pop in no idea of dates as yet though Every electric oven I have used has been a nightmare, I cook from scratch and like being able to vary temperature for several things by positioning them in the oven just old fashioned I guess
  18. No haven't space for range style and gas ovens with grills are few and far between nightmare as I hate electric ovens
  19. Yup looking at a new kitchen at the mo and am dreading the oven decision
  20. Am I the only dinosaur that wants an oven with hob and eye level grill in one appliance as they used to be??? Oh and it has to be all gas
  21. There are charities that can provide aid for this as well if you look into it. Things are slightly different up here though (p
  22. Not always it depends who owns the car park The one at Ninewells hospital in Dundee is privately owned and blue badges have to pay as well My late father let my mums badge expire so when I took her in to see him I had to unload her and the chair abandon her go away to park walk back and do the whole thing in reverse as they were so inflexible On the one occasion I dared to use the expired badge I got a parking ticket even though they must have watched me get mum out of the car from their office as it was slapped on less than 2 minutes after the arrival time on the parking meter ticket
  23. White out here no work today as still snowing not sure I would get home tonight Might go in later if it improves.

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