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  1. Another dog found tied to railings on fireworks night, hours after giving birth, at only 18 months old. Enter - stage left the mastiff cross. Soulful eyes reflect only some of the trauma this young dog has been through. Found under appalling circumstances, she was taken to a pound. She was checked over by a vet and found, at 18mths, to have given birth about 48hrs before - no sign of any puppies - possibly her second litter.
  2. @ paola if you want a bully contact http://ironmountaindogrescue.webs.com Ok this is Metz, who was my dog, and has passed away and whose story illustrates the problem perfectly. A SamoyedX Border Collie she lived with us for 14 years, my boys grew up with her. One of a litter of 8 dumped at rescue by a dog breeder. This lady's Samoyed was kept unspayed for breeding but escaped from the garden and was found being serviced by a collie in the local park. There was no attempt made to rehome the puppies, the exit plan was to take them in a cardboard box to a rescue organisation and make it their problem. One can only wonder what the rest of that breeding ladydogs life was like Flossie (I dont have a photo) My neighbours Springer Spaniel. Kept unspayed because she was from a prestigious working line. Got herself impregnated by a wandering dog- my neighbour called me in the middle of the night when she ran outside in a thunderstorm, we found her giving birth in a hedge to a single enormous puppy. We took her to the vet and she nearly didnt make it. This dog is still unspayed.
  3. I volunteer my help adopt and foster for a large breed rescue organisation (no Staffys weirdly!) here is the write up on one dog. I didnt write it. Just under two, already had a litter (epic fail there breeder) but was spayed by the owner who bought her for £700 just 3 weeks ago. Breeder can't take her back, although initially there was an offer of stud services for her, but it's not that reason he can't take her back, nosiree, he's too busy. So we look forward to his donation to Venice's care as he's too busy to care for her. Nothing to do with her being spayed now. Too busy.... If you're too busy to take your stock back, STOP BREEDING DOGS. Goodness only knows what will happen if the puppies you sold a few weeks ago come back. Busy busy... I'm not commenting as I have so far been accused of 'having a go' and 'intimidating' on this issue. Just passing stories on that make me think the way I do.
  4. Lets discuss this. Lets discuss the pros and cons the myths and the reality.....I'm going to shut up, over to you guys..
  5. That is clearly aimed at me. As someone who deals with the fallout of the dog breeding situation in this country every day I will always ask the difficult questions! Define 'responsible breeding'- by PM if you wish.....
  6. She's only two What age are you going to breed her then? Id have thought 2 was a perfect age...Are you going to keep all the puppies?
  7. I dont understand. If you are breeding her (and no lets not get into that one I think my view on that is clear from my sig) why not get on with it rather than put yourself and her through unmated seasons?
  8. It is beyond me why anyone drags a reluctant OH shopping. Leave him at home with the laundry I say (dont forget to hide the remote so it gets done)
  9. The Rapeseed is in flower here and everyone with a sensitivity (including my dog) is suffering. Make sure he showers the pollen off himself as often as humanly possible and changes clothes. It really helps.
  10. yay another tropical bride! This thread certainly shows diversity doesnt it? No two frocks the same
  11. Not a great shot sorry. The dress was a maid of honour dress from Liberty of London's sale, chosen by my husband we were married on the beach in St Lucia under a hibiscus arch and hummingbirds came to sip at the flowers. My bouquet was picked in the hotel gardens by the staff and I had a steel band play 'Here Comes the Bride' It was just the two of us and we didnt tell anyone, in those days it was Registry Office or church and we didnt want either so we jetted off to do the deed it was so romantic........
  12. My friends chicken was killed by a loose dog that came over from the public common. My StaffX was chased 800 yards from the middle of a dog exercisde area into the road. If the 'playful' Vizla had been muzzled I would not have recieved a painful bite, nor had an unpleasant confrontational conversation with its owner. Compulsory muzzling (which is successfully in force in Scandinavia) would cut injuries and deaths at a stroke, and derelict owners would be clearly visible. My dogs are 100%, but if it would save a life at the paws of an unsafe dog i would muzzle them tomorrow.
  13. My children have both been bitten by dogs in a public park. My friend had a chicken killed by a dog that jumped her fence. My StaffyX was chased into a busy road by a dog that was biting her. I have been bitten by a 'playful puppy'(see above) None of this would have happened if the dogs had been muzzled. I cant think of a single coherent objection, sorry.
  14. Muzzling a dog doesnt penalise anyone- its a safety catch for a lethal weapon, just think of all those children/dogs/cats/chickens that would be alive today...
  15. I didnt mean to cause offence either I just get a little tired of the broad brush with which all Bulldogs are painted, they have outstanding temperaments and you can see in the other bulldog thread what fab farm dogs mine are. I would really like to see a government with some cojones do something about the breeding and sale of ALL dogs, impose a huge tax on dogs imported from Ireland (which is where the puppy farms have moved to) have all dogs of all breeds muzzled in public (yup!) and tax income from sale of dogs at the highest level. And lets use the money to fund Dog Wardens properly so they can go out and put the fear of god into these idiots who impose their bratdogs on us all Here endeth the rant
  16. went to local health food shop and have come back with a tea tree scalp care shampoo that is sodium and sls free. Ill triall it out before the Keratin treatment which I got for £69 with Groupon!!!!!
  17. Sorry but I have to stick up for the breed here- its the owners that are morons! My Bulldogs are perfectly well behaved! I met a total muppet on the common last week with a mental Border Terrier on an exendable lead that was of the opinion that because his dog couldnt be trusted to run free, mine should be on the lead too Funnily enough he wouldnt approach me closer than 20ft as Zeus was giving him the Hairy Eyeball You might want to use this next time- "The Animals Act 1971 states that the owner or person responsible for any animal must take reasonable care to ensure that it does not cause injury or damage. The owner can be held liable for any damage caused." Ive been attacked by someones Vizla the owner said "He only wants to play"- presumably with my corpse, and when one of the Forestry Commision blokes' Choc Labs went for my Welsh Pony the response was to send an 8yo child to catch and control 6stone of deranged canine flab. But yes most dogwalkers are nice, and I carry on doing my bit for Positive Bully Propaganda..
  18. Hi peeps! Im going to try the keratin hair treament comme ceci-http://www.straightenmyhair.com/?categoryPage=1 but I have quite a bad scalp condition that I keep in check with a special shampoo. After Keratin you cannt use anything containing Sodium Chloride (salt) can anyone recommend a shampoo that will fit the bill?
  19. Yup I have two American Bulldogs and they are NOT on the banned list! Nor do they need to be tatooed or muzzled. They were NOT bred to be fighting dogs, the breed was the family dog of choice back in the day. They are loveable clowns, total blouses (my female ended up in rescue from a family where one of the children was abusing her, and she never fought back) loyal and gentle. They can be left around chickens goats cats in safety and want nothing but to adore you all day long. The only drawback to this breed is the flatulence! Zeus comes down the Farmers Market with me once a month and is a local celebrity, everyone loves the big galoot. Here they are with my other dog, funnily enough a StaffieX- as you can see they are all clearly savage beasts!! With horses (all loose on yard together) We often take them to a different area to stimulate them and do our bit for Bulldog Propaganda. Zeus comes hacking with me every time (thinks it is his job) Hope this shows what wonderful dogs these are!
  20. man what a pair of lug 'oles!!! well done you for taking him in (I would have called him Radar )

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