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  1. Hi, I have a mallard male and he seems to have a broken toe. On his left foot, the middle toe on the joint seems to be swollen and inflamed and slightly yellow, but i cant get very close to him as he isnt too tame at the moment. He isnt putting any weight on it but he isnt dragging it and lies down whenever possible. I want to help him and hope to catch him some time today to check him out. Is there anything i can do for a broken toe or do i just leave it and see if it heals?
  2. I have only two vets, and i live on an island. I would love to have a decent vet but these over here have no aviary practice at all. I think I'm going to cull her. I dont want to prolong a death anymore than I have already.
  3. She is a lot worse- I'm going to give it a day more. She is barely drinking anything, so I am doubtful that the worming solution is helping her at all. Also, she isnt eating. I think i am just prolonging her death if i keep her any longer. She lives with two other girls, is it possible they are immune to whatever it is Belle has? She is so tired and keeps sleeping in her own poo and her feathers are all matted together as she isnt preening.
  4. My beautiful black rock, who is a rescue so I don't know the age- most probably round 2, is v.sick. She has been for the past four days or so, gradually getting worse. She has stopped laying which is very strange indeed. She has been wormed, has no external mites and their house has no red mites. Her poo is liquid and yellow, occasionally with bits of solid black poo in it. She stands hunched, and is barely eating. She eats less than a handful of mixed pellets and oysters a day, and won't eat corn either. She pecks at grass and digs a bit but not willingly. Her tail is low and drooping but her comb is bright red. We can't go to the vet. They are beyond useless for chickens. I don't want to ring her neck but fear I might have to. Anyone know what this is? What I should do?
  5. A couple months back one of our mallard x indian runner ducks ( a motley mix) died. We have a crab apple tree and all the ducks enjoy eating the fruit. We found her with a crab apple at the base of her neck, obviously stuck there, and another at the base of her beak, about to enter her throat. It was an extremely upsetting and disturbing experience. If I net off the tree, they will jump over and as they aren't strictly 'ours' ( we live by a reservoir but they sleep at ours and we feed them) I don't want to clip their wings. We also get an alarming number of dog attacks and I don't want them to get hurt. I am wondering if she copied the other ducks, but as her neck was so thin she couldn't cope with it. She had ben eating them fine for many days previously though. Anyone had any similar things happen?
  6. I really don't think so- my other mallard drakes change to brown when moulting but they all change back. These didn't... Probably something to do with the mixed gene pool I have here- they all seem to be related somewhere along the line!
  7. They all seem fine now so I am hoping that it was just a blip.... I am definitely going to be keeping an eye out on them though!
  8. Hi there, My chicken is a three year old black rock- she is laying every day, very active and digging like crazy! She definitely has scaly leg mite- I checked her this morning- and I have sprayed her with Nettex. I would supply photos but I don't have a working camera!! She also has lumps on the back of her legs. Probably adding up to half an inch onto her leg. What is worrying me is the lack of scales on one of the toes. Comparing it with the toes on the other feet, they are almost completely gone. Is this from scaly leg? Are the lumps also from the mite? She struggles when I press on the lumps. Are there any other treatments for scaley leg mite, also? I have no others available at my store and my vets are atrocious. I have heard Vaseline could be used but if so, is this an option because of her lumps? Thanks, any help is much appreciated, Heather.
  9. Hi, I'm new here too and I have 12 chickens in total. Seven adorable silkies, a barnevelder, light sussex, black rock and two mixed breeds. I also have up to 20 ducks that grace my once-neat garden with their presence....!! I am looking forward to getting my questions answered and also hopefully answering some of others, Heather.
  10. 1698+12= 1710 7 silkies- Cockerel, Follower, Candytuft, Powderpuff, Shingles, Cinders, Beardy 2 mixes- Squeaker, Fluffy 1 light sussex- Silkie 1 barnevelder- Barney 1 Black rock- Belle 1710!
  11. Hi, I live by a reservoir so get up to 20 ducks traipsing up to my house everyday. Two in particular recently seem to have come down with a sort of 'cold'. One of them, a small, mixed breed mallard, kept coughing/sneezing like a chicken- but not stopping for at least five minutes. She was drinking fine, eating a hell of a lot like usual and quacking normally. Then another duck seemed to develop the same problem his quacks were like someone who had a sore throat and he sounded like he gurgled instead of quacking. Within a week both ducks were back to normal. There was also a white substance round the duck's beak at one stage but I don't know whether that is related or not. I haven't seen this at all within seven years of keeping ducks. Could this be something from my chickens- they aren't in the same pen but some have been sneezing/coughing recently too- is it bad? Or am I just fretting over nothing because its the first time its happened?!! Thanks, Heather.
  12. Hi, My cockerel of 4 years today has had numerous cases of scaly leg mite. Each time I have put on the spray every 3-5 days as it suggested. I probably carried on the course for for around three weeks. But it doesn't seem to be going. I am wondering if it is healed and the bumpy, un even legs are just possible scarring from other cases? I didn't treat his first case for about a year as I thought it was just his development and didn't know what it was. Does this have anything to do with it? Would love some help as he doesn't seem discomforted or pecking his legs ect. Is it possible that the mites have become immune to the spray? Help!!! Thanks, Heather.
  13. Thanks for all the advice- I'll try and start introducing them gently in the next few weeks.

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