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  1. You could carry on with the "L" theme and call her Lindt
  2. Ive been talking about going here for years .. Ill take my son, im sure he'll love it there. Whats the nearest train station, and is it easy to find?
  3. Nope T'was not me, whoever she was? ... I collected my girlies the week before you did Next time you go up there, take your OH to Emily's Tea Rooms which is on the same road as the farm ... That might just convince him that the country life really isn't that bad.
  4. Brilliant It was the same for my lot too. I thought I was seeing things, especially as they were sitting together!! Did we get our chickens at the same time?
  5. I remember being really excited when I got my original four from Stagenhoe back in 2011. I clearly remember telling myself to calm down and take stock of the all the lovely birds in there so I could choose the right ones for me ... Its difficult to believe they are all gone now. They have such short little lives don't they Im contemplating leaving my two to get on with it tonight as well, although im a little worried they could fly over the electric fence if they got really panicky about where to roost, bearing in mind I know that a Fox visits during the night. I think I will just have to keep popping up there every 15 minutes or so to see what they are up to.
  6. Alis Girls .... It sounds from what you say that your girls are trying to find the highest place in the run to roost. Is your Eglu on the floor? Your Maggie May sounds like my Rosie with no interest in showing the ropes to the youngsters Blackie, my Rhode Rock who died 2 weeks ago was wonderful at this, and taught Rosie and Roxy everything when they arrived last summer. I miss her, and maybe she is the sort of hen our girls need! Anyway, its 9.00pm and ive just been up to the run. Rosie had taken herself to bed, thankfully in the original coop, but Buttons and Crystal were there again waiting for instructions from me to go in. So again I patted the ramp with my hand and said "come on girls in you go" and they went in straight away. I think they both got a bit of a surprise when they saw Rosie in there (I think they thought she was in the other coop). I closed the door and listened carefully. There was a lot of movement as they sorted out their positions on the perch, and then it went quiet... Phew!! I will go up there again in about 20 minutes to see if it is still quiet. So, did you get your girls from Stagenhoe? There are perches in the barn, and ledges all around the walls of the barn.
  7. Thought I would let you know the latest Rosie is still (now and again) having a go at the other two, but it has calmed down a lot, and I feel confident now in that I can walk away and leave them to it without any fear of it getting overly nasty. What I have ended up having to do though, is to put another coop in the run for Rosie, as it was obvious she didnt want to go to sleep with the youngsters. She seems really happy having a coop to herself (strange little hen) and lays her eggs and sleeps in there at night. Ive also put two feeding stations in the run too. This morning though, Rosie surprised me. It was tipping down with rain here in St Albans, and the youngsters went into the coop to get away from the bad weather, and Rosie followed them in. Five minutes later they were all sitting on the perch and having a group preening session, so im hoping that this might be a turning point, and that tonight she will go in there with them to sleep. The youngsters are a funny pair ... For some reason when dusk comes, they sort of go into a little panic and dont know where to to go to bed. Its not until I enter the run, pat the ramp with my hand and say "come on, in you both go" that they will go into the coop, and yet during the day they are in and out of it all the time. Chickens are such funny little animals!

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