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  1. Hi Dancing Cloud Im new to chicken keeping ... 6 weeks in fact, but upon reading your post, I feel you have done everything you can. The only suggestion I could make is to buy some dried mealworms, my lot will do absolutely anything for them. As nervous as they were when they first arrived, they just could not resist coming up to me and taking them from my hand, and that was the start of them becoming tame
  2. Hi everyone We have a large 30ft x 10ft clear plastic Polytunnel in our garden, and are deliberating whether or not this could be used for our hens over the coldest months in Winter in place of a WIR. This would be the arrangement ... We would put Fox proof netting all around the Polytunnel. The netting would extend beyond the Polytunnel by about 15ft of the front door to allow them a grassed area outside. The Polytunnel has two doors which are half mesh, half plastic. The back door would be permanently closed, and the front door would be permanently open to allow them onto the grass. Their house would be outside in the grassed area. The one thing im concerned about is that even during the coldest months the tunnel would probably be subject to regular small increases and decreases in temperature, and I don't know if this would be bad for the health of my girls?? What does everyone think?
  3. My lot saw a Raven for the first time over the weekend .. They stood bolt upright and froze until it flew away. I think they have seen every bird there is to see by now, but was only spooked by this Raven .. I wonder why?? What really sets them off is when my neighbour pops his head over the fence to look at them .. They all sound the alarm call, and it takes them at least 15 minutes to calm down .. I usually end up having to go into their run to pacify them.
  4. Hi Aunt Lizzie Im in St Albans, not a million miles away I purchased my girls from Stagenhoe Chickens in Whitwell, very near the Watercress Farm .. Do you know it? If you do a Google search for "Stagenhoe Chickens" you will find it at the top of the page. Their Hybrids are £15 each ... I don't know how that compares to what you paid, but from what ive heard, it could be a touch on the expensive side?? I liked it there as it was very clean, and all the chickens looked very happy and healthy and were kept together in a large outbuilding, so they all knew eachother. Because of that, I had no problems with introductions which ive heard can be quite difficult. Im definitely going to visit Barns Poultry in Moggerhanger, as next spring I would like to purchase a couple of purebreeds, I especially like the bantam Cochins and Sablepoots ... Stagenhoe Chickens only sell Hybrids.
  5. I live near Welwyn Garden City ... Wonder if you are getting your girls from the same place as me .. If not, I can certainly recommend them.
  6. I agree with Eggasperated, that its best to get the 1.2m high netting from Hotline ... At the time of ordering I would also recommend getting 4 rigid corner posts to help make the fence nice and taut to eliminate sagging, as you dont want any of the live wires to touch the ground. I purchased the Xtra Shock Little Deamon Energiser, which is mains only, and which I think is very well priced at £37.50 .. Im (like Eggasperated) going to order a spare very soon, as ive always been a bit concerned it might go faulty and leave my lovely hens unprotected! I think it might also be a good idea to order a fence tester, because for the first couple of weeks I was always worrying whether it was actually working or not, and I certainly wasnt going to test it So now ive got the tester I dont have to be concerned anymore
  7. Hubby was saying last night that he wouldnt mind the challenge of building them a WIR ... This WIR would be right outside my kitchen door, so im thinking its going to be so much easier for me to maintain in the winter months, as it will have a roof and woodchip on the floor etc, and not be open to the elements, plus I wont have those wet squelchy treks to the top of the garden! Im going to keep the hens within the electrified netting for as long as I can, and move them into the WIR when the more severe weather starts kicking in, or if there is non-stop rain .. I guess on good days I can pick them up and put them out to grass for a day which im sure they'll love. Now all ive got to do is to find strength of mind NOT to buy some more hens when I am looking at the empty WIR, especially after visiting the National Poultry Show in November
  8. Thankyou everybody Ive decided after all your replies to keep them in. Ive got this horrible feeling that they would try and get out, especially Ruby and Blackie, so if I was out of the house, I would be worrying my little head off about a fox getting them, as we do have one (a large male) prowling the area. We caught him on a camera on our garage getting a shock off the fence last Thursday at 3am (Hens were all locked away safely in their house.) Can I ask one more question to those people who keep their hens in an enclosure without a roof (such as electrified netting) ... Do you keep them that way all year, or do you move them into an area with a roof during the winter months?
  9. Thankyou for your replies ... I think you have both helped me to realise that they are probably best kept within the netting .. Id sort of come to that conclusion myself, but just wanted other peoples opinions ... Its frustrating, as I think the romantic in me wanted to see them scratching around the part of the garden thats nearest the house, so I could be closer to them and watch their antics a lot easier. Just wondering what I could put into their run to make it more interesting for them .. Apart from all the grass, all they have in there is a dustbath and obviously their feed trough, water and coop.
  10. Hi everyone Ive got my 4 hens contained within 50m of electrified netting on grass, with their coop in there with them. Even though they have a nice bit of space, I would still like to see them free ranging from time to time (when they can be supervised) in the rest of the garden, because it would be much more interesting for them .. But, do you think if I gave them a taste of this, they would try and fly over the netting to get into the rest of the garden whenever they wanted to? Also, they wouldnt be able to have access to their coop when in the garden .. Would this upset them? Im thinking that maybe I shouldnt even start to do this, what does everyone think? Thankyou
  11. Thanks everyone for your replies, they genuinely have made me feel more relaxed Ive disconnected the first live wire to the netting, so the grass would have to grow pretty long to reach the second wire, and I keep the grass short anyway, so im hoping ive excluded that problem of long grass shorting out the netting. Ive also got a fence tester which I use every morning ... But what I think I might do is to buy 4 rigid corner posts, as the ones supplied by the manufacturers are far too bendy to do the job properly, and probably more ground pegs as well. Yes, the problem with the hens flying over the netting ... Blackie our Rhode Rock showed us she could do that last week when she was preparing to lay her first ever egg! ... I got home from work and couldn't see her in the run, and after 30 minutes of searching (in the wrong direction) I finally found her sitting on her egg in a perfect nest she had made out of pea shingle by our garden gate .. I honestly thought I had lost her to Mr. Fox. Thankfully since then she has decided to be sensible, and has laid in the coop like the others. Im going to order those rigid fence posts and pegs tonight.
  12. Hi .. thanks for your reply I think im asking, because even though Ive done the best anyone can do, to me they still look so vulnerable. Their fence is 1.2m high, and when I look at it, I just feel that a determined and hungry fox could easily leap over that height without touching the fence and get them!! The only 2 things I am worried about is .... They are near a 4ft fence which is 7ft away ...Do you think they could use the top of that as a launching pad? and they are near a garage which is 7ft high (the roof has a 1ft overhang) .. There is a water butt attached to the garage which they could have used as a step up, but ive covered the top of that with barbed wire.
  13. Just wondering, has anybody had an incidence of a fox getting their chickens whilst they were contained within electrified netting?
  14. Hi everyone .. I am new to this forum today, and new to chicken keeping, having acquired 4 Hybrid Hens just 2 weeks ago, who are all adorable and learning fast ) Ive got lots of questions to ask, but am going to ask the important ones first, one at a time ) At present my hens are free ranging within 50m of electrified netting, but eventually we would like them to have the whole garden for the afternoons when I am home from work, which leads me to ask about chickens and dog poo. When you pick up dog poo and dispose of it, can the grass it was sitting on cause harm to the chickens if they peck or scratch at it? Is there anything I can put on that patch of grass that will sanitise it? Or should I not even contemplate letting the chickens anywhere near it? Thankyou )
  15. What is the difference between a good or not so good chicken feed? And yes, its actually a serious question, im not looking for the punchline of a joke LOL
  16. Hi Im new to this forum today, and new to chicken keeping having recently become mum to 4 lovely Hybrid Girls ... Gretel who is a Speckeldy, Amber who is an Amber Link, Ruby who is a Warren and Blackie who is a Rhode Rock. Mine all seemed a bit daft as well, by not seeing what they should be seeing, i.e. me throwing scratch, ignoring the dustbath etc .. So what I now do is to tap my finger slowly in the dustbath or on the scratch etc etc and say "Bok Bok Bok" slowly and quite loudly and they all come running to see what they think I have found lol .. Its so cute!

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