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  1. have just taken on some more girls, one of them was limping when she came nearly two weeks on she is still limping but is quite perky in herself, we have her in a sm enclosure within the big pen cos she was getting bullied all the time and couldnt run away, she isnt eating a great deal her beak is a little crossed does it matter if her crop isnt full when she goes to bed i have tried coaxing her with porridge and pasta but she just seems to want to scatter it everywhere any suggestions thanks
  2. Martha has been PTS this morning she didn't get any better despite my best efforts, so took her to the vets this morning lucky for us the vet had kept x batts for many years so was very knowledgable she said she could give me some a/bs but thought we were on a losing battle and it would be kinder to say goodbye have buried her under the plum tree were our other deceased hen Myrtle was laid to rest rip our pretty girl you were only with us a short time but we loved you Irene
  3. yeah, i have brought her in the house one of the others went down very quickly aswell and died through the night, i am not holding out a lot of hope but she is warm and comfortable for now if she is still with us in the morning ill take her to the vets though i believe their not that experienced with chickens thanks anyway Irene
  4. Martha out top. Ranking chicken is not well she is an x battery and about three yrs old, for the last couple days she hasn't eaten or drunk much, today she is just huddled in the coop nodding off all the time and she is allowing me to stroke her which previously she never has Any advice will be appreciated Irene
  5. Follow on from my post the other week this same chicken is now looking very tired she hasn't eaten for a couple of d ays and hasn't left the nest box today I have checked on her every hour, she has just been nodding off all the time like our last one did before she died I am struggling to know what to do for her thinking the vets is my best option Irene
  6. thank you for your help ill try the spot on stuff and see how she goes irene
  7. what treatment did you use for the lice irene
  8. i have had my girls since July and one of them has never grown back her tail feathers back however the skin is now looking quite red and sore, she also seems to be losing her feathers i have treat for red mite and bought a new coop was thinking of using Sudocrem but thought i would check first if you people think that would be ok or should i take her to the vet thanks Irene
  9. sorry to have to say that Myrtle has passed away in the night , i have only had them since the end of May they were 21/2 when i got them the battery hen welfare told me that . at least she has had 3 nice months of scratting around and foraging, we will bury her in the orchard today, she ws fine on Thursday eating as normal, she seemed to go down so quickly bless her sorry i never has you longer Myrtle Irene
  10. hello wonder if someone can help one of my hens is sick tonight i have noticed the last few days she is being driven away from the food and picked on by the others she ate earlier today cos i gave her a seperate feeder but when i went down late afternoon she was falling asleep outside so i picked her up and put her in she seem to topple a bit as i placed her down . all my girls are x battery and i have had them since may, think they are about 2 1/2 now i have brought her in were its warmer, she is snuggled asleep now i will take her to vets in the morning if she is no better she has had a bit to drink tonight but shows no interest in food any ideas could she just be tired if she has been picked on most of the day and what can i do to stop this Irene x

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