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    Has anyone seen this before????

    ok thanks for letting me know about the spurs, I shall sort them out. Have been covering with vaseline to start as I couldn't go to the shop to buy treatments. It's working really well and most of the bigger flakey bits have already started falling off. I shall carry on with this then change to johnsons scaly leg mite treatment. Thanks all
  2. surf_space

    Has anyone seen this before????

    Thanks, I have now devised a treatment plan starting tomorrow!! Hopefully it should clear up!
  3. surf_space

    Has anyone seen this before????

    Thanks for all the replies! I thought thats what it was, however, I didn't think it would look as bad as it did! Will my other girls be likely to catch it? As all their legs at the moment are in perfect condition. The thing is that he has already had his moult this year, so will the scales just drop off anyway? My boy is a Pekin, and I do know his spurs are quite long, they do not affect him when he is moving so I have just left them be, as they are not causing him any discomfort. However, if they do start to then I will look into trimming them, as I don't see the need if they aren't causing and harm ....Right time to start looking at treatments .....
  4. Hi all, I was checking my boy over today and noticed this on his feet, I can honestly say I have never seen this before, so either i've missed it or it came on very viciously. Was thinking it looked a little like scaly leg mite, however, it looks more lumpy to me I feel awful as I should have probably noticed it earlier, but with all the bad weather, and although he is tame, he doesn't like to be picked up for long. Apart from this, he is very healthy, alert and active. I hope someone has some idea what it is ....
  5. surf_space

    Impacted crop OR sour crop??

    one of mine has sour crop at the minute and she swooshes her head trying to dislodge it even though its liquid. I think its just due to discomfort, not if its impacted or sour
  6. surf_space

    Babies Due

    Good Luck! Make sure you take lots of pictures to post!!
  7. surf_space

    Sour Crop AGAIN!!!!

    luvachicken, I found it by checking her crop in the morning, as that is when their crops should be empty as their food has been digested. Her crop was unusually large and when I felt it, and was full of liquid, which is a good indicator of sour crop, if it was impacted it would have been a solid mass. She looked uncomfortable too, wrenching her neck as if to try and unblock something. She seams to be doing better today so I hope she recovers.
  8. surf_space

    Sour Crop AGAIN!!!!

    Thanks for the reply, do you know where I could get hold of either of those? thanks
  9. surf_space

    Sour Crop AGAIN!!!!

    My little pekin, Pumba, has sour crop again. She had it in the summer a while back as well as an impacted crop, of which the vet manage to get out a very large grass ball ...I'm not really sure what to do this time, I know that if they've had it once it's more likely to re occur but she seams happy enough. Does anyone have any advice, as it would be much appreciated? In the summer when she had it before we thought in the that she was on her last legs as she really didn't look very well, however, just as we were about to let her go, she perked up loads and has been really healthy over the winter and fine until now I've given her live maggots over the past two days and added apple cider vinegar into the water, I'm about to give her a live yoghurt mixture too. She isn't laying at the minute, but neither are my other hens (they started, then stopped) however, she has a really red comb and is perky and still running around. She still has an appetite and is a little slower than the others but only because the crop gets in the way, but keeps wrenching her neck to try and unblock it Sorry for rambling on but I am trying to give you as much information as possible Hope someone can give some advice
  10. surf_space

    Broody hen -

    If she isn't getting off the nest to eat or drink, you will need to physically remove her from the nest and place her by the food and water at least once a day, she may complain a little. Don't worry your eggs will be fine and she will return to sit on them after she has eaten. I am no expert either, just a little advice I thought might help Good Luck!
  11. surf_space

    Edna's new friends

    They all look lovely!!! And enjoying the sunshine!!
  12. surf_space

    power outage

    On the new Brinsea models for incubators they have a cooling option where there is a designated time for a cooling period, replicating the natural drop in temperature when the hen would leave the nest to feed and drink. so I wouldn't worry too much! Good luck with your hatch!
  13. surf_space

    Beautiful Becky get a new beak

    Well I've never seen that before!
  14. Thanks, they do look a little like vultures don't they?! ...luckily only one boy out of the lot. I had only one boy out of the others I hatched too! Both found a good home
  15. surf_space

    Day ...Hatching

    Good luck! I'm sure the children will love seeing little chicks running around!